Chapter 270

Chapter 270 The First “Battle” With Randeng

“Are you the Sea God?” Daoist Randeng brought the boy over on a cloud . When he arrived at the backyard of the Sea God Temple, he spoke coldly . Li Changshou nodded slightly and flicked his horsetail whisk at Daoist Randeng . He said calmly, “I received the Heavenly Courts’ decree and the Jade Emperor’s conferment . I patrol the four seas and am in charge of sea affairs . Naturally, I am the Sea God . ”

There was a hint of fierceness in Daoist Randeng’s eyes . He said, “Great, Jade Emperor’s conferment . It’s no wonder that the Heavenly Courts are so arrogant . They don’t even respect my Chan School!”

When Li Changshou heard Randeng speak, he knew that the other party was an old living being . With just a few words, he had directly raised the problem to the level of the great sects . He had said that they did not follow his orders, and he had even said that they looked down on the Chan School…

Fortunately, Li Changshou was prepared . He was vigilant and jumped out of the other party’s rhythm of speech .

Li Changshou flung his horsetail whisk again and said with a frown, “Fellow Daoist, you came in a threatening manner . When you arrived at the Sea God Sect, you pointed out that I am the Sea God . Then, you directly questioned me about not respecting Chan School . How should I start explaining this? Fellow Daoist, have you ever reported your background? Can you let me know how I disrespected the Chan School?”

The boy kneeling beside Randeng immediately shouted, “Open your eyes and look! This is my master!”

Li Changshou frowned and scolded, “You unknown child! Previously, you had come to my Sea God Temple to be arrogant, despotic, and cause trouble! You even dared to say that you had received the orders of the prestigious Deputy Sect Master of Chan School to let my main body appear! Hmph, he’s clearly here to lure me out and kill me! Why? You were chased away by me, yet you are still unwilling to give up . You even pulled a demon that came out of nowhere and pretended to be a Senior Randeng of Chan School! Do you think I will believe


The boy glared at him . “You!”

Just as Daoist Randeng was about to speak, Li Changshou pointed at the boy and continued to scold him . He opened his mouth wide like a cannon!

“That’s it? You still want to pretend to be the immortal-like, noble, and amiable Deputy Sect Master of Chan School? Do you know that the Deputy Sect Master of the Burning Lamp Sect is a Connate lifeform from ancient times? Before the Heavenly Dao was completed, he had already been born . Now, the Jade Void is known for their morals! There are only a few people in the Dao Sect who can compare to the Deputy Sect Master of the Burning Lamp Sect! Look at the old Daoist priest you found . He’s just like you! He seems to be loyal and kind, but he is cunning, shameless, disrespectful, sanctimonious, and rebellious . At most, he is just a thief! He could not even imitate the Dao runes of Yuqing’s Great Dao . How dare he pretend to be the Deputy Sect Master of Chan School!?! Hehe, how ridiculous!”

Ah, that felt good…

Li Changshou’s scolding highlighted a few loopholes in the other party’s logic .

He cursed and caused Daoist Randeng’s expression to turn as gloomy as water . The child Daoist’s face was flushed red and he could not speak .

Perfected Huang Long did not know whether to laugh or cry . Master Zhao held back his laughter and pinched his thigh . The man in the backyard of the Tushita Palace laughed until he flipped over .

Speaking of which, Li Changshou had never seen Daoist Randeng before . Previously, they had crossed paths . However, the last time, it was because Randeng had deceived Perfected Huang Long, who had run over to ask him if he was plotting against the dragon race…

At that moment, he decided that the boy was up to something . By saying that Daoist Randeng was an otherworldly expert and that it was impossible for him to be like that, he could flatter him openly and indirectly criticize him . He wanted to throw out a few traps and see if the other party would take the bait . Then, he would probe and get to the bottom of the truth about Randeng .

It was indeed a wonderful plan to kill a few birds with one stone .

As for whether Daoist Randeng would attack in anger… That was the situation that Li Changshou wanted to see the most . He also wanted to ensure that his paper effigy would be the first to destroy itself .

The battle between experts could be decided with a single thought!

“Sea God, have you cursed enough?”

“Hmph! You’re pretending to be an expert of the Dao Sect . It’s good enough that I don’t fight you . How can I get enough of scolding


Li Changshou sneered and sighed in his heart .

It was indeed not easy to deal with him . Daoist Randeng was thick-skinned enough . He could not force him to attack with just a few words .

Li Changshou became even more cautious .

He heard Randeng speak again . His voice was cold . “I have cultivated for so many years . This is the first time I have been insulted like this . Since you don’t know me, I won’t blame you . Sea God, listen carefully . I’m the Deputy Sect Master of the Jade Void Palace, Randeng!” “Oh?” Li Changshou nodded and asked as usual, “What proof do you have?”

“I do have proof!”

Daoist Randeng almost spat out his saliva, but he held it in at that moment . The bronze lamp on his shoulder emitted a dazzling stream of light that dyed the sky of Anshui City into the colors of the rainbow .

Randeng questioned, “How is it?”

Li Changshou frowned and his eyes were filled with panic . He asked, “Could it be that you are really a guest of the Jade Void Palace, the old immortal in the Essence Perception Cave?”

“Hmph . ” Randeng sneered . “Could it be that my Glazed Cup…”

“I don’t believe it . ” Li Changshou shook his head . “There are countless Dharma treasures in the Primordial World . It’s normal for there to be a few similar ones . ”

Randeng cursed, “Stop being unreasonable!” “Fellow Daoist, are you feeling guilty?” Li Changshou smiled and said, “Actually, I have to say that your Dao realm is not low . Why do you have to pretend to be someone else and walk around in the Primordial World? If Senior Randeng finds out, won’t he attack you?”

“I’m Randeng!”

“Really? I don’t believe you . ”

“You!” Randeng’s eyes widened . At that moment, he really wanted to throw a glass lamp over . However, he knew that if he attacked, he would fall into the trap of the evil Daoist .

Daoist Randeng took out a few treasures in one breath . There was a string of prayer beads, a golden pagoda, and a lotus-shaped meditation cushion .

“You can be trusted!”

Li Changshou shook his head . “Are the costs of pretending to be a famous expert so high now that I’m traveling in the Primordial World? These Dharma treasures can actually be replicated . However, speaking of which, I don’t know Senior Randeng . I don’t know anything about his Dharma treasures . Fellow Daoist, if you are really that Exalted Randeng, why don’t you ask the Heavenly Dao to testify and make a Dao oath to inspect yourself?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?”

At that moment, Randeng swore to the Heavenly Dao that he was Randeng .

The power of the Heavenly Dao descended, but there was nothing unusual . When Li Changshou saw that, his expression changed . He took a few steps back in the air . His forehead was covered in sweat, and his hands were trembling . He bowed deeply .

“Aiya! I, the disciple of Ren School have offended you . I didn’t know previously that you are really the Deputy Sect Master of Chan School, Senior Randeng! I’m sorry!” Although he saw how “frightened” Li Changshou was and heard Li Changshou’s apology, Randeng was not happy at all .

Instead, he felt that…

The person whom the other party respected was only the Deputy Sect Master of Chan School, not him, Daoist Randeng . If he did not have that title, he would be nothing…

That made Randeng even more depressed . A fire was burning in his heart, but he could not scold or hit Li Changshou . He could only turn his head and glare at the child Daoist .

The child Daoist’s body went weak . He collapsed on the cloud and stopped breathing .

“Senior, please forgive me . This is the first time I’ve seen your true appearance . I really did not recognize you . Hurry, Senior, please come in!”

Li Changshou did not wait for Daoist Randeng to reply . He had already landed first .

Randeng frowned . At that moment, he realized that he was being led by the nose by the Sea God . For a moment, he could not find any reason to make things difficult for him . He could only ride the cloud and descend .

If he left just like that today, he would be embarrassed .

However, as soon as he stepped into the rear hall of the Sea God Temple, Randeng sensed a faint phenomenon . His gaze landed on the corner where Zhao Gongming and Perfected Huang Long were .

Li Changshou was rendered speechless .

Master Zhao’s hiding skills were obviously not good enough . He actually exposed himself .

At that moment, a wisp of Dao runes appeared . In the four corners of the lintel and the rear hall, faint shadows of the Yin-Yang Twin Fish chasing each other appeared . The power of the Taiji Painting?

Daoist Randeng’s expression changed . He looked at Li Changshou with even more fear .

It’s no wonder this person can deal with the Western Sect for so long . The Grand Pure One is indeed suppressing the Western Sect!

The anger in Randeng’s heart dissipated a little . He smiled at Li Changshou . When he saw that Li Changshou had raised his hand to invite him to sit on the guest seat on the left, he could not help but feel even more dissatisfied .

At that moment, the host and guest sat down . Li Changshou first served tea personally, but he was a step too late to return to his seat . It was a gift from a junior of the younger generation . It was quite different from the gift of a disciple .

Li Changshou spoke first . He pointed at the child and smiled . “Is he really your Dao child, Senior?” “That’s right . ” Randeng nodded slowly .

“He’s really smart, cute, and polite . ” Li Changshou smiled and squinted . He did not seem to be lying when he said that . “When he came to my place previously, I knew that he was a disciple of a major sect the moment I saw him . ”

Daoist Randeng squeezed out an ugly smile . “Since that’s the case, why did the Sea God reprimand Tong’er when I got him to invite you to the Jade Void Palace?”

“Senior, I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood something . ” Li Changshou took out a Shadow-Retaining Ball from his sleeve and handed it over with his immortal power . He inadvertently revealed his Immortal Power Dao runes .

Li Changshou said, “Senior, please take a look . The whole story is in there . ’

Daoist Randeng hesitated slightly . He did not crush the Shadow Sphere directly . Instead, he closed his eyes and probed the information inside .

In fact, from the moment Randeng appeared until now, every decision that he made would allow Li Changshou to have a few options in mind . The moment Randeng made his decision, Li Changshou already had a way to deal with it . In his heart, he also had the options that he had prepared for the Deputy Sect Master .

In short, Li Changshou had the upper hand in terms of logic . If he wanted to turn the tables, he could only push everything down or slap the paper effigy to death .

Unfortunately… he received a warning from the Taiji Painting .

However, Randeng was not an easy person to deal with . There were hidden meanings and traps in his words .

After a while, the two of them only said a few dozen sentences, but it was as if they had exchanged thousands of blows . Every sentence had a deeper meaning, and their laughter was filled with murderous words!

Zhao Gongming and Perfected Huang Long, who were in the corner, frowned when they heard that .

Perfected Huang Long was in a better state . He could roughly understand the intensity of the conversation between Li Changshou and Daoist Randeng

Looking at Master Zhao’s handsome face… There were clearly words like “What is this? “,”What are you saying?”, “What should I do? “,” Can’t I just roll up my sleeves and be righteous? “and so on in his mind…

Not long after, Li Changshou and Randeng began to talk about the dragon race .

Li Changshou first said, “Senior, you said that you came because of the dragon race . Could it be that there is a senior in the dragon race… who is your relative?” .

Daoist Randeng said calmly, “Of course not . I’m here for the Western Sect . ”

“Oh, so Senior has a relative in the Western Sect . ”

“It’s really a little inappropriate to call it a relative,” Daoist Randeng said calmly . “I just have a lot of friends and I owe them some favors . I’m just taking this opportunity to repay them .

Fellow Daoist, can you give some benefits to the Western Sect in the matter regarding the dragon race, on account of Chan School?”

Li Changshou blinked and smiled . “Senior, before I answer this question, I have a question to ask you . ”

“Go ahead . ”

“Senior, in the end, are you here to discuss this matter with me for the sake of returning a favor to a senior expert of the Western Sect? Or are you asking me to give in to the Western Sect as the Deputy Sect Master of Chan School?”

Daoist Randeng frowned but did not answer directly . He only said, “Fellow Daoist, are you unwilling to agree?”

“I haven’t answered . I can only give you an answer based on your opinion . ”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “I’m a disciple of the Dao Sect . If you give the order as the Deputy Sect Master of Chan School, I will naturally accept it . However, Senior, I really don’t know how to give in to the Western Sect . I have a good relationship with the dragon race . The Sea God Sect was built by the dragon race . I did not want the dragon race to be schemed against previously, so I secretly helped them many times . I was just returning some favors . I am also the Sea God of the four seas conferred by the Jade Emperor . I can’t watch the living beings of the four seas die . Therefore, I have stopped the Western Sect from killing the dragon race a few times . If Senior uses the identity of an expert in the Essence Perception Cave of the Spirit Vulture Mountain to discuss this matter with me, I really have to remind you, Senior…”

He continued, “The dragon race is an ancient race . If they submit to the Heavenly Courts, it would be beneficial to the Heavenly Courts . The Heavenly Courts were established by the three Saints of the Dao Sect . It is also the place where the Dao Ancestor had appointed the authority to control the Three Realms . Putting everything else aside, as the Deputy Sect Master of Chan School, it would be unreasonable for Senior to help the other sects to reduce the benefits of the Heavenly Courts and the Dao Sect . If you do not have the right morals, how can you behave appropriately? Senior, your decision decides your action . ”

Randeng’s eyes narrowed slightly . Suddenly, he smiled at Li Changshou and sighed . “I didn’t think through it properly previously . I’ve offended you . ” After saying that, Daoist Randeng stood up . A white cloud appeared under his feet and he casually brought the boy along . Daoist Randeng smiled and said, “I had a good chat with you today and benefited greatly . Let’s talk another day . ”

“I’ll send you off, Senior . ”

“No need . ”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless .

He ran quite quickly .

Daoist Randeng was extremely difficult to deal with .

He pointed to the edge of the word ‘treason’ and immediately apologized and took his leave . Although it indirectly showed that he was indeed guilty, he could not find any fault with him .


Could it be that the fact that Randeng joined the Chan School was a plot that happened many years ago? Is Daoist Randeng a pawn of the Western Sect? Li Changshou stood at the door of the rear hall and thought carefully for a while . After Randeng left, he threw out a mouthful of True Samadhi Flames and burned the chair that Randeng had been sitting on .

He then threw his horsetail whisk towards the ground where Randeng had just stood, dispersing the wisp of aura hidden underground

Then, the Taiji Painting on the lintel slowly appeared . A wisp of Dao runes circulated everywhere, as if it was helping Li Changshou check if there was anything wrong .

After the Taiji Painting disappeared, Li Changshou said, “Brother, Perfected One, you can come out now . ”

The water in the corner of the wall rippled and Perfected Huang Long, who had a complicated expression, slowly revealed his tracks . However, Zhao Gongming was nowhere to be seen .

Li Changshou blinked and hurriedly asked, “Where’s Senior Gongming?”

“He… is angry…” “He went to commit fraud?” “Yes!” Perfected Huang Long nodded honestly .

Li Changshou could not help but groan . He raised his hand and rubbed his forehead .