Chapter 798: 798

Fu Huai’an called to ask for a shirt to be brought over, so Little Lu quickly retrieved a clean shirt, sending it to Fu Huai’an .

 Little Lu stood outside the office door . The door opened, with Fu Huai’an having one hand on the knob, the other tugging at his tie and unbuttoning his shirt . He didn’t open the door fully .

 He took the shirt and said to Little Lu, “Inform You Nainai that she can go back now . Report to the Fu residence promptly at 7 am tomorrow . Tell Lu Jinnan not to come to my office as well . The itinerary for Dubai tomorrow will remain unchanged . Cancel the restaurant reservation . We won’t be going over today!”

 Little Lu nodded . “Alright! Should I order food for you and Madam?”

 “There’s no need for now!” Fu Huai’an replied .

 After closing the door, Fu Huai’an looked at Lin Nuan, who was lying on the sofa, deep asleep . There were traces of tears on her face, and her eyes were reddened .

 Fu Huai’an stood at the end of the sofa and saw Lin Nuan moving uneasily, her slender and fair hands hugging his suit tightly . It was only when she smelled the scent that was unique to him from the suit that her tensed up body gradually relaxed .

 Fu Huai’an had never felt so torn or hesitant in doing something . He took off his shirt and changed into the new one . The vibrating phone in the suit’s pocket disturbed Lin Nuan’s sleep .

 Fu Huai’an bent over, supporting himself with one hand above Lin Nuan’s head . He took out the phone from the suit’s pocket and declined the call .

 He looked at Lin Nuan’s beautiful and exquisite features, feeling that they had been dyed the color of grief .

 She hadn’t opened her eyes, but Fu Huai’an could already foresee the frailness and redness in her eyes .

 Fu Huai’an sat down next to Lin Nuan, his throat rolling .

 He grabbed Lin Nuan’s hand, lowered his head, and kissed her as if he was kissing his own faith devoutly .

 In the past, what Fu Huai’an wanted the most was Lin Nuan’s love!

 In the past… he had thought that as long as Lin Nuan could love him 10% of the amount she loved Wen Moshen, he would be willing to do anything for her . Even if Lin Nuan wanted his life, he’d give it to her!

 Now, Fu Huai’an had gotten what he wanted . However, the only request she had for him was not to get involved in danger, but Fu Huai’an wasn’t able to convince himself to do that .

 It wasn’t that his love for Lin Nuan wasn’t enough . It was just that Fu Huai’an had yet to put down the things he thought he had long given up on .

 Fu Huai’an’s phone vibrated once again in his hand . His bloodshot eyes took a long look at Lin Nuan before he put her hands back under the suit and then walked over to the window . He saw that the incoming call was from Gu Qingcheng and thus answered it…

 Fu Huai’an’s actions during the entire process were very light, so he didn’t wake up Lin Nuan .

 “Hello…” Fu Huai’an lowered his voice and threw a glance toward Lin Nuan .

 Gu Qingcheng said something to Fu Huai’an from the other end of the call . It was only after a moment that Fu Huai’an replied, “I know, don’t worry . Send it over!”

 After hanging up the call, he picked up the documents he had placed on the vase rack earlier, sat down behind his desk, and switched on the computer to open up his email . There were a few architectural drawings .

 After Fu Huai’an looked through them briefly, he sent them to his tablet, then used a stylus to start drawing labels and unique symbols on one map . He saved it together with the architectural drawings .

 Lin Nuan gradually woke up . She saw Fu Huai’an wearing his pants and shirt, standing in front of the window while smoking . She moved her stiff arms, and Fu Huai’an’s suit slid off her body .

 Her eyes and head were both aching . She propped herself up with her slender arms and picked up the suit from the floor .

 “You’ve woken up!” Fu Huai’an put out the cigarette he was halfway through in an ashtray .

 “En!” Lin Nuan’s voice was hoarse and unpleasant .

 She put her feet down on the carpet, and she realized that Fu Huai’an had taken off her shoes .

 Lin Nuan felt as if she had just had a dream . She dreamed that Qin Zhe had come to look for Fu Huai’an and that he was going to get involved in danger…

 However, by the time the throbbing feeling in her head dissipated, Lin Nuan understood that it was only her wishful thinking to hope that those things were all just a dream .

 “What time is it now?” asked Lin Nuan .

 “It’s 3:40 pm . Are you hungry? I’ll take you out for some food, and then we’ll head home!” Fu Huai’an picked up his phone, cigarette box, and lighter from the desk .

 Lin Nuan sat on the sofa and lowered her gaze . Her ponytail had loosened up, and a few tufts of hair fell down in front of her eyes messily . She held onto Fu Huai’an’s suit, seeming to be thinking of something . Her thin and stiff shoulders reminded one of the word stubborn .

 Fu Huai’an sighed, walked up to Lin Nuan, and sat down on the coffee table opposite her . His long legs were by her two sides, and she could smell a faint scent of cigarette smoke coming from him .

 He took Lin Nuan’s hand . She struggled to break free and only hugged Fu Huai’an’s suit tightly . Her walnut-like eyes seemed to feel sore .

 “Lin Nuan, don’t be setting yourself against me!” Fu Huai’an tugged Lin Nuan’s thin hand with a forceful attitude . “I promise you that I’ll send Qin Zhe to Dubai, but I’ll definitely not get involved in danger myself! Alright?”

 Upon hearing Fu Huai’an say that, Lin Nuan raised her head and looked at him . “Are you telling the truth?”

 Fu Huai’an pressed Lin Nuan’s hand onto his chest, where his heart was . “Yes!”

 Her tears dropped down once again . The huge burden in Lin Nuan’s heart was unloaded, and she felt even more aggrieved for some reason . She bit down tightly on her lips, her eyes feeling very sore . She couldn’t help but lower her head and use the back of her hand to wipe away her tears .

 Hearing Lin Nuan’s soft sobbing, Fu Huai’an tilted up her beautiful chin and asked, “Then, does what you said… about using the wedding gift that Xie Jingqian sent us with me still count?”

 Lin Nuan was rendered speechless .

 When the aggrieved Lin Nuan heard this, she couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh and frown . “Is that the only thing you remembered?”

 Fu Huai’an used his thumb to wipe away the tears on Lin Nuan’s cheeks, his voice sounding cheerful . “I still remember that you said that you were going to wear sexy lingerie…”

 Lin Nuan was amused by Fu Huai’an . She couldn’t help but put out her hands to grab onto the big hand that he had placed on her face . She gently kissed Fu Huai’an’s palm, then got up to hug his head, her face leaning against his black hair . “For my sake and Tuan Tuan’s, can you stay far away from danger?”

 The man nodded and hugged Lin Nuan’s slender waist . He had never felt so warm in his heart before .

 Lin Nuan’s makeup had been ruined from all the crying . She took her makeup powder from her bag and used a wet tissue to wipe the mascara under her eyes .

 Fu Huai’an, who had already put on his suit, turned and saw that Lin Nuan was touching up her lipstick . He couldn’t help but laugh . “It isn’t as good as your natural lip color!”

 “I didn’t have time to remove my makeup today, and there isn’t any makeup remover here . If I touch up my makeup and not my lipstick, it’ll look very strange…” She raised her lip gloss to show Fu Huai’an, pursed her lips together, and used her ring finger to remove the excess color . “This is said to be a man-slaying color . They say that all men will like this color!”

 “Isn’t Mrs . Fu very clear about if I’m a man or not?” Fu Huai’an leaned against the office desk, his words sounding very intimate .

 Lin Nuan’s ears turned red . She lowered her gaze and looked at herself in the powder box’s mirror, not replying .

 Her eyes were swollen like walnuts, and her eye shadow was already gone from all the crying .

 Thankfully, she had a cap in her bag . Her eyes wouldn’t stand out that much after she put it on and headed out with Fu Huai’an…

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