Chapter 591

Chapter 591: You’re Forbidden From Running Away

“Xiaoxiao, then I’ll be bringing them out now . Remember to keep me informed . ” Qiao Mu had Qiuqiu send her out without delay .

Practically at the same time that she was sent out, she too sensed the crown prince’s raging aura drawing near, and a figure landed inside the bedchamber with a swish .

He was very frantic!

He had hurried back as fast as he could the entire way .

However, when he saw that small, slender figure just as he entered the Eastern Palace, he was clearly taken aback . He sized her up dumbfoundedly before his entire heart finally settled down, his expression easing slightly .

“Where did you go just now?” Mo Lian arrived next to her in a flash, and he pulled her into his embrace .

Qiao Mu blinked her eyes . “I…”

“I’m telling you, if you disappear wordlessly and silently like this again, I will tie you to my side one day and prohibit you from stepping even a single inch away from me!” Mo Lian lowered his head and was just about to bite the little fellow’s mouth .

However, our dear Qiao Mu hastily stretched out a small paw to block his lips, and she communicated silently with the sapling: “Can you bring Mo Lian into Paradise Planet right now?”

“No way, no way! Qiuqiu almost died from exhaustion last time, bringing in that many living things from the outside world! Crown Prince the Great is that large of a person! It’s better to wait awhile!”

Qiao Mu curved her eyes suspiciously . “It’s only one person though? Last time you were fine bringing in that many butterflies . ”

“Besides Master, living humans are the most difficult to bring in . It’s an entirely different matter, though, if they’re dead…”

“Scram! Who are you saying is dead!” Qiao Mu’s delicate brows instantly scrunched up .

“No no no, I didn’t say anything . Crown Prince the Great’s cultivation is that high, how is it possible for something to happen to him . ” Wah, Masta was so scary! Have to quickly smooth things over .

“Actually Masta, as long as you increase your cultivation, it won’t be that strenuous to let in living things in the future!” Qiuqiu instantly fawned, “I believe in Masta . You’ll definitely make a big breakthrough in no time . ”

Inside Paradise Planet, Butterfly Queen Xiaoxiao looked down with disdain at that bootlicking sapling before brusquely returning to its poison garden with a flutter of its wings .

“Why aren’t you speaking?” The crown prince cupped her small chin in his hand, his eyes suspiciously observing the silent little fellow before him .

“You disappeared just earlier . ” There was an instant that was just like what happened two years ago, in which he couldn’t detect her presence anymore .

This sent his heart into a panic, and he frantically rushed back to the Eastern Palace, afraid that the little fellow was going to wordlessly go missing and that he wouldn’t be able to see her for a few years again .

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” The crown prince slightly exerted some strength, which caused Qiao Mu, who was currently communicating with the sapling Qiuqiu, to regain her senses .

“Qiaoqiao, you’re forbidden from running away . ” He lifted her high up and met her eyes . “Don’t run away, okay?”

“Where did I run away to . ” Qiao Mu gazed at him exasperatedly .

It was all her fault that her cultivation wasn’t high enough . If she could bring him into Paradise Planet for a look, then everything would be extremely obvious at a glance .

“You ran away!” He leaned in and bit her small mouth . “Just now . Don’t run away in the future okay? My heart panics when you run away . Next time, if I’m unable to sense your presence again, I’ll have to take some precautions, alright?”

Ah, bah! What kind of precautions are you thinking of taking? Qiao Mu struggled to break out of his embrace but couldn’t, so she bared her small white teeth to bite him in a huff .

Seeing this, the crown prince, this shameless guy, promptly aligned himself properly and beamed while saying, “Come, don’t bite the wrong place . ”

The two people’s pairs of lips met at once…