Chapter 592

Chapter 592: Squeeze In and Sleep Together?

“Splash!” A trickling brooklet directly doused Crown Prince Mo .

Currently, a glossy stream of water was entwined around Qiao Mu’s small fingers, glistening as it flowed forth endlessly between her fingertips .

The Crown Prince Mo that was so unearthly handsome was currently gazing in bewilderment at her while sporting a drenched head of long hair . This appearance…

Qiao Mu couldn’t resist giggling before breaking out in uproarious laughter .

Mo Lian gazed at her dazedly for a while before suddenly hugging her tightly and exclaiming emotionally, “Qiaoqiao, Qiaoqiao, you’re laughing, Qiaoqiao . ”

Look at this dummy, did her laughter merit making him so happy that he wished for nothing more than to fly into the air with her?

Qiao Mu extended a pair of small paws and caressed his dripping face, a faint tenderness flashing past her large eyes . “You’re all soaked . Hurry and go bathe . ”

“Okay, then you go turn in earlier . You don’t need to worry about the palace banquet tomorrow evening . I’ll be going with you . ” Crown Prince Mo nuzzled the little fellow’s forehead .

Qiao Mu humphed . “I’m not worried one bit . It’s other people that need to worry . If anyone who’s blind dares to provoke me, hmph!”

“I’ll help you beat them back . ” Crown Prince Mo immediately concurred without caring for his principles .

At his words, Qiao Mu pursed up her small mouth that looked just like a water ripple, and her eyes were filled with a resplendent light . She then jabbed his chest with her finger . “I’ll beat them myself . ”

“Yes yes yes, you’ll beat them yourself, you’ll do it yourself . My Qiaoqiao is so formidable that she definitely won’t suffer a loss . ” Crown Prince Mo flicked his sleeves, and a formless fire vaporized the water stains on his body .

He carried her to the bed and held her small hand as he asked, “That just now was?”

“It’s the power of the essence water that I assimilated . ” Qiao Mu tilted her small head and looked at him . “It’s just that, it’s probably because my cultivation isn’t there yet that I can only manipulate such a small stream normally . ”

“You’re doing very good already . ” The crown prince’s eyes smiled as he rubbed her head with his palm . “Even though you haven’t yet broken through to the spiritual realm, you’re already in control of the most powerful water spirit, the sacred spirit of water which can completely crush all spiritual water grade-nine and below . Wait until you break through to the spiritual realm, then you’ll naturally be able to use it effortlessly . ”

“Nine grades of spiritual water?” Qiao Mu had never heard of this before and was filled with curiosity .

“Right, nine grades of spiritual water . When breaking through the level-15 great mystic cultivator barrier, as long as one can sense one of the five spirits, they’ll be able to enter the spiritual realm . ”

The crown prince explained, “However, normal mystic cultivators can only sense the five spirits first five grades . Those that can sense grade-six spiritual fire, spiritual water and above are all excessively gifted in spiritual realm cultivation . What you’ve sensed… has exceeded the nine grades of spiritual water . ”

“I didn’t sense anything . I just assimilated the essence water, and then I was able to control the water . ” The little fellow’s assertion caused a certain crown prince to secretly twitch his mouth .

“Yes yes yes, my Qiaoqiao is very amazing . ” The crown prince pressed her down and grinned as he tucked her in . He leaned over and kissed her forehead lightly . “Sleep now . ”

“Where are you sleeping?” Qiao Mu suddenly asked this .

“Are you keeping me here?” The crown prince was startled before a mischievous smile promptly surfaced on his lips . “The bed’s quite large, so it’s also fine if we squeeze in and sleep together . ”

Pretend that I said nothing! Darling Qiao pulled the comforter over her small head, and her entire body shrunk into it, as if she had enswathed herself in a cocoon .

The man let out a low chuckle and stretched out his hands to help her with the comforter, insisting on digging her small head out from inside her cocoon . “Alright, alright . Hurry and sleep . Be obedient and don’t suffocate yourself, okay?”

After a kiss landed on her small face with a “chuu,” the little one rolled over to the other side .