My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 24

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Just as she turned around, a black umbrella suddenly covered her . Then, Kong Yang’s handsome face greeted her . He smiled and said, “Ning Qing, Aunt Ning saw that the sky grew dark and it’s raining but you have yet to return . She’s worried so she sent me here to pick you up . ”

Ning Qing didn’t hesitate, “Alright, let’s go . ”

She took a step and she heard Xu Junxi clenched his teeth and spat, “Ning Qing, well done!”

Her small wrist was suddenly pulled upon .

Ning Qing turned around and she saw Xu Junxi’s handsome face was covered with water beads . He glared at her with a ferocious gaze as though he was a restrained beast who would leap at her and tear her into pieces the moment he was unleashed .

“Ning Qing, I belittled you . You even found your next one already? Did you set this up today and wait for me to break up with you so you could call off the engagement? Ning Qing, I’m very disgusted with you!”

Ning Qing didn’t react . She lifted her hand and tuck a strand of wet hair behind her ear . She said in a calm and elegant voice, “Xu Junxi, as I disgust you, please let go of my hand . ”

Not only did Xu Junxi not let go, he gripped her wrist even tighter . His strong force nearly broke her wrist, “Ning Qing, you are ridiculous . What’s the difference between you and a prostitute? You are all sl*ts!”

Ning Qing felt a warm liquid welling up her eyes . Only she knew how much effort she had devoted in order not to sell her body in the entertainment circle .

How could he say that to her?

Just as Ning Qing was going to fight back, there was a hand over her shoulder . Kong Yang said angrily, “Mister, it is a civilized society . Please watch your mouth . And, she told you to let go of her . Did you not hear? If you don’t, I shall call the police . ”

“Call the police?” Xu Junxi sneered and glared at Kong Yang’s white shirt and jeans in disdain, “Who are you to cut in when we are talking? Do you want to sleep with her? Do you know how expensive she is? Can you afford her?”


“Pak!” Xu Junxi felt his face aching . It turned out that Ning Qing slapped him .

Xu Junxi looked to his side . He didn’t know where did the scream came from or who held his arm . He only knew that he was confused . He turned and looked at Ning Qing with his bloodshot eyes and he wanted to strangle her to death .

But when his gaze met Ning Qing’s, he stiffened as the girl opposite him had a red nose…

She cried!

Ning Qing seized the moment as Xu Junxi was stunned and she flung his hand away . Before she left, she said softly, “Xu Junxi, I’d rather I never knew you . ”

“Ning Qing…” Xu Junxi felt that he was possessed . He instinctually took a huge stride forward and pulled her wrist again . There was panic that flashed in his eyes, “No… Don’t…”

His “don’t go” was cut off by Kong Yang . Kong Yang pushed him and said, “Why are you so clingy? No matter who you were to Ning Qing back then, you are nothing to her now . ”

When Xu Junxi heard “nothing to her”, he felt a sharp pain in his heart . He pulled Ning Qing and wanted to pull her into his embrace . He turned to stare at Kong Yang, “I’m warning you . Don’t you dare get involved between us . Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being nice . ”

Kong Yang was young and aggressive . On top of that, he can’t control himself in front of the person he liked, “Come on!” Then, he and Xu Junxi started pulling and pushing one another . They looked like they were going to fight .

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