Chapter 724

Chapter 724: Just That Capricious

Qiao Mu had intentionally tossed a handful of poison powder into the snake beauty’s face in order to prevent the snake beauty from following after her .

She made sure to take precautions against the snake beauty taking undeserving advantage of her .

After all, Qiao Mu’s thoughts were: You must be joking . Was it so easy for other people to sit idle and enjoy the fruits of this darling’s labor?

It was better for each person to scout their own path!

I scout mine, and you scout yours . Want to follow in my footsteps? No way and no window!

Meanwhile, the snake beauty couldn’t make heads or tails of it .  Why did she originally think that this scheming child was interesting and adorable?

How blind were her eyes at that time!

The snake beauty pursed her lips and strode ahead without saying anything .

The two people were rather far apart at the beginning, but gradually, Qiao Mu discovered that the snake beauty was slithering towards her .

Yes, she was slithering!

Those supple, pinkish-white legs, as if boneless, were sliding extremely rapidly along the ground .

Qiao Mu just stopped and turned to watch her .

She discovered that there was a thin layer of snake scales coating the snake beauty’s bare legs .

Upon closer observation, those snake scales did not touch the ground directly but rather maintained a half-inch distance away from the ground .

So the snake beauty was a demonic cultivator that had fused with a type of evil snake beast .

Qiao Mu grumbled in her mind that she had been deceived by this fellow . It turned out that she could pass through this crater region so effortlessly .

Yet she pretended to be delicate earlier .  Humph!

Seeing the snake beauty slithering towards her, unhindered, Qiao Mu looked her up and down in slight puzzlement .

She understood very well how effective her poison was .

Let alone an insignificant demonic cultivator, even if a powerful mystic cultivator were to breathe in this supreme coldness poison powder, it was more than enough to teach the snake beauty a good lesson .

Yet why did the snake beauty seem totally unaffected after only such a short period of time?

This body of hers was too strange . It actually had such great self-healing capabilities?

“Is Little Miss very curious about my body?” The snake beauty suddenly smiled at her .

Immediately, she opened her mouth wide, and an aromatic poison fog sprayed outwards .

She completely controlled this venom intrinsic to the evil beast she had fused with, the fire stag dark-fanged snake .

Right now, she automatically upgraded it to become a poison fog, which caught people off guard and was capable of knocking out most people with a single sniff .

Tsk, darn lass, you scattered a handful of poison powder at me, so I’m spraying you with a mouthful of poison fog . We’re even now!

The snake beauty smiled wickedly at Qiao Mu and stretched out her supple arms, intending to catch Qiao Mu’s fall…

Swish .

However, a silver needle dipped in poison shot towards the snake beauty’s eyes at close range .

In her shock, the snake beauty hastily bent over her delicate and exquisite waist . Her entire body was practically lying against the muddy ground as she dodged the silver needle that skirted the space above her nose .

No sooner said than done, Qiao Mu had already summoned out her club from her conscious and thunderously struck it downwards .

Bang! A pair of shortswords appeared above the snake beauty’s head, crossing each other in a block .

They barely blocked this violent strike of Qiao Mu’s, and the snake beauty’s body sunk into the pit .

Qiao Mu flew up and bombarded her with three heavy, continuous strikes, just like driving piles into the ground with a clang, clang, clang . This ended up driving the snake beauty’s body halfway into the pit…

The snake beauty glowered at her angrily . “Little fellow, you didn’t kill me with your poison powder earlier, and this time around you also neutralized my poison fog . We’re considered even now . Do you have to go so far as to bury me to my death in this pit?”

How would Qiao Mu respond to her? She just continued to persistently hit the snake beauty into the pit with a clang, clang, clang, bang, bang, bang .

If not for the fact that her situation was rather precarious, the snake beauty really felt like laughing .