My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1341

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Chapter 1341: Can’t Hold It In…

With a flash, Qiao Mu flitted past the maidservant and walked through the small arched door.

Jolting in fright, the two guards of the City Lord’s Estate standing at the door quickly bellowed, “Who is it?”

However, when they saw that it was Qiao Mu, they hastily cupped their hands toward her. “Greeting to the crown prince consort.”

“Your humble subordinate had not noticed that it was Crown Prince Consort. His Highness has orders for miscellaneous people not to approach this rear garden.”

Qiao Mu waved her hand and then ran inside the rear garden toward where she sensed there were people.

She ran all the way past the artificial mountains and through the hallways. When she finally got near, she involuntarily slowed her steps.

A languishing scene of withered trees and yellowing leaves entered her eyesight, but the four people within indeed made people unable to turn their eyes away.

These four great beaus of Rice City were sitting around a table under a half-withered tree, chatting away while sipping tea.

Mo Lian and Duan Yue were both dressed in white robes that were as white as snow, with each holding a small jade cup.

Situ Yi, who was dressed in black, waved his fan back and forth occasionally.

On the other hand, Eldest Young Sir Qin was dressed in a bewitching purple. The four of them gathered together really formed a picturesque scene, with an air of immortality even under this withered tree.

When Situ Yi turned his head, he caught sight of Qiao Mu running over, making his eyes light up. He stood up and walked toward her. “Little Junior Sister, you’ve woken up.”

When Qiao Mu looked at him, she promptly recalled the moniker of the four great beaus of Rice City, and she was unable to hold it in.

This bumpkinish moniker really was too comical!

While pointing her finger at him, she was trying her best to maintain her poker face, but then she couldn’t hold it in anymore and burst out laughing.

In his shock, Situ Yi dropped his folding fan to the floor with a clatter.

On the other hand, Duan Yue ran over to her agitatedly. “Qiaoqiao, why are you laughing in front of Situ Yi but not in front of me?”

Just as he was about to catch her sleeve with his hand, Mo Lian swiftly ran over to his wifey and picked her up anxiously. He kneaded her petite face and said solemnly, “Don’t laugh.”

How vexing, how could she laugh so happily in front of other men?

He then kneaded her petite face again. “Laugh after we go home.”

Qiao Mu restrained her smile, but the moment she met Mo Lian’s phoenix eyes, she couldn’t hold it in and laughed out loud again.

Mo Lian’s eyes couldn’t help smiling with mirth as he embraced his wifey in his arms while patting her back. “What is it? Tell me quickly, which dummy has amused my Qiaoqiao so.”

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“Lian, you have taken the first place ranking of the ten great beaus of Rice City! Besides that, you four have even been designated as the four great beaus of Rice City.” Qiao Mu split her sides laughing.

Eldest Qin’s eyes flickered as he looked at Qiao Mu and pointed at himself with his folding fan. “Us?”

Qiao Mu nodded repeatedly, unable to restrain her amusement as she said to Mo Lian with curved eyes, “I am a bit curious. I wonder what the other six beaus of Rice City look like.”

“Aye, isn’t that simple. Just have people bring them over.” Situ Yi, this clown, promptly provoked glares from the other three people with his offhand remark.

Situ Yi: …

F*ck, wasn’t he indirectly admitting that he was one of the ten great beaus of Rice City!

“We had better talk about that monstrous bird from yesterday,” Mo Lian tried to change the topic as he kneaded his wifey’s face.

Qiao Mu suppressed her laughter as she looked at him and informed, “There’s a large crowd of women hanging onto the wall outside, looking to see the graceful bearing of the four great beaus of Rice City.”

Eldest Qin choked on his tea.

Meanwhile, Duan Yue heaved a deep sigh before waving his hand to order, “Someone! Go ask that those people on the ranking for the ten great beaus of Rice City come over!”

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