My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 14

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“Pak!” The CEO of Huayi Entertainment slapped his guard . “Let me enjoy myself? Are you trying to kill me? How many heads do I have to offend the Zhou family, how much money do I have to… compete with the Lu family . ”

The CEO of Huayi Entertainment looked at the room door that was tightly shut and cold sweat covered his forehead . Lu Shaoming, I never thought that the man earlier was really the legendary Young Master Lu!

Lu Shaoming simply said, “The woman that you are looking for is in my room . ” It revealed two things . First, he and Ning Qing had an ambiguous relationship . Second, she’s in my room . Go in if you dare .

How did Ning Qing know Lu Shaoming?

The CEO of Huayi Entertainment made it apparent that he had no guts . He wiped away his sweat and clenched his teeth . “Let’s go!”

The next morning, the sunlight shined through the curtain on Ning Qing’s eyes . Her long wing-like eyelashes fanned and she slowly opened her eyes .

She looked at the chandelier above her . She was confused for a moment . Where am I?

She closed her eyes and tried very hard to recall what happened the night before . The CEO of Huayi Entertainment threw her into the room and she escaped to the next room . Then, she got into the washroom and kissed…

“Ah!” Ning Qing screamed and suddenly sat up .

She looked at the clothes she was wearing . She didn’t change . She was still wearing the same outfit as yesterday . She got off the bed and jumped . She didn’t feel any different and she hadn’t been touched .

Ning Qing let out a breath of relief and touched her face . Her face was burning hot .

She really wanted to slap herself . Even though she was irritated by Xu Junxi and had too much to drink, she shouldn’t have let herself loose, she shouldn’t have done that with…

There was a blurry face that appeared in her mind . She, who was incredibly drunk the night before, couldn’t really recall the man’s appearance, but she remembered clearly that the man was very good looking . He was the most good looking man she had ever seen .

Her face could still feel the warmth of the man’s hand, and she could still hear his gentle voice reverberate in her ears . She touched her lips and she was so embarrassed . How could she be so shameless and do that with a stranger?

Luckily, he didn’t touch her . He must be a gentleman .

She shook her head and pushed the incident aside . Ning Qing walked to the window barefooted . She pulled open the curtains and looked at the beautiful scenery outside and basked in the brilliant sunlight . She spread her arms and took a deep breath . She exhaled and thought to herself, It’s a brand new day .

It was an accident last night . She let loose once . She got depressed once . She had to face the future positively .

Tomorrow will be better, Ning Qing! Keep fighting!

Ning Qing lifted the corners of her lips and smiled . She turned around and walked towards the door .

As she was about to exit, she suddenly saw that there was a man’s watch at the bedside table . She walked over and took the watch in her hand .

She had seen many expensive things when she was the young lady of the Ning family . Although she didn’t know the brand of the watch, she could tell that it was priceless .

She recalled the tall brawny figure that was walking at the forefront of a crowd of people . She guessed that he forgot and left it at the bedside table .

She put the watch in her bag and thought, When I get to the hotel lobby, I shall pass this to the manager .

When she made it to the hotel lobby, the manager wasn’t there and the receptionist apologized . “Miss, the client didn’t leave us any contact number . We can’t contact him . This watch looks very expensive so we can’t take care of it on your behalf . How about this, leave your phone number with us . If the lost owner were to come back to look for it, we will tell him to contact you . ”

The receptionist was merely taking care of the situation according to her SOP . Ning Qing had no choice but to keep the watch and give out her phone number . “Then, I will take care of it for now . When he comes to look for it, please tell him to call me . ”

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