My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 524

Chapter 524: 524

Chapter 524: Chapter 524 The Terrifying Consequences Of Third Young Master Ye Finding Out The Truth! (VIII)

“I, I don’t know the specifics, I only… I heard Secretary Liu and, and Lawyer Zhao say… ” Secretary Ruan was truly frightened by Ye Lanchen at that moment . She stammered a sentence for a long time but still could not make it clear .

However, Ye Lanchen heard it .

“Get Lawyer Zhao to come and see me . ” Ye Lanchen sucked in a deep breath . His heart was in his throat . He suddenly realized that the problem was rather serious . No, it was not just serious, it was extremely serious .

If the share transfer that Secretary Ruan mentioned referred to the Ye Company shares, then…

He did not dare to think about what would happen next .

Secretary Ruan promised to call Lawyer Zhao repeatedly .

“F*ck, F*ck, Ming, Lawyer Zhao is handling the transfer of shares in the relevant department… ” Secretary Ruan had just called Lawyer Zhao and said it clearly . However, when she looked at Ye Lanchen, she started stuttering again .

Ye Lanchen took the phone from Secretary Ruan . “I’m Ye Lanchen . What transfer of shares are you handling?”

He asked very directly . This was his usual style . At that moment, it was even colder and harsh .

“It’s the share transfer of the Ye Company . Yesterday, Secretary Liu asked me to do it . Elder Ye has already agreed to transfer 60% of the shares of the Ye Company to the President . Congratulations, President . ” Lawyer Zhao did not understand . He felt that this was a good thing, therefore, he congratulated in advance .

“Congratulations, my ass . Stop all the procedures immediately . Get your ass back here immediately . ” Ye Lanchen heard the news that he did not want to hear the most . At that moment, his emotions suddenly burst out, and he cursed right then and there .

At that moment, Ye Lanchen could be said to have no more restraint because he did not want to restrain himself .

Secretary Ruan was stunned . The president cursed? This was the first time she heard the president curse .

On the other side, Lawyer Zhao was stunned . What happened to the president? Why was he being scolded? So for a moment, Lawyer Zhao did not answer .

“By the way, did Secretary Liu ask you to go through any other procedures yesterday?” At that moment, Ye Lanchen still had that last bit of rationality . It could also be said that he still had the last bit of hope . Even if the old man had agreed to give him the shares, the procedures had not been completed, so perhaps she had not yet…

However, when he thought about her usual behavior and how she was always itching to divorce him, Ye Lanchen did not have much hope in his heart at that point .

“No, Secretary Liu only gave me this . He asked me to quickly go through it,” Lawyer Zhao replied repeatedly after coming back to his senses .

Ye Lanchen quietly sighed . He suddenly thought that Secretary Liu probably would not go to Lawyer Zhao for the divorce procedures .

“Stop all the procedures immediately and come back . ” Ye Lanchen emphasized again before throwing the phone to Secretary Ruan .

Then, Ye Lanchen attempted to call Secretary Liu again . If one paid close attention, one would realize that his hands were trembling .

This time, the call was finally connected . Secretary Liu was already downstairs at the company . He was single and lived in the company’s apartment, which was very close to the company’s building .

Secretary Liu woke up in the morning . He was still confused at first, but when he took out his phone and saw the countless missed calls from his president, he instantly woke up .

The president had called him so many times, but he did not hear it .

Why did the president call him so many times?

Secretary Liu suddenly had a bad feeling .