My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 31

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She could felt that his hand was moving towards her and Ning Qing slapped his hand away as though she were struck by lightning .

The man’s body stiffened .

Ning Qing was still panting . Human senses were especially sensitive in the dark . Plus, she was still sitting on his thighs in such an ambiguous position .

A few seconds later, she felt that there was a hand supporting her and his palm was huge . It was effortless for him to support her . Their skin contact was like an electric current .

“Don’t…” Ning Qing looked sideways and looked at him, her hand pushed her chest .

At that moment in time, there was only light shining in through the window but the room was dark . Her beautiful eyes and his black pupils were bright and clear . They were looking at each other quietly .

Looking at the girl frightened and high alert, Lu Shaoming laughed lightly . He spoke with his magnetic voice lazily, “What are you thinking about? If you’re not willing to show me your hand, shouldn’t you stand up? Or do you still want to sit on my lap?”

Ning Qing suddenly stood up and she felt too ashamed to even show her face .

He supported her for her to stand up but she thought…

How many times did she overthink that night? How many times?!

And, if she really wanted to do something to her earlier, shouldn’t she slap him? Even if it was just a misunderstanding, it would have been fine after she apologized .

Why was she so awkward and only said: “don’t” . Great then, he probably thought she was playing hard to get and wanted to sit on his lap .

Ning Qing, where’s your composure?

Why are you so nervous?

Just as Ning Qing was dying to dig a hole to escape, the dark room suddenly lit up again .

Ning Qing didn’t even have the courage to look at him . She turned around in embarrassment and pouted, “I… I shall cook the noodles . We can eat soon . ”

There were two bowls of noodle on the table . The noodles smelled good and looked delicious . There was a golden sunny side up egg on top of the noodles . It looked like a sumptuous bowl of noodles .

Ning Qing passed a pair of chopsticks to Lu Shaoming . He sat on the long bench while she sat by the side of the bed as they ate their noodles with zero interaction .

The man ate the bowl of noodles with full concentration . He looked very elegant . In the corner of Ning Qing’s eyes, she noticed his hand holding a pair of chopsticks . His hand was slender and beautiful while his fingernails were round and full .

Ning Qing chewed her noodles in a refined manner in order not to feel awkward again . She ate her noodle according to his speed . When he was done, she put down her chopsticks too .

She pulled a piece of tissue from the tissue box and passed it to him . She then ran to the clothes rack and removed his suit . She touched the sleeves and said, “Your suit is dry, you can put it on now . ”

“Mm,” Lu Shaoming walked over to take his suit but he didn’t put it on . He hung his suit leisurely on his forearm . He then looked at her and smiled, “Thank you for your hospitality . See you again . ”

Lu Shaoming opened the room door and walked out .

As Ning Qing watched his handsome back leave her sight, she remembered that she didn’t have his name . She closed the door and ran to her desk . As she was in a hurry, her knee hit the corner of the table and it hurt .

But, she had no time to check her knee . She pulled open her curtain and looked down . The slender and handsome shadow already reached the Cayenne .

“Hey…” She could only shout out a single syllable, and the man opened the door and got in the car . Then, the Cayenne disappeared .

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