Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 184

Chapter 184: 184

Chapter 184: This Car Really Isn’t Worth Much!

Huo Yao lifted the car cover, and a flashy flying goddess logo fell into her view . Her hand paused mid-air . A slight look of surprise spread across her face . This was…

A Rolls-Royce?

Huo Yao raised her head and looked at her old man in shock . “Dad, is your quarterly bonus that high?”

“It’s okay,” replied Huo Jinyan nonchalantly . He looked at the confused look on his daughter’s face . Then he cleared his throat and said as a way of explanation, “It isn’t as expensive as you think . It’s just worth… a million or so . ”

He recalled how Huo Yao mistook the company accountants as debt collectors, previously . If he told her that the car was worth ten millions, it might give her a scare, so he changed his mind about telling her the truth .

Since his daughter was a nerd who did nothing but study, she probably did not know much about cars .

Huo Yao’s lips twitched . She finally pulled the entire car cover off .

In an instant, a sophisticated looking Rolls-Royce Phantom emerged in front of her eyes .

Oh wow! A Rolls-Royce Phantom for a million? Who was the old man trying to fool?

“Are-you-sure-the-car-only cost a million?” asked Huo Yao in surprise . She dragged the word, ‘only’, for much longer .

Since Huo Jinyan had already lied, it was impossible for him to back out now . He coughed awkwardly and tried to maintain a straight face . Replying in an uncharacteristically solemn tone, he said, “Yes . It just looks flashy but isn’t worth that much!”

Huo Yao, “…”

She would be a fool to believe him .

Huo Jinyan did not dare make eye contact with his daughter . Instead, he lowered his head to check the time and said, “It’s getting late . Get in . I’ll send you to school . ”

He quickly took out the key and unlocked the door before sliding into the driver’s seat .

His face reflected guilt .

20 minutes later, Huo Jinyan and Huo Yao arrived at school . The car was too flashy, so Huo Yao did not allow him to drop her at the school entrance and got off before they reached the gate .

The Lu family’s car arrived at the school at the same time . When the chauffeur spotted the Rolls-Royce turning around the corner, he spoke up in surprise . “That Rolls-Royce is a direct import . Anyone who can afford that car must be a big shot . ”

Lu Xia was using her phone with her head lowered . She only raised her head to look out of the window a few moments after the chauffeur had commented about the Rolls-Royce . The car had left by the time she looked up .

Instead, she spotted Huo Yao walking unhurriedly on the sidewalk and heading for the school .

Slowly, her car went past Huo Yao .

Lu Xia’s expression turned angry when she recalled how Lu Ziming had sent the quiz notes to Huo Yao . After a moment, she told the chauffeur to pull up by the roadside .

Lu Xia waited for Huo Yao to catch up . She rolled down the car window and called out to her when she walked by . “Huo Yao . ”

Huo Yao halted in her steps . A coldness emanated from her exquisite features when she turned to look sideways . There was a nonchalant expression in her deep starry eyes . She raised her brow lazily when she realized that it was Lu Xia calling her .

Intense jealousy swept across Lu Xia’s eyes . She clenched her fists on her lap for a moment before letting go and composing herself .

“I suggest you quit the National Quiz Contest before the results are out,” said Lu Xia indifferently .