Military System god realm revolution - Chapter 215

In the western battlefield Empire-Demon Land, a large group of monsters continued to attack without stopping . Until he approached the defense line everywhere Until it was not far from the defense line within two hundred meters
Havent finished the preparations yet? Major General Song Zihua said in a hasty tone . Within such a distance, the line of defense could enter a critical time at any time .
General,The artillery has been installed, the official said .
Finally, its finished . Tell them to bombard and not hold back, said Major General Song Zihua .
As the infantry division had just arrived, the deployment of heavy weapons was greatly delayed . This war was something they had never thought of before . Fortunately, only twenty minutes have passed since the battle . The artillery unit is ready to launch .
Five kilometers from the front line . Twenty cannons were quickly deployed . They began to determine the district coordinates and the shells dropped before the front line support bombardment .
Boommmm!!, the orange flame burst . Clay debris spread all around—the ground where cannonballs fell into a pothole on the ground . Making pressure to terrorize the demons . It reduces the resistance of the front-line soldiers .
Look at that, the artillery, its time, the soldier in the bunker said with delight .
Its better to come late than not . The soldiers began to increase their morale . Their hands were full of numbness . Since the start of the battle, they have fired countless shots to not count the bullets fired .
Bravo, the artillery has arrived .
At this time, the soldiers on the front line grabbed the battle gun by their side, turned around, and shot the incoming demons .
The cannon relieves the pressure the front lines get . But they had to underestimate the demons . A cannon that had always been able to intimidate the enemy like a king on the battlefield could not show good performance .
Because the demons werent afraid of the sound of cannons that had always been effective . The Western Front was still filled with the smell of gun smoke and light, tens of thousands of orange bullets, killing all enemies .
If the statistics are counted . More than a hundred thousand demons the Empire had killed at this time . But the tide of the Demon Army did not seem to stop .
Besides, some equipment in the rear line was delivered to the front line just in time . Hundreds of mortars have been installed . Blast through an arc of ballistic missiles into the battlefield, killing most of the demons that have invaded .
At this time, on the battlefield, there was only debris, dust, and smoke spreading, barely seeing the surrounding scenery . But the soldiers still didnt stop shooting for even a second, throwing their bullets into the fog . At least there was hope their bullets could kill a demon .
About a kilometer away . On the devils side .
The Green Giant Demon General was at ease to watch the events in front of him . He did not feel troubled when he saw his fellow countrymen had to die hundreds of thousands .
These humans are very interesting . It is even more powerful than that Datang group, said the Demon General . It was a long time ago that he hadnt seen such large bloodshed before .
In the past, he had fought countless times with the Datang . But every time, it is like teasing . Let his men go to battle . The Demon General had never acted manually before . Let his worthless subordinates die and play in vain .
The Demon General noticed a strange battle between an opponent focused on long-range attacks from the very beginning . He felt fascinating . Even gave a decisive order for the lower level monsters to invade without ignoring
Hundreds of thousands of demons that have fallen . It created a huge blood puddle that flooded the ground, dyeing the surrounding area in a red like hell .
Not to mention the river that separates the border . Now full of corpses floating sluggishly full of the river . The entire stream was turning blood as well . No matter which direction you look at, theres a view full of blood fog like the end of the world .
Its time for me to act myself . The demon commander released a giant sword and pinned the ground, forming several meters of cracks . Until the ground shook for a moment . Because of what he had prepared for a long time, it was time to harvest .
What happened? The trembling force was perceived for many kilometers . Even Major General Song Zihua, who was in the headquarters, could feel it .
General, come to see this . The officer adjusted the screen to show the battlefield beyond the distance .
What kind of devil is that thing? Major General Song Zihua saw a giant green monster with a huge sword on the ground . Just as it was, he could have predicted that this demon would definitely become a big problem .
The demon general had an unusual expression . The Demon General then sniffed something from the battlefield . The blood streams flooded the ground, and the river evaporated into the air . Gathered as droplets of blood, a nodule floated in the air . The whole battlefield stopped moving . The sight in front of them was so mysterious and beautiful that we had to stop to see .
A large group of blood droplets quickly rushed towards the Demon General, fusing one drop at a time, merging with the Demon Generals green body .
A huge drop of blood swiftly charged towards the Demon General . Imagine a battlefield with hundreds of thousands of corpses . How many millions of liters of blood are flowing on the ground . But now, all matter is being absorbed by the Demon General .
Hahaha, how sweet the smell of blood is this! The Demon General licked his lips deliciously . A massive aura of blood stirred up his killing sensation . The Demon Generals face began to distort little by little . Many people now began to notice that the Demon Generals body was enlarged .
The five-meter tall body extended more than twice . The Demon Generals body was now higher than five floors building . Right now, the imperial army was facing the so-called real demons .
Fire the cannon to that way now . Major General Song Zihua hurriedly issued an order . He had some bad hunch in his mind . If this continues, the situation may get worse . He needed to stop this giant monster that turned blood red .
Dozens of cannonballs bombarded the area where the Demon General was standing . But when the attack subsided, the dust and smoke disappeared . They were disappointed because the Demon General was still in the same state, not changing in the slightest .
Damn, artillery cant do anything . Major General Song Zihua smashed the table in anger . Right now, the situation on the front-line was out of control .
I havent been in this body for a long time . The Demon General had truly transformed into a giant . A figure that is more than ten meters tall . His body turned blood red as if rising from the abyss of hell .
I will play with you to the fullest, said the Demon General in an unbearable voice .
Im going now . The Demon General rebounded himself . Jump into the sky . Even though it cannot fly . But this is enough .
The Demon General jumped into the sky . Just a single jump was hundreds of meters high . Jumped across the river, falling less than five hundred meters from the front line .
Upon seeing the Demon General, the lower-level demon spirits trembled as if there was some instinct in their bloodline . Spell suppressing . They hurriedly bowed down on their knees to the Demon General in front of them .
Then the Demon General jumped high again . Anyone could see that the next goal was the front line of the Empire that was not far away .
FIRE, every unit fired without waiting for Major General Song Zihuas command . All of the soldiers were automatically recognized . They turned their muzzle to shoot at the Demon General floating on top of their heads .
Bang!! Bang!!
The air combat machine gun was also aimed at the demonic generals in the sky . But every bullet that goes out Upon impacting the red bodys skin, blood splashed out without being able to penetrate it .
Boom at the point where the Demon General fell down . The damage to the military bunker was collapsed . With the force of gravity from the earth, generating energy is enormous until the ground is shattered .
The soldiers on the front lines were full of despair and fear . But with the spirit of the Empire . Causing them to shoot into the body of the Demon General standing in front of them .
But everything was in vain . Every bullet popped out, unable to do any damage at all .
Your attacks are much lighter than ants, said the Demon General with a smile . He stood motionless, allowing the soldiers to shoot the gun until he was tired of the trigger .
All the soldiers were hopeless . No matter what they did, they couldnt stop the Demon General for a bit .
All attacks stopped because everyone knew they were no longer useful .
Hey, if you guys dont attack, then its my turn . The Demon General proudly bragged of his huge red muscles . Before raising both hands up to the sky, ะhen hit the ground with full force .
There was a shock wave, flying the soldiers body several hundred meters away, at that point as if a massive explosion . The fists of the Demon General created a wave of damage all around . Military buildings collapsed . None of the soldiers in the area survived .