Mr Fu, I Really Love You - Chapter 800

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Chapter 800: Help Me With Something

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The bathroom mirror fogged up with steam, so Lin Nuan turned on the defogger .

She placed her hands on the edge of the sink and watched as her reflection in the mirror gradually became clearer…

Lin Nuan stood naked under the light . Her long damp hair stuck to her delicate shoulders, collarbones, and chest . Her back was arched, and her glowing skin was so fair that the light seemed to shine through it .

Her face was flushed from the steam, and her face and body were seductively feminine…

She looked towards the home clothes placed at the side and bit her lip .

Actually, she still had a chance to stop Fu Huai’an from going there!

Lin Nuan gazed at her reflection and made up her mind after a long while . She stood upright and used the hairdryer to dry her hair .

When Fu Huai’an received Lin Nuan’s message in the study, blueprints were scattered across the table, and he was focused on looking at them . He wrote on the side of the blueprints with a sign pen .

His phone was holding down the blueprints . The screen lit up . Fu Huai’an wrote down the last line of words and frowned as he looked at the blueprints . He picked up the phone with the hand that was holding the sign pen and tapped on the screen . It was only then that his eyes averted from the blueprints .

‘Lin Nuan: Come down to the bedroom and help me with something…’

Fu Huai’an quickly replied with the words “give me a moment” to Lin Nuan . He deftly put away the messy pile of blueprints on the table and placed them in his safe . He then walked out of the study and towards the bedroom .

Before Fu Huai’an entered the room, Lin Nuan’s heart leaped into her mouth as she stood in the bathroom . She looked at the black strapless nightie she was wearing through the mirror . It had a very deep V-neck, exposing the magnificent scenery of her chest . Her long wavy hair, which reached her waist, looked voluminous as it draped over her shoulders . This made her skin appear as fair as snow .

Due to her nervousness, the dips in her neck and collarbones were especially prominent when she breathed . The elegant and beautiful curves of her neck were alluring .

Lin Nuan grabbed a short black kimono robe and wrapped it around herself tightly . Her fingers shook as she tied it around her waist . She gently dabbed some perfume behind her ears and on her wrists and the insides of her elbows, then applied a tiny bit of lipstick .

The poppy red color on her lips caused her delicate face to exude a demon-like beauty .

The bathroom door wasn’t closed . Lin Nuan heard the bedroom door open and took a deep breath . She lowered her eyes as she put the cap back on her lipstick and mentally prepared herself . After a moment, she flashed a bright and seductive smile at the mirror and walked out of the bathroom barefoot…

Fu Huai’an stepped into the bedroom . The lights were off, and there were rows of candles on the dresser, the coffee table, and by the windows . There was also a decanter and two glasses of red wine on the coffee table .

As he stood there with a puzzled look on his face, he saw Lin Nuan come out of the bathroom . He paused, and his eyes darkened .

He closed the door and gazed at Lin Nuan with hooded eyes . With the flickering candles… Lin Nuan looked like a demoness who had stepped out of the forest in the dark night .

Her black robe was tied loosely around her waist, and it barely covered her butt, revealing her long, fair, and slender legs . She wrapped both arms around herself and leaned against the bathroom door frame as she tilted her head . There was a charismatic and flirtatious look in her eyes…

Fu Huai’an’s Adam’s apple bobbed slightly as he loosened his grip on the door handle . His eyes focused on the glasses of red wine on the coffee table .

He loosened the collar of his shirt and slowly walked over to the couch . He bent down and raised a glass to his lips to take a sip . The amount of time that the wine was left to sit was just right, and he could taste the thing that Lin Nuan had added .

He placed one hand in his pocket and looked at his enchantingly beautiful wife . “Mrs . Fu, this is…”

The dim light from the flickering candles in the dark room caused Lin Nuan to feel a little less nervous and shy . But when she looked at Fu Huai’an’s masculine and well-defined features, her face couldn’t help but flush .

She stood upright, walked over to the end of the bed, and sat down . Her black robe fell from her shoulders as she propped herself up with her hands, revealing her fair and beautiful shoulders, as well as the beautiful scenery that peeked out from underneath .

Her fair and tender feet stepped on the carpet . The flickering flames of the candles reflected in her bright, smiling black eyes and were like the light and color in them .

Lin Nuan crossed her long and slender legs, with one leg raised and the other pressed against her left calf . Her already short robe and nightie slid up her legs such that they looked tempting . She casually combed through her long hair and gave off a strong feminine vibe . Her eyes, which were like a work of art, were especially captivating and more enchanting than the night and the wine .

Fu Huai’an was breathing somewhat heavily, and he took a sip of red wine to control himself . His heart was beating rapidly, and a part of his body was being awoken at an unbelievable rate .

“Can Mr . Fu pass me that glass of red wine?” Lin Nuan’s charming gaze swept across the wine glass on the coffee table, which reflected the light from the candles . The dark-red jewel-like liquid in the glass shone beautifully . Just like Lin Nuan that night, it had a certain charm that made one want to drown in it .

The sensual atmosphere was seemingly heated up by the candles, filling the room with the dangerous smell of desire that could be set off at any moment .

Under Lin Nuan’s gaze, Fu Huai’an downed his glass of red wine in one go . He then bent down to pick up the wine glass on the coffee table . His long fingers wrapped around the bowl of the glass as he walked towards Lin Nuan…

The flickering lights in the room dimly illuminated fu Huai’an’s deep-set eyes, browbones, sharp nose, and thin lips . His mature and manly presence caused Lin Nuan’s heart to flutter .

Lin Nuan’s chest heaved up and down rapidly out of nervousness as she looked at the wine glass that Fu Huai’an had brought in front of her…

She lowered her eyes, and her gaze swept across Fu Huai’an’s belt buckle . She placed her hand on the back of Fu Huai’an’s hand, and with his hand, she raised the wine glass to take a sip of red wine!

Fu Huai’an’s inner beast was awoken by his wife’s actions . He gripped her hand, which was sliding up his muscular arm, and downed Lin Nuan’s glass of red wine in one go . He dropped the wine glass, pushed her down on the bed, and kissed her harshly . The red wine was fed into her mouth .

His knee landed beside Lin Nuan, and his elbow was propped up beside her ear . As he tangled his fingers in her long dark hair, he gave her the most passionate kiss she had ever received from him .

The dark-red liquid dripped from their lips, which were pressed together tightly, and down Lin Nuan’s elegant and beautiful neck . She hugged his neck tightly and responded to the kiss fervently . She impatiently yanked away Fu Huai’an’s belt, anxious to get straight into it and give all of herself to him .

Lin Nuan was kissed until her tongue was sore . The area between her brows had gone numb, and her mind went blank .

The faint sound when she removed his belt stimulated her nerves, which was the final straw before he lost control .

Fu Huai’an pulled away from Lin Nuan’s lips and pressed his forehead against hers to give her a chance to breathe . Lin Nuan was panting like a fish out of water, and the kiss smudged the red color on her lips . A few strands of hair were stuck to her lips messily, making her face appear so seductively charming that it was almost fatal .

“Mrs . Fu smells so good!” Fu Huai’an’s nose was filled with the scent of perfume and Lin Nuan’s natural scent . He couldn’t help but press his nose against her neck . His heavy breaths were scorching hot…

Lin Nuan was spellbound .

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