Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 180

Chapter 180: 180

Chapter 180: Heartless Younger Siblings

Huo Xiang composed himself and watched as his younger sister pulled his luggage . He laughed and shook his head, trailing behind her . He said, “Thanks, Yao . I really could have done it myself . ”

Huo Yao pulled his suitcase and went ahead in silence .

Huo Xiang let her do it since she insisted .

Huo Tingrui stood with his hands on his hips after getting overlooked by Huo Yao and watched them leave . Then he glanced at the suitcase next to his feet and felt upset .

Was he not her biological brother?

He had a suitcase too!

Huo Tingrui stood where he was for some time until both of them almost disappeared . Neither of them even turned to notice that their second older brother was left behind . In the end, Huo Tingrui walked into the estate on a huff .

His siblings were so heartless!


Song Ning and Huo Jinyan found out from Huo Yao that their second and fourth sons were coming home today, so they were waiting for them .

The moment they came home, Song Ning went over to help with the luggage and said, “Xiang, you must be exhausted, right?”

Huo Xiang shook his head and bowed . “Mom, Dad . ”

“Have you eaten? I saved you and your sister some food,” said Song Ning concernedly .

Huo Tingrui stood speechlessly at the door, “…”

Dinner for Huo Xiang and Huo Yao?

Was Huo Tingrui not her son?

After Huo Tingrui got continuously ignored, he could not help wondering if he still had any importance left in this family .

Thankfully, he was not wholly forgotten as his father finally said, “Tingrui, what are you doing standing at the door in a daze?”

Huo Jinyan glanced at his second eldest son with a mocking look and teased him for contracting Alzheimer’s disease at such a young age .

Huo Tingrui, “…”

It really seemed he no longer had a place in the family!

Song Ning was too distracted to talk to Huo Tingrui . After she caught sight of Huo Xiang’s thin face, she was heartbroken .

She pulled him into the living room and took a closer look at him before she said, “Why do you look so tired? You must have been working too hard . ”

She sensed something amiss the last time Huo Xiang was home . Since Tong Yu assured her that Huo Xiang was fine when she called to check, she did not keep probing .

Huo Xiang lowered his eyes slightly and replied . “I’m just tired from the long flight . I’ll be fine tomorrow . ”

Huo Yao glanced at him . Her expression became slightly solemn as she recalled her diagnosis when she secretly took his pulse downstairs .

Her fourth older brother suffered not only physical damage but also something else .

Huo Yao contemplated before she said, “I’m heading back to my room . I still have a few more things to revise . ”

“Oh, okay,” said Song Ning as she nodded . But she quickly asked her a question . “Yao, did you have dinner?”

Huo Yao nodded . ”Yes, I did . ”

Then Huo Yao bowed before heading upstairs .

Song Ning veered her eyes away from her . She looked at Huo Xiang and said sadly, “Sigh . Your sister loves to study . All she does when she gets home is to study and revise . She’s like a nerd who doesn’t indulge in any recreational activities . ”

Huo Xiang looked towards his sister’s back . He had not expected his little sister to be so studious .

He thought that she must be passionate and diligent about studying because she grew up in a small town .

Instantly, Huo Xiang liked his little sister a little more .

Huo Yao, who had just been labeled a diligent student, went straight to her desk and turned on her laptop .