Military System god realm revolution - Chapter 216

The Demon General was completely different from ordinary demons . It was as if the Imperial Army was now suddenly facing a high-ranking cultivator .
All withdrawn from this area, the battalion commander decided to give the soldiers a temporary retreat without a central command .
Normal bullets and cannons couldnt even less irritate the opponents skin . The persistence of a soldier has no value on the battlefield right now .
Hahaha, Ill see how far you can escape, said the devil general . Then he began to rampage heavily, smashing his fists and killing dozens of soldiers at once .
The support has not arrived yet? Major General Song Zihua asked about the progress of assistance the military commission is sending .
The Air Force will arrive in half an hour, the officer replied .
Im afraid it will be too late then, Major General Song Zihua mumbled .
To him right now, half an hour as long as a year . This coming to the border, the Army is too careless . They rarely carry high-level weapons with them . Even the tanks werent prepared . They only had normal weapons . Who would have thought that the demonic forces would be so crazy?
The Imperial Army might be able to deal with ordinary demonic soldiers . But for the Demon General, it was something they had never dealt with before . Major General Song Zihua had fully realized the strength of the Demon General .
In the front line at the command of the battalion commander to retreat to the back line . The empires soldiers have excellent discipline . Retreat in an orderly manner . Some of them also volunteered to lure the attention of the Demon General .
Now, the attack wave of the demons had ended . Only the Demon General was still on the battlefield . However, a single Demon General was a huge problem that the front lines couldnt solve right now . Redistributing forces to reduce losses is the way out at this time .
YOU ! stupid demon follows me here . A soldier sacrificing his own life seduces the attention of a Demon General . To make time for his companions to flee
However, a person with a Demon General level has or will be trapped in a lower-level trap like this . The Demon General stopped his rampage, observing the change of the battlefield .
The Demon General was not an ordinary person . It had been through many battles with humans and had some intellect that could not be scorned .
Do you think these things will deceive me? The Demon Generals gaze swept across the imperial battlefield . Seen the orderly retreat of the front line soldiers
But a tall and large body has a visionary advantage . The Demon General saw something anomaly .
The front-line forces retreated too neatly, making it extremely easy to spot weaknesses . The front-line troops had withdrawn several paths . Instead, they ignored one of the escape routes that no one had walked, as if there was something important in it .
The Demon General did not wait . He is very confident in his own thoughts . He jumped at high speed, headed to that path immediately .
Unexpectedly, the devil is headed for Western Command . The battalion commander on the battlefield changed for a moment . They never expected that the Demon General would know the location of their headquarters .
Report to the headquarters now, the battalion commander said to the communicator .
Five kilometers away from the front line . On the side of the headquarters, an anomaly was found immediately, along with reporting from the front lines delivered in multiple channels .
The target general is heading this way . The target was expected to come to the headquarters, the officer said in a hurry . The feeling of being targeted by more giant beings is definitely not good .
Retire from here right now . Major General Song Zihua, who had heard this, ordered without hesitation . Ordered the evacuation of military personnel from the Western Command .
Major General Song Zihua quickly escaped from the headquarters . At this time, the line of command of the Western Army was considered to have fallen . Soldiers on the front line can no longer receive orders from the Headquarters .
Major General Song Zihua turned to look at the evacuated military personnel fleeing the headquarters . Major General Song Zihua noticed a black object in the sky . He had a horrible premonition, prepared to shout out the warning .
But everything seems too late . The headquarters collapsed like a mystery . The newly built two-story building collapsed . There was a shock wave until the air was blown up, unable to see the event clearly . But Major General Song Zihua had predicted that the Western Command would not be in good shape .
As expected, the Demon General landed in the center of the headquarters . The body was as tall as a five-floor building . Standing tall above the debris of the now torn headquarters .
The headquarters is far from the front . This place is full of high-ranking military officers without active armed forces . The faces of the officers were all desperate . Their most lethal weapon was only a pistol . The infantry division that was in the distance was difficult to come to the rescue in time .
Major General Song Zihua raised his head to look at the devil general more than ten meters tall . Seeing it at such a close distance, he felt the terrors that unfold all around .
The demon generals observed all around . His gaze immediately stared at Major General Song Zihua .
Youre a human general . The Demon General walked towards Major General Song Zihua . With just a little observation, he knew that the human being in front of him would be the human general .
Major General Song Zihua, who saw the devil approached . He did not show a fearful expression . He is ready to make sacrifices to uphold the honor of the country .
So brave to see me and wouldnt kneel and plead for life . You guys are really interesting, said the Demon General .
Major General Song Zihua remained silent . Not speaking in retaliation .
Do you know that I like to eat human brains the most? And you will receive that honor . The Demon General reached out to Major General Song Zihua . Seek to sacrifice this human general in his stomach .
Major General Song Zihua closed his eyes . He is ready to accept his own destiny .
At that time, deep in the demon border, there was a sound like a tribes horn in the vast forest .
A trumpet sounded hundreds of kilometers away . It rang until the demonic general who was about to kill Major General Song Zihua heard .
The Demon General stopped his actions . Facing the Demon Realm with a face that turned hard to predict
Is it true? The Demon General muttered to himself as though he had sensed something in the sound of a trumpet .
Such strange coincidences . The Demon General turned to look at Major General Song Zihua with regret .
Afraid that I have to let you go, the Demon General turned around, preparing to leave .
Major General Song Zihua, who had survived by coincidence as if destiny was in the background . Staring at the demonic general who was acting away
The Demon General jumped into the sky, preparing to travel back to the Demon Realm . But at that moment, the Demon General floating in the sky saw something similar to an iron bird flying at high speed .
Like the police in the movie who are always late . At this moment, a support unit from the Air Force has arrived . Aircraft S-16 Two of them with full armed combat were flying to support the front at the speed of sound . And in a coinciding rhythm . They met with a demon general that was floating above the sky .
Fortunately, they came in time . Major General Song Zihua smiled . After seeing the sky filled with two longitudinal jets . He knew the support team was about to start .
In the sky, the Demon General stared at the plane . The two fighter planes also stared back at the Demon General . As if the time had stopped, both sides were shocked, not knowing what to do .
The eye coordination in the air quickly ended as the fighter planes decided to take off first .
Can hit the target, shoot .
Both fighters make decisions at the same time . Shoot out eight tracking missiles at one time . According to the report, the target has hard-to-penetrate skin . Therefore, the pilot decided to shoot a bomb in a single shot .
A demon general soaring above the sky couldnt do anything . He cannot move freely . The missile targeting system doesnt even work . The Demon Generals body was bombarded with eight ballistic missiles .
A huge orange flame formed above the sky . Major General Song Zihua saw that the body of the Demon Lord fell from the sky .
The heavy body hit the ground with great force . Create a momentary vibration
Damn, what weapon? The Demon General was shocked . This group of humans could injure him unbelievably . The eight ballistic missiles could not kill the Demon General . But it does some degree of damage . It could be seen that the Demon Generals body was full of wounds, bleeding a long line .
Hmph . Ill get back to you on that . The Demon General pushed his body up . Then run at speed, fleeing towards the demon realm .
Mission completed, return to base on the fighter side because the weapons are used up . Their existence was no longer useful, so they flew back to base to replenish their spare weapons instead of chasing after the Demon General .
The battle situation has calmed down . The battle from start to finish lasted only an hour . Even if the Empire could expel the demon general, Major General Song Zihua didnt feel the slightest bit of victory .
Something must have happened in the Demon Realm . Major General Song Zihua turned his head towards the Demon Realm . The final reaction of the giant monsters was too unusual . Major General Song Zihua made some predictions .
During that time, the support of the Air Force began to rejoin . In the sky, air force aircraft appeared .
Its better to come late than never . Major General Song Zihua looked at the support unit that had come a little too late . The battle has ended .
Major General Song Zihua was trying to find the survivors in the Western Command . To establish a new chain of the command To order the gathering of both Western border troops to come back together again .