My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: Guan Chibei Was Trapped in the House

Guan Chibei watched quietly from the side. After the second son drank his milk, it would be the eldest son’s turn.

The eldest son could not be considered to have been bullied. Most of the time, the youngest son was the first. Ye Lulu then fed whoever was beside him.

The house was filled with the fragrance of milk, causing ordinary people’s faces to turn red. However, Guan Chibei was still considered alright. He stood there with a stiff face and heaved a sigh of relief after the three babies had finished their milk.

He carried the eldest son down. Guan Chibei even knew how to help the babies burp.

After feeding the babies milk, Ye Lulu wasn’t wearing any undergarments… What should he do?

Guan Chibei really could not bring himself to put Ye Lulu’s undergarment on.

His dark eyes quickly swept over Ye Lulu. When his gaze landed on the thin blanket on the bed, he raised his hand and dragged the blanket over to cover Ye Lulu with her open shirt.

Guan Chibei paused.

Then, Guan Chibei turned around and bent down to pick Ye Lulu up. He moved her to the center of the bed and placed her properly before standing up.

He then placed the three babies neatly beside Ye Lulu.

All good!

The four of them were finally settled.

Forget about Guan Chibei’s body. His mind had suffered a certain blow and he was a little tired. He looked at the mother and children again before turning around to calm down.

However, the moment he opened the door, the pouring rain nearly rushed into the house.

Guan Chibei could only close the door a second later.

“…” Alright.

Eldest son, the cleansing rain that happened after you summoned the lightning of heavenly punishment was quite heavy.

Guan Chibei could only stay in the house and guard the four of them.

As expected, after Brother Wei fell into the mountain forest, he did not feel well. The two sides of the mountain path happened to be a relatively steep mountain forest. Brother Wei rolled down the slope until he reached a long steep slope.

He even crashed into a large rock. Along the way, he was scraped by many sharp tree branches, awl-shaped stones, and vines. His body was riddled with wounds.

The bloodstains were red and swollen. His clothes had already been torn and were hanging onto his body in bits and pieces, which could not hide the wounds at all. The mottled and tired swelling marks were everywhere.

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This was already very tragic.

The moment Brother Wei hit the large rock, he even vomited blood.

It was as if this was calculated.

Just as he stopped rolling down, there was a thunderstorm in the sky. It was neither too late nor too early.

Brother Wei had nowhere to hide and was immediately drenched.

Don’t forget that his clothes had been torn and he had suffered various injuries. It was still autumn and winter now. The heavy rain was accompanied by extremely cold air that filled the surroundings. The temperature at the steep slopes was even lower. The soil was moist and cold.

Brother Wei was in a miserable state. What was even worse was that he was suddenly drenched by the rain. He instinctively wanted to find a place to hide from the rain. However, as he staggered to his feet, he slipped and crashed into the large rock again.

Brother Wei was speechless. “…”

This time, he fainted from the collision.

Thus, one could see that under the heavy rain and by the large rock, Brother Wei was lying upright. Forget about his injuries, but he was continuously drenched by the heavy rain.

It was really a cleansing rain.

The downpour lasted for an entire morning before stopping four hours later.

Everyone in the village and mountains of Yuan City was talking about how formidable this sudden heavy rain was.

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