Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 440

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Chapter 440: The Phoenix Girl or Not

“Where is Chaoyan?” Zhou Huailing burst out.

Gu Zhenkang was shocked when he heard the name. He subconsciously started to search for Gu Chaoyan as well.

Gu Ruxue’s fists were tightly clenched. Her face was totally twisted. Her father said that Lord Ling was not happy, so she automatically believed that it was because Lord Ling cared about what happened last time, but it turned out that it was all because of the b**ch Gu Chaoyan! Why was she everywhere? Why was she so annoying?

Xie Yan got shocked, realizing that Lord Ling had just lost himself. He gave a light cough and reminded him. “Lord, the right time for the wedding is coming!”

Zhou Huailing brought himself back, pretending as if nothing had happened and continued to walk forward.

Gu Ruxue was helped by the matchmaker and the aunt as they followed behind.

As they came outside of the Gu Mansion, Zhou Huailing mounted the horse instead of taking a look at Gu Ruxue.

Gu Ruxue was very annoyed as she was helped into the litter by the matchmaker and aunt. She had her fists tightly clenched, eyes sparkling with fury. She said with teeth clenched. “Gu Chaoyan!”

However, whatever happened, Lord Ling had still married her.

Seeing the wagon leaving, Gu Zhenkang let out a heavy sigh. His heart that was suspended was finally let down.

He had been so worried that the Lord would be reminded of what happened to Ruxue, so he would give her up in the end, but now he was assured – at least Lord married her after all.

He went back to the mansion to receive the guests with a smile on his face.


At Lord Ling’s Mansion.

It was totally cold at the Mansion, different from the bustling Gu Mansion.

The Princess Consort was not present to host the wedding, so the concubines were not present either. Other elderly members of the family, such as the King and Princess Jing, were in the court. None of the ministers attended the wedding – the Lord was not doing the wedding in a proper manner, so the ministers refused to show up. So those that were at the mansion were just Lord Ling’s staff. And all of those staff were just his subordinates, so Lord Ling did not even have to make a toast with them.

As the bride was guided to the wedding room, Lord Ling followed in as well.

Gu Ruxue could not help but remind him, after sitting there for a long while. “Lord, don’t you need to make a toast for the honorable guests?”

“No need.” Lord Ling answered coldly.

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Gu Ruxue said no more. She knew that Lord was not in a good mood today.

Zhou Huailing drank a few cups of wine, and cleared his mind.

He explained. “Ruxue, you know that I am a Lord who already has a Princess Consort, and according to the etiquettes, you are only allowed to take the vacancy of the concubine, but I am giving you the reputation and making you the Equal Princess Consort, because of that, we are receiving no guests here.”

Gu Ruxue’s face twisted under the red drapery.

No guests? So none of those people acknowledged her identity? Why! Why could the bitch Gu Chaoyan become the real Princess Consort whilst she could not? She was the Phoenix Girl after all!

“I am giving you the best treatment, you should never betray me. The man already died, there is no need to think about him!” Zhou Huailing reminded her seriously.

“Lord, I was set up, I did not know that man at all. I am still an innocent girl!” Gu Ruxue shouted.

Zhou Huailing was not in a mood to hear any of these.

He grabbed a knife and came to Gu Ruxue. He grabbed her hand, wanting to verify if she was the real Phoenix Girl, otherwise he would not be able to proceed with what happened next.

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