My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 886

Chapter 886: 886

Chapter 886: This Time, Let Me Accompany You

Ye Xiaotao and Leng Zhiyuan looked at one another . Both of them had long covered their mouths as they laughed . They could make fun of Leng Hao . Both of them felt that it was pretty fun .

Leng Hao stepped forward as he wanted to pull Ye Xiaotao away . Ye Xiaotao screamed out loud, “Ah!” She quickly ducked behind Leng Zhiyuan as she said, “Older Sister Leng, save me . ”

“Older Brother!” Leng Zhiyuan blockced Leng Hao’s hand .

“Zhiyuan, move away!”

Today, he had to teach this girl a proper lesson .

“Older Brother . ” The hand that Leng Hao stretched out was blocked by Zhou Yao . Zhou Yao was standing tall and upright as he stood in front of the two women . He said, “Forget it; they are only joking around . Don’t take it seriously . ”

“That’s right . You have such a bad temper . You will get old quickly! When we go out now, others are saying that you are my father . In the future, others will probably say that you are my grandpa,” Ye Xiaotao boldly retorted .

“You!” Leng Hao clenched his teeth .

At this moment, Old Master Zhou, Master Zhou, and Madam Zhou were all here . Everyone laughed and said, “Older Brother Leng, it is merely just a joke . Young Lady Xiao Tao is so cheeky and lively . Your life should not be boring at all with such a young wife around . It is your luck . ”

“That’s right, that’s right!” Ye Xiaotao patted her small chest as she said, “An old husband with a young wife . You must have saved the entire galaxy during your past life to be able to marry me . ”

Leng Hao’s expressions were grim . He could not explode in front of so many people, and he could only secretly glare at Ye Xiaotao, meaning — Wait till we go back to see how I will teach you a lesson!

“Older Brother, it is time for lunch now . Let’s go and eat . It is such a rare opportunity for both of our families to gather with one another . We have to party properly,” Zhou Yao said with a smile on his face .

“Okay . ” Leng Hao stepped forward to place his hand on Zhou Yao’s shoulders .

Happy times were always very short . In the blink of an eye, the day was gone . It was nighttime, and Leng Hao drove Ye Xiaotao back home .

They bid goodnight to Old Master Zhou, Master Zhou, and Madam Zhou . Zhou Yao and Leng Zhiyuan walked inside the room .

“Zhou Yao, go and take a shower . ” Leng Zhiyuan walked over to the side of the closet and helped him get his pyjamas .

At this moment, two muscular arms came over to pin her soft waist . Zhou Yao embraced her firmly from behind . He lowered his gaze to sniff the fragrance in her long hair as he called out for her gently . “Wifey . ”

Leng Zhiyuan softened her body to allow him to hug her . She curled the corners of her lips up as she responded with a smile, “Yeah?”

“I really want to be together with you like this for a long time…”

Leng Zhiyuan’s nose turned sour . Although she felt very happy today, everyone knew that there was not much time left for him, and even Older Brother came over to send him on his last journey .

“Me too . ” She turned her head around and kissed his firm handsome face .

Zhou Yao used strength as he kissed her red lips twice, then he opened his eyes as he said, “Wifey, get out . ”

Get out…

Every time he had an attack, he would always say the same thing to her .

In the past two days, he was fine and did not show any trace of having an attack, but right now, he was having one again . It seemed that Han Xuan was right . He was going to reach his final point either today or tomorrow .

Maybe he would die in this attack .

“Zhou Yao, are you…again…” Leng Zhiyuan’s irises contracted because she saw two streams of thick blood flow down from Zhou Yao’s nostrils .

She stretched her hand out immediately to help him to wipe it away .

But Zhou Yao let go of her quickly and took a step back . He stretched his hand out to wipe his nostrils . He lowered his gaze to hurry her . “Go out quickly . ”

Leng Zhiyuan had a glance at him before she turned around and walked over to the door .

Zhou Yao did not turn his head back to look, but he heard the door opening and closing again . She left .

His brain was raining with a sharp cry . His gaze went black . Ding . He was already kneeling down on the floor with his kneecaps . He placed one hand on his head and the other hand on the floor for support, and he knitted his eyebrows tightly .

Pain .

He was in so much pain .

It was unbearable .

His right hand that was placed on his head was taken away, and he used two hands to support himself as he panted for huge breaths of air .

At this moment, the sound of footsteps rang out in the air . A small, soft hand landed on his short hair as she said, “Zhou Yao, this time, let me accompany you . ”

Zhou Yao raised his head up quickly and had a clear look at Leng Zhiyuan’s small face . He froze as he said, “Why have you not left yet? Get out quickly!”

Leng Zhiyuan looked at him and firmly shook her head .

“You are not going? I will go!” Zhou Yao stood up and parted his long legs as he rushed towards the door .

“Zhou Yao!” Leng Zhiyuan hugged him tight from behind and did not allow him to leave . She placed her face against his handsome back, and she nudged him lovingly as she said, “Don’t chase me away, okay? Let me be together with you… I do not dare to leave . I am afraid… I am afraid the moment I leave, I would not be able to see you anymore…”

Zhou Yao’s eyes were red, and it was just as if there were ants climbing inside his blood . This kind of feeling was even worse than quitting drugs . The green veins on his arms all popped up . He grabbed her hands as he clenched down on his teeth and said, “Quickly go away! I am unable to control myself . I will hurt you…”

He shook her hand away and dashed forward .

“Zhou Yao!” Leng Zhiyuan stretched her hand out quickly to grab his shoulders .

But the man’s speed was even quicker . He bent over and ducked away from her hand before he took a few steps backwards . He crashed against the cabinet, and he could no longer control himself anymore . He scratched his own body .

“Don’t scratch!” Leng Zhiyuan dashed forward to hug him as she said, “Zhou Yao, I am begging you not to scratch yourself anymore . Your body is covered in wounds . The doctor said that you cannot scratch yourself anymore . I am begging you now…”

“Go away!” Zhou Yao had already lost his senses right now . His eyes were all red as he glared at the woman in front of him . He saw her as his enemy . It was her, it was her that made him feel uncomfortable . When he scratched himself, he would feel a little better, and it was only by doing this that he would feel a little better…

Leng Zhiyuan shook her head, and she was unwilling to let go of her hands . She could not watch as he tortured himself .

Zhou Yao was unable to break away from her . His eyes got even redder . The blood vessels on his forehead were all popping, and he stretched his hand out directly . Slap! He gave Leng Zhiyuan a tight slap .

This slap made Leng Zhiyuan see black before her eyes . There was a bloody sweetness in her mouth, and blood flowed out of the corners of her lips .

He used all of his strength to hit her . She hugged his arms before she let go, “Get lost!” He took the chance to kick her stomach .

Leng Zhiyuan was attacked in the stomach, and she was kicked directly onto the floor .

He’d never hit her before . The man was always gentlemanly, and he never would look up to the woman’s skills, so even if he attacked her before, he had not used such a huge amount of strength .

Leng Zhiyuan wanted to get up, but her stomach hurt . She stretched her hand out to touch her stomach, and she spat out a mouthful of blood immediately .

The man’s deep and painful grunt rang out in her ears again . She raised her gaze up to look over . He’d already torn the clothes that he was wearing, and he was about to scratch himself .

In the past two days, she had not seen his wounds . He did not allow her to look, and now when she looked at them, the tears in her eyes flowed . They were just like a flood that could not be stopped .

His chest, his back were full of scratches . Some already had scabs, and some had not recovered yet . They were criss crossed with one another, and they overlapped over one another . It was not good looking at all . It was very very ugly .

Leng Zhiyuan propped her body up, and she dashed towards Zhou Yao again . She hugged him extremely tight . She cried as she begged him, “Zhou Yao, don’t scratch yourself . If you are really uncomfortable, hit me then… I am your wifey . Zhou Yao, I love you . I love you…”