My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 996

Chapter 996: Enshrouding Mist

The dictum talismans whisked past like three streaks of light before abruptly landing on Priest Dayu’s body .

This dictum talisman was able to make people with cultivation lower than hers honestly tell the truth .

Although Priest Dayu’s cultivation in itself was higher than hers, she had brutally beaten him into a crippled state, as well as practically pounded his conscious into pieces .

His present cultivation had been tragically demolished, so technically, dictum talismans should be effective .

However, in consideration that he had previously achieved breaking through to the spiritual realm, she generously flung three dictum talismans onto him . At least one was bound to be effective, right .

Nearly three minutes later, a glimmer suddenly flitted across the old Daoist’s glabella .

The talismans took effect!

Qiao Mu released a sigh of relief, but the vines that she had drawn out didn’t slacken one bit .

She had always been a cautious person . Even if it seemed as though she had the complete upper hand right now, she wouldn’t lower her guard at all .

“Were you the one who gifted Wen Ruwan the meridian pill?”

“Yes . ” The old Daoist answered honestly with a slightly blank gaze .

“When did you gift it to her? When!”

“Eight years ago . ”

“Why did you do that?” Qiao Mu’s fists clenched together tightly as fury rampaged through her heart .

It was as if something desired to ignite in the depths of her heart and burn up her inarticulate train of thought…

She, seemed to have sniffed out the air of a dreadful conspiracy .

Could it be, the entire reason Wen Ruwan approached her father purposefully in this life and the past one, was that she was acting on somebody’s instigation?


“Why did you do that?? It’s you! Who deliberately had Wen Ruwan approach our Qiao Family?” By this point, Qiao Mu’s breathing had become labored .

“Correct! But this old man was actually entrusted by someone to do that . ”

Qiao Mu’s pupils contracted slightly, and she stepped forward to roughly grab the old Daoist’s chest . “Say it! Tell me clearly! Entrusted by whom? Who, who was the one who entrusted you to do that?? Who exactly are you?!”

The wicked Daoist was a bit wooden, seemingly unable to process so many questions at once .

“Who exactly are you?” Rage quickly ignited in Qiao Mu’s eyes .

“I am Shuntian Prefecture’s assistant manager . ”

A bolt from the blue! Could it be that the tragedies in her previous life weren’t coincidences?

Qiao Mu’s heart trembled as she gave an inexplicable shudder .

Could it be that all the tragedies in her previous life, all the miseries that her whole family suffered, were due to someone manipulating the situation from afar??

But she had forcefully reversed the trajectory in this life .

Because Wen Ruwan had long died many years ago, so it was impossible for her to harm their entire family again .

That’s why this Priest Dayu truly couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to personally dispose of her .

But why!!

Their Qiao Family had originally been leading honest lives in Qiaotou Village . They didn’t provoke or offend anyone, so why did these people start scheming against them from seven to eight years ago?

“Who prompted you to do so? Quickly say it! Who had you scheme against our Qiao Family?”

“It’s our Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord who appointed me to come to the Lower Star Domain and use whatever means necessary to make your lives miserable . It was best if your entire family became useless people . ”

In other words, Shuntian Prefecture had actually started targeting her family when she was seven?

“I had originally thought that you were but just a small village girl . Wen Ruwan naturally obeyed my orders after receiving my benefits . With her schemes and methods, a casual plot would be able to plunge your entire family into an abyss of misery henceforth . ” The Daoist replied honestly, “Yet I didn’t expect…”

That things would completely veer out of his control .