MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 476

Chapter 476: 476

Chapter 476: Disappearing Threat

Clang! Clang!

A sword appeared in King Zhou’s hand and it continuously clashed with Deicide in Jiang Feng’s hand .

Both of them were very fast . So fast that other players could not even see clearly what was happening .

As both of their attacks had been negated by the other, both of them did not lose much of their health .

It could be said that it would be quite difficult for each of them to kill each other .

“Nine Dragon Pierce!”

When King Zhou and Jiang Feng clashed once again, he immediately used a skill .

In the next moment, nine swords appeared from different directions trying to impale him .

“Spatial Barrier!”

Jiang Feng used the Spatial Barrier at once, blocking King Zhou’s ultimate attack .

This attack was similar to his Shadow Strike . Once triggered, the damage it dealt would be multiplied directly and it could instantly kill him .

When King Zhou saw that his attack was defended, he quickly retreated so that Jiang Feng could not counter-attack .

When he saw King Zhou retreating, Jiang Feng quickly pursued him .

Now that he had activated the Spatial Barrier, many of King Zhou’s attacks would no longer be useful against him . Naturally, he would not simply waste this period of time when he would be invulnerable .


Just when he was fighting with King Zhou, the players from the other five servers, the Hellraisers, the Insectoids, and soldiers began to attack the Ancient City .

The players and monsters from the Shifter Faction also kept on attacking them .

Even the five Sacred Tribes had also joined into the fray .

The power of the eight hundred members of the five Sacred Tribe could not be underestimated and they had become the main army of the Ancient City .

The Vermillion Birds would protect the South . Each time every Vermillion Bird unleashed a meteor skill, a large group of players would be slain . But it could only deal some damage to the troops and monsters led by King Zhou .

The Black Tortoise Tribe was to the North . With each roar, they would release a rain of ice arrows that could kill a swathe of players .

The Green Dragons were to the East . They would unleash dragon howls as several green beams would appear and pierce through the bodies of dozens of players .

The White Tigers were much more ferocious . They would use both melee skills and range skills, causing many to be injured or killed .

The Undying Stone Ape each grabbed a rock and threw them at the players, and many of them would be killed immediately .

Many of the players that saw this were shocked .

It was very rare to even see one Sacred Beast in the Divine Dominion Continent . Therefore, when hundreds of Sacred Beasts appeared, they were very eye-catching and made many realize just how powerful Jiang Feng was .

As the war continued, many of the players had become hot blooded just by watching .

It was even better than the World War .

If the Shifter Emperor leading the Shifter Faction could win against a combined army led by King Zhou and the Divine and Infernal Factions from the other five servers, it would definitely be recorded and highlighted in the Histories of the Divine Dominion .


“White Tiger!”

Jiang Feng had chased after King Zhou for a long time but he could not catch up with him . He was quite angry about it so he quickly turned toward the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor and yelled .


Just as he had finished yelling, a Rank Seven Lesser Sacred Master White Tiger roared and ran toward Jiang Feng through the air .

Its power could be considered as the most powerful among the five Sacred Tribes .

As for why there were no elites that had reached the level of Great Saints, Jiang Feng guessed that they must have already been killed by King Zhou .

While he also did not have any Sacred Beasts at the level of Greater Sacred Master, a Sacred Beast at the level of Lesser Sacred Master would be fine .

As the White Tiger quickly ran through the air, every time it ran, a rainbow cloud would appear under its paw and it made it look very cool .

“You want to fuse? I will not allow it!”

When King Zhou realized what Jiang Feng was trying to do, he rushed toward that White Tiger .

“Ling Luo, stop him!”

Jiang Feng ran toward the White Tiger as he yelled to Ling Luo .


Ling Luo gave him a hand sign with a smile as he aimed at King Zhou with her sniper rifle and mumbled, “Have a taste of the new skill that I have just created . Thousand Tech Bullet!”


After she aimed and fired, a bright red bullet went straight toward King Zhou .

King Zhou quickly raised his sword to block Ling Luo’s bullet .


He managed to block Ling Luo’s bullet . He smiled . But in the next second, his face darkened .

He saw that the bullet that was blocked did not disappear . Instead, it transformed into seven different bullets, all passing through the sword and hitting his head .

King Zhou, who was struck, immediately entered a short daze .

“Two Becomes One!”

Just as King Zhou was dazed, Jiang Feng had already fused with White Tiger .


Jiang Feng, who managed to fuse, roared as he raised his head .

After fusing with the White Tiger, Jiang now had white hair, the word “Wang” was on his forehead, he had whiskers next to his mouth . He still looked like a human . His wings were still there, but he now had a furry tail .

He looked very handsome as he wore a white robe, and he was somewhat more domineering .

After fusing with the White Tiger, his stats had almost doubled .

The Rank Seven Lesser Sacred Master White Tiger’s stats were almost double of that of Jiang Feng’s, except for his attacks .

After Jiang Feng’s stats had greatly increased, he then attacked King Zhou with his Deicide in hand .

After coming back to his senses, King Zhou wanted to retreat again .

But Jiang Feng’s speed was very quick now, and King Zhou’s duplicate could not compare to him in terms of power .

In the blink of an eye, he had appeared next to King Zhou . He violently slashed King Zhou with the Deicide in his hand .

When he saw that Jiang Feng’s attack was going to hit him on the head, King Zhou’s face became pale . The Nine Dragon Sword appeared in his hand, and he also slashed toward Jiang Feng brutally .

“Time Break!”

What shocked Jiang Feng the most was that he noticed that before his attack could connect, time began to flow backward and only King Zhou’s body could move .

As time flowed back, the Deicide in his hand that was originally raised was slowly going back down . Meanwhile, King Zhou’s Nine Dragon Sword appeared on his head and was going to brutally strike at him .

Jiang Feng stared with his eyes wide open as he felt the flow of time around him . He then recalled King Zhou’s condition and action when he was using this attack, and he slowly knew what the Sword of Time meant .

Just as King Zhou’s sword was going to slice through his scalp, Jiang Feng smiled and yelled out coldly, “Time Break!”

In the next moment, he finally broke free of his bondage where he would act in reverse . On the other hand, King Zhou’s body began to reverse instead .

“Impossible!” King Zhou looked at Jiang Feng with shock, disbelief was all over his face .

This was an ultimate attack that he had created through sweat and blood . He did not expect Jiang Feng to know about it too .

“I told you . You will only die if you come down here!”

As soon as Jiang Feng said that, his body went through King Zhou’s body,* and then his Deicide returned into staff form . He struck King Zhou into the air, and said, “Nine Kills!”

T/L note: I have no idea how his body went through his body but I have stopped questioning logic a long time ago .

After nine attacks, King Zhou, who was still in shock, had been killed .

Because it was just a duplicate, King Zhou did not drop anything after he died . Instead, he merely disappeared into a white light .

After King Zhou had been killed, the monsters and soldiers that he brought also slowly disappeared .

Jiang Feng was pleasantly surprised . He did not realize that the monsters and soldiers could come here all thanks to King Zhou’s duplicate .

“If that is the case, there should be no more threat!”

Without the soldiers and monsters from Silvermoon, the players from the Divine and Infernal Factions of the other five servers would be no threat to him .

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