My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: Guan Chibei Fed the Babies

In an instant, he froze in front of the bed.

It turned out that this was the time when Ye Lulu would wake up and feed the babies. The babies were used to drinking milk at this time in the morning.

She had not fed them today. When the youngest child saw the inside of Ye Lulu’s clothes… he wanted to drink milk as per his habit. That was why he changed from his usual cold demeanor and anxiously pulled Ye Lulu away.

Guan Chibei felt like he was struck by lightning.

His head felt like it was about to split open.

… There was such a thing?!

Then he…?

The youngest child was extremely unhappy, but he was still too young to flip over. He could only anxiously tug at Ye Lulu’s hand and open his mouth to show that he was hungry.

It was also because the three children were just a month old that they could not go hungry.

Now, the rain was pouring heavily outside. It was not realistic to wait for Mother Rong and the rest to come back or ask other women for help. It was also not feasible to leave the babies here to starve.

As for Ye Lulu… her body was damaged to begin with. She should have exploded with an abnormal ability today. She would be even weaker now and needed to rest and recuperate.

If he wanted to wake her up now… he wouldn’t be able to do so.


Following the youngest child’s actions, the air gradually filled with a fragrant smell of milk.

When the other babies on the bed smelled the familiar smell, they woke up from their habit of drinking milk and moved their hands and feet, making signs that they wanted to drink something.

Guan Chibei was speechless. “…”

There was no other solution.

Therefore, he had no choice but to…

Guan Chibei took a deep breath and took a step forward. He picked up the youngest child and fell silent for a moment. Then, he braced himself and placed the youngest child on Ye Lulu’s body.

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The youngest child was like a little turtle. After lying on his mother’s body, he was smart and precise. He knew how to find the spot very well and started drinking like usual.

However, because Ye Lulu did not feed him on time today, he was very unhappy. As he swallowed, his little hands patted Ye Lulu’s arms unhappily.

Guan Chibei wanted to stop looking, but he could not do so. “…”

The main reason was that the children were too young and had just turned a month old. It was very easy for them to choke on their milk or encounter problems. Therefore, they needed an adult to look after them.

Ye Lulu was completely unconscious and did not have the ability to look after him.

The smell of milk in the room became stronger.

Guan Chibei was speechless. “…”

The youngest child ate anxiously and even made a sound.

Guan Chibei was speechless. “…”

Moreover, it was the first time Guan Chibei had done such an awkward thing. At this moment, he could not help but stand by the side and think. There was another side. Could she feed another baby at the same time?

However, he looked at the way she was feeding the child now. Forget it. It was not convenient for him to carry Ye Lulu and let the baby drink milk in a normal posture. That was the only way for now. He should do it one by one.

Thus, Guan Chibei braced himself. After feeding the youngest child, he gently carried him down. His handsome face froze as he picked up another child and placed him on Ye Lulu’s body.

The second son also started eating loudly. However, the babies were still young and this position was not right. Therefore, when the babies were drinking milk, some inevitably flowed out…

The air seemed to be tense because of his aura. Every second seemed to be ambiguous, but it was also very difficult for him to take a step.

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