My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 43

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Ning Qing turned her head and avoided his kiss . His breath was burning against her cheeks .

“You’re not willing to? Don’t worry . You’ll be begging me to satisfy you later . You’re just a flighty b*tch,” He cursed .

Suddenly, he felt something sharp against his waist, with a slight cold sensation .

Xu Junxi sat straight and looked . Ning Qing held a small knife that she kept for self-defense . The sharp tip of the blade was already against his abdomen .

“Ning Qing, you kept a knife on you? What are you trying to do?” Xu Junxi opened his eyes and stared . Why would a girl hide a knife on her? Did she know that it’s dangerous as she might hurt herself?

Ning Qing pushed the sharp blade on his abdomen and Xu Junxi retreated . Ning Qing shook off his control as she wished and she left the bed .

She kept the knife calmly and flashed a smile at the man, “Oh, I hide the knife for self-protection against perverts . There are many men out there who want to rape me, like you . I have to protect myself . ”

Xu Junxi was dumbfounded .

Ning Qing stole a glance at his slacks and she crossed her arms . She chuckled and said, “Is the price to sleep with me for half an hour at one million a high price? It seems like CEO Xu doesn’t know my market . There was once a billionaire who invited me to his private party, I was in a bikini and he offered two million for ten minutes . There was a rich second gen who was after me . He gave me the same Lamborghini that you’re driving right now as a present . There was also this one time where someone offered me five million to serve him by putting my head down . Tsk tsk . CEO Xu how can you afford me at this price?”

Xu Junxi looked even more at a loss . Ning Qing laughed even more happily, “CEO Xu, how could you be smart your whole life but so dumb now? Everyone could see this but you’re so blinded . If I were to really sell myself, would I still need you? If I really have so many men around me, why have I been leading such a tough life for the past three years? Now, I even have to beg you for my mother’s medical fees…”

Then, Ning Qing lifted her head . Her eyes were welled up with tears and she suddenly lost her interest in forcing a smile . She shook her head and muttered to herself, “Forget it . What’s the point? There’s no use talking to a beast . ”

Ning Qing turned and opened the door to the room . She then walked out .

She met Xiao Zhou when she walked at the corridor . Xiao Zhou ran over in a hurry, “Ning Qing, where did you go? In the over ten minutes you were gone, Xu Junxi’s secretary voted on his behalf . The female lead role for Pretty Woman was taken away by Ning Yao . ”

Ning Qing nodded . She was very calm then . If it was not mistaken, Xu Junxi held the casting for Pretty Woman for Ning Yao .

She was quite the dumbass for still coming to fight for the female lead role .

Just now before Xu Junxi entered the room, he should have told his secretary to vote on his behalf . The half an hour deal wasn’t a lie . He would give her one million if she were to sell her body .

“Xiao Zhou, let’s go,” Ning Qing led Xiao Zhou to the main entrance . Heaven never bars one’s way . She could get one million by other means .

Her phone rang after she took a few steps forward . It was Xu Junxi .

She answered the call but she didn’t speak .

“Hey, Ning Qing… If you really wanted a million, come to my office tonight and I will give it to you . ”

Ning Qing hung up the phone expressionlessly . She really wanted to spit, Xu Junxi, take your filthy money with you and f*ck off .

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