Martial Peak - Chapter 2345

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Chapter 2345 – Four Divine Beasts Attack

Since Yang Kai summoned the Insect Enslavement Bracelet and released the Soul Devouring Insects, it didn’t take more than thirty breaths of time before as many as seventy percent of the cultivators from the various Sects that came fell. There were even several Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivators who were unable to escape the disaster.

Yang Kai did not expect that his Soul Devouring Insects would be this strong. It could be imagined that with more time, even an Emperor Realm Master like Qiu Ze would be done in by the Soul Devouring Insects.

Ruan Hong Bo and the others were already scared out of the wits. They had come with Qiu Ze this time in order to avenge the deaths of Ke Tian and the others, but instead of getting their revenge, they were unexpectedly forced to suffer heavy losses.

This ordeal had greatly damaged the foundation of Sky Peak Temple as the men Ruan Hong Bo brought here were all elites of the Sect.

The same went for the other Sects as well. Everyone suffered grievous losses.

During this moment, Ruan Hong Bo felt deep regret about coming to Thousand Leaves Sect. This tragedy would have never happened if he had not come. He would have been holding his two beautiful female disciples, enjoying a romantic moment while sipping on fine wine.

As he watched his subordinates fall dead in front of him one by one, with Qiu Ze being unable to help, Ruan Hong Bo couldn’t hold on anymore. If they stayed any longer, the only thing left for them would be death. He tried his best to push his Source Qi to shake off the Soul Devouring Insects surrounding him while shouting, “Retreat!”

With these words, he had already begun rushing out of the mountain valley ahead of all the others.

None of the others dared to be slow and all used their Movement Skills to fly out.

“Now you want to leave? It’s too late. All of you must stay!” A clear and melodious voice suddenly shouted out. The shut-eyed, unmoving beauty, Liu Yan suddenly opened her eyes, cold murderous intent pulsing from her tiny figure.

Since the start of the battle, Liu Yan had been sitting there cross-legged and unmoving. No one knew what she was doing, not even Yang Kai. Now, when they saw her suddenly moving, they naturally looked over in curiosity.

Liu Yan formed a seal with her little hands and shouted, “Azure Dragon!”

After the seal was formed, she shot it towards a nearby mountain peak. The shape of the peak was extremely odd, looking as if an actual dragon was lying there.

The mountain peak rumbled, and immediately, a powerful aura poured out from within. At the same time, as if the mountain peak, which had remained silent for ten thousand years, had suddenly been given life, the grass began to sway and rocks were broken apart.

Two humongous eyes opened at the dragon’s head, and peerless Dragon Pressure erupted.

*Hong long long...*

The peak rose to the sky at once, accompanied by the constant falling of broken stones; an azure giant spanning a thousand meters stretched across the sky. The huge behemoth swinging its head and tail, its magnificent aura spreading out, causing everyone to freeze in shock.

Under the Dragon Pressure, everyone felt insignificant. They felt as if they were as small as an ant in front of this Azure Dragon.

“A True Dragon?” Hua Qing Si’s beautiful pupils shrank as she stared at the scene before her in disbelief. She could not believe that a True Dragon could actually be hidden under a mountain peak in Thousand Leaves Sect.

But very soon, she realized something wasn’t right. This Dragon did not have any hint of vitality in it at all. Even though the Dragon Pressure it exerted was vivid, it was definitely not living.

“Heaven-Grade puppet!” Ye Hen was completely dumbfounded and his eyes went wide in astonishment as he stared up at the Azure Dragon in the sky. Suddenly, tears ran down his face and he spread his arms out towards the sky as if he wanted to hold the Azure Dragon in his hands. Choking up, he cried out, “It’s one of our Heaven-Grade puppets!”

“Father, you are saying... This is a Heaven-Grade puppet from our Thousand Leaves Sect?” Ye Jing Han instantly understood Ye Hen’s meaning and was shocked.

The Thousand Leaves Sect had many Secret Arts and Secret Techniques that were lost for ten thousand years, and their knowledge of the Dao of Puppetry had already massively declined. Without mentioning Heaven-Grade puppets, even the Earth Grade puppets at the square could not be used anymore.

As for the Heaven-Grade puppets, even Ye Jing Han had no idea where they were hidden. This was something Ye Hen never told her.

It just so happened the Heaven-Grade puppets had been hiding under her nose all this while!

Ye Jing Han looked around at the strange shapes of the peaks far and near and of all different sizes...

It turned out that all these mountains were the hiding grounds of the Heaven-Grade puppets. Under the accumulated cover of ten thousand years of wind, sun, and dust, they were completely hidden, turning into sleeping mountain peaks.

Now, after ten thousand years, a Heaven-Grade puppet had finally been awakened, soaring into the clouds and revealing its magnificence.

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This was an incredible matter. Moreover, the one to spur on the Heaven-Grade puppet was not someone from Thousand Leaves Sect, but rather a girl looking to be about seven or eight that they had never seen before.

Ye Hen looked at the Azure Dragon in the sky, then at Liu Yan, his old eyes were filled with flames of hope. He had no idea why this little girl was able to move the Heaven-Grade puppet, but he knew that she was with Yang Kai.

In other words, Yang Kai must have found the lost Secret Arts and Secret Techniques of Thousand Leaves Sect!

Thousand Leaves Sect was truly saved!

Yang Kai’s brow rose curiously, but after thinking for a moment, he vaguely understood why Liu Yan was able to control this Heaven-Grade puppet. This was likely related to her being a Spirit Grade puppet. Perhaps the body contained the secrets to controlling the Heaven-Grade puppets to begin with.

No wonder she asked him to buy her time and leave the rest to her.

Liu Yan could even control a Heaven-Grade puppet. With that, she was in fact able to sweep this entire place. Even though this Heaven-Grade puppet had been sleeping for countless years, Yang Kai could feel that it definitely had Emperor level strength, and not just any ordinary Emperor at that!

The powerful aura emanating from the Azure Dragon Heaven-Grade puppet was no less powerful than the Corpse Puppet inside Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sealed World.

The disciples of Thousand Leaves Sect who were hiding or injured all cheered, their shouts spreading over the Sect. Even if nobody told them, they were able to perceive it as a Heaven-Grade puppet of their Sect!

The disciples were proud of their Sect, and for them, this was a moment of glory! For a Heaven-Grade puppet to reappear after ten thousand years was a sign of prosperity for Thousand Leaves Sect. Every disciple of the Sect was excited and could hardly contain themselves.

On the other hand, Shi Cang Ying who was fleeing in haste was dumbfounded. Deep inside, a sense of regret welled up that almost caused him to cough up blood.

He was the leader of the progressive faction of Thousand Leaves Sect and always thought that the Sect should abandon the Dao of Puppetry left behind by their ancestors and should instead learn other Secret Arts and Secret Techniques in order to strengthen the Thousand Leaves Sect.

So, his relationship with Ye Hen had always been sour. This time, when Qiu Ze brought his men over to stir trouble for the Thousand Leaves Sect and showed off his Emperor Realm cultivation, Shi Cang Ying immediately turned against his Sect. Not only did he attack and injure Ye Hen, he even opened the Sect Defending Array. If he had not done so, Thousand Leaves Sect would not have suffered so greatly.

After all, the Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sect Defending Array could not be easily destroyed.

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Shi Cang Ying thought that he would become the new Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect after today’s incident, taking charge and carrying out his long-held philosophies. But to his disappointment, a single man, Yang Kai, was able to destroy those dreams.

And now, even a Heaven-Grade puppet had reappeared.

Shi Cang Ying’s stomach was churning with regret. If he had known the Heaven-Grade puppet would reawaken today, then would he have needed this insidious plot? Wasn’t it good enough for him to stay obediently as the Vice Sect Master? He may even get his hands on a Heaven-Grade puppet to play with. When that happened, even Qiu Ze would have to bow down before him.

But there was no such thing as a pill for regret in this world.

However, an even more depressing scene appeared for Shi Cang Ying.

After waking up the Azure Dragon Heaven-Grade puppet, Liu Yan proceeded to form a different hand seal and thrust it towards a different mountain range.

The mountains were also shaped like a Monster Beast, a flying Monster Beast. However, no one knew exactly what it was due to the passing of time. But, now, its form was fully exposed!

“Vermillion Bird!”

The mountains rumbled, followed by a crisp cry. Then, a fiery-red Heaven-Grade puppet Vermillion Bird rose to the sky. The grass and stones covering its body for ten thousand years all clattered down to reveal its beautiful and powerful figure.

“White Tiger!” Liu Yan formed another seal.

The sound of a tiger’s roar came from the mountain forest, and a third mountain peak cracked open. A huge snow-white tiger leapt out from it, fangs shining with a cold glint that made everyone shudder.

“Black Tortoise!”

A fourth peak shattered and a gigantic Black Tortoise Heaven-Grade puppet slowly climbed out from the rubble. Its strong back was so wide and spacious that it seemed it could even carry a city.

Ye Hen’s entire body was quivering and his eyes were so wide in excitement that they could almost fall out. He was looking at this scene before him in disbelief.

He never would have expected to see the Heaven-Grade puppets come to life in his lifetime. Not only that, but four of them were awakened at once. Hot blood was surging in his heart as Ye Hen felt that he would have no regrets even if he died at this moment.

“Since you dare hit me, I’ll make sure you’ll die without a burial!” Liu Yan glared at Qiu Ze, her face filled with murderous intent. She was obviously holding a grudge after being slapped into the ground by Qiu Ze.

As she finished speaking, she thrust both palms forward and an imperceptible intention suddenly surged out.

In the next moment, the four Heaven-Grade puppets sprang into action, each occupying a corner and sealing off the area.

“Four Divine Beasts Attack!”

An invisible link connected the four Heaven-Grade puppets, and the fierce power pouring out from their bodies filled the blocked space, forming a killing force that seemed able to destroy both Heaven and Earth.

Qiu Ze was the first to bear the brunt of that power, his entire person feeling as if it was locked up in an ice cellar causing him to tremble with unease.

In front of this complex power, his newly-achieved Emperor Realm strength felt as vulnerable as paper.


The invisible force felt just like sharp blades cutting across Qiu Ze’s body. In the blink of an eye, his entire body was drenched in blood, bones peeking out from the wounds, his screams only adding to the miserable sight.

He was begging loudly for mercy, but Liu Yan was completely unmoved. Instead, she made more hand seals, spurring the Heaven-Grade puppets to be fiercer and fiercer.

In just ten breaths, Qiu Ze’s entire body was ground into paste, leaving behind a white skeleton that fell to the ground.

Before Qiu Ze died, the cultivators of the several large Sects were also torn apart by the killing force of the Four Divine Beasts.

This Four Divine Beasts Attack seemed to be a kind of Formation, a Killing Array that used the four Heaven-Grade puppets as its base. Even Qiu Ze could not hold out for more than ten breaths, so how could the others survive?

Ruan Hong Bo and the others all burst into a bloody mist with no bones left.

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