Military System god realm revolution - Chapter 217

The two infantry divisions retreated about two kilometers from the Demon Front . Major General Song Zihua tried to assemble the army personnel . Establish a new chain of command to establish another line of defense .
This border clash the empire lost six hundred soldiers at one time, all of which were caused by the Demon General that broke through the defensive lines .
In the situation that arose at the imperial border, the government and military commission paid great attention to this urgent matter .
After establishing a new chain of command, the Western Front was once again established . This time, it was different from the original one . Another infantry division joined the western border with more than three divisions who were in active service .
Although the Air Force support unit can repel the enemy . However, this sudden attack of the Demon General had a mighty slap on the armys generals face .
It should be noted that the leaders of the army have very high self-confidence . In the past, they rarely failed . Even fighting against Martial Artists had never been this damaged before . All defenses line collapse . The headquarters collapsed . As a result, the Military Commission turned to pay attention to the border with this demon realm as soon as possible .
Major General Song Zihua was able to set up a new line of defense once again . And this time, he was waiting in the open near the new Western Command, waiting for a high-ranking figure from the capital .
More than three military helicopters appeared before landing . One soldier walked down, shook hands, and greeted Major General Song Zihua .
Welcome, Commander . Major General Song Zihua paid his respects because the other side was much higher than him .
General, it must be difficult . You take care of it very well, said Lieutenant Li Fengyang .
This time, Lieutenant Li Fengyang decided to take his own look at the situation at the border by himself .
I saw a picture of the battlefield . It must be very difficult to clean after the battle has ended, said Lieutenant Li Fengyang .
Yes, now I have a headache too about that matter, Major General Song Zihua said in a languid tone .
After establishing a new front two kilometers away from the original point, what the Western forces are worried about are the hundreds of thousands of demonic corpses left on the battlefield .
Western forces have killed hundreds of thousands of demons . It shows the power of the Army as well . And now, many corpses are causing some kind of pollution . They need to accelerate their remediation as quickly as possible . As suggested by the scientists, it may cause permanent harm could occur .
Hundreds of thousands of corpses piled up into a pile of mountains . Even without blood fragments, these corpses are starting to rot very quickly, becoming a huge problem for the Western Army to deal with now .
Dont worry about the defense line, General . At this time, the military commission has poured a large number of troops onto the western front, said Lieutenant General Li Fengyang . As the commander of the Army, he had to ensure the utmost security on the western border .
It had been six hours since the Demon Lord invaded the Western Command . At this time, the empire had gathered personnel staff and engineers into this place . The ground was adjusted to accommodate the combat aircraft to land . Digging of trenches and concrete walls to delay and hinder the next invasion of demons next time .
One more infantry division has entered service . And now the Army Tank Battalion has joined as well . Artillery weapons were installed along the front and anti-tank artillery, especially to deal with the demonic generals .
Not only this, Lieutenant Li Fengyang had assembled hundreds of continental-air-to-air missiles with a guided missile system to this defensive front line .
Making the Western Front the ultimate fortress without being defeated anymore . There are many great types of equipment . Only the battleships that cannot be moved to this place . Lieutenant General Li Fengyang was confident that in the next assault of the Demon Realm, the Western Army would definitely handle the Demon General very well .
Lieutenant General Li Fengyang and Major General Song Zihua walked through this newly established defense line . It is expected that in just a few days, a new line of defense will be ready . There are twice as many people as before: State-of-the-art and high-performance weapons on duty . Dont expect the demons to cross the border a second time like before .
On the battlefield, scientists and civilian personnel staff wear white protective clothing and clean the battlefield thoroughly to prevent residual pollution .
Use an excavator to bury hundreds of thousands of corpses . A partial burning flame has been applied to expedite the cleaning process .
The surrounding environment is like a wasteland without life . Even the vultures didnt dare to come close to this area to eat the corpses . Many withered trees stood to death as if this place had already been abandoned by the gods .
Collect this sample and send it to a research center in the capital .
Scientists have their own missions as well . They need tissue and blood samples to be processed, analyzed, and genetically engineered for these organisms to study what made them of .
Unfortunately, all the blood has evaporated because of the Demon General . But at least they can get back part of the tissue sample of whatever left .
Scientists keep well-packed tissues . Before storing in a box that is protected against chemical spills . Sent into a special containment car . Sent to the capital for the next process .
Everyone, lets clean up now, hurry up, said the chief scientist, accelerating . At this time, the surrounding surface conditions started to turn black . They didnt want the Empire to become a land of all these contaminants .
Numerous agents cleaned the front lines back to their original state as quickly as possible .
In the capital of Shenzhou, Zhao Lingxin had just finished a meeting with the Military Commission on Emergency Response to Demonic Threats .
Zhao Lingxin was aware of all the situations that had happened . However, the capital of Shenzhou was too far away, and sending assistance to the front line was slow . Its good that the support team traveled in time, and he almost lost his super generals .
This has become a disadvantage for countries that rapidly expand their territory to large size, basic infrastructure is not covered . As a result, transportation becomes slow . Fortunately, Zhao Lingxin had a domestic aviation system, so this problem was not too serious .
Zhao Lingxin approved a plan for a giant fortress . According to the Military Commissions proposal to build a wall and a fortress on the border of Datang District . To deal with the realm of demons in particular .
The situation was worse than I was expected . Zhao Lingxin had a serious expression . He looked exhausted . In the past, even though the Empire continued to grow steadily . But the more and more dangerous new threats are encountered .
As for the Major Sects, Zhao Ling Xin had to manage diplomatic relations . A good alliance trade to survive safely after the Empire revealed its true strength .
The problems between the Demon Realm were swarming on all sides, causing the Cabinet to be very busy at this time .
From meetings with the military commission, the conclusion was far worse than Zhao Lingxin had expected .
Originally, Zhao Lingxin was not as interested in the Demon Realm as he should have . According to the Datang Court, they had never faced a high-rank demon before, only lower-level demons .
It turned out that the Empire attracted some attention that even higher rank demons joined this battle . According to the military commission analysis, they came to very dire conclusions .
The Demon Realm had the potential and power equal to that of the Seven Great Sects . This was extremely bad news because this neighbor had a border with the Empire . Unlike the Five Elements Sect, even though it was attached to the Empire, it still had a natural border desert .
Right now, Zhao Lingxin had too little information about the demons . The records of the Datang Royal Court could no longer be used as a reference . Because they had a very low level of credibility, it was evident that they were superficially aware of the Demon Realm .
Zhao Lingxin walked in the palace alone, thinking hard to find a way out at this time .
At that time, his eighth sister Zhao Min walked in .
Brother, havent you gone to sleep yet? Zhao Min said worriedly . A while ago, she noticed her brothers troubled face and walked over and asked with concern .
In a moment, you should go to bed, Zhao Lingxin replied with tenderness .
At that moment, Zhao Lingxin turned to see the little white cat Xiao Bai in his little sisters arms . This made him realize there was still another demon in his palace . Just that, this demon was not as ferocious as he saw on the Western Front Line .
Zhao Ling Xins eyes suddenly changed in the blink of an eye, staring at Xiao Bai .
Xiao Bai, at that moment, felt goosebumps, horrified, hurriedly jumped out of Zhao Mins arms and ran away as fast as he could .
Zhao Ling Xin persuaded Zhao Min to go back to bed without worrying about himself at this time .
Zhao Lingxin looked after Xiao Bai, who ran away in the dark .
Internal Inspection Bureau . Go get me some information, Zhao Lingxin said faintly to himself .
However, in the shadow behind Zhao Lingxin, a slight trembling before Zhao Lingxins shadow returned to its original form, as if nothing had happened .