Chapter 271

Chapter 271 I Need to Fill Myself Up!


Before he arrived, his voice could already be heard . Gongming laughed loudly .

Changshou frowned and looked troubled .

In the rear hall of the Sea God Temple, Perfected Huang Long and Zhao Gongming came together . Li Changshou’s paper effigy hurriedly walked forward and asked Zhao Gongming and Perfected Huang Long about the situation…

It would not be good if Master Zhao continued to commit fraud

Moreover, Brother Gongming had tried his best to cheat the Western Sect .

The Western Sect had been secretly digging up the Dao Sect’s foundation and stirring up the Dao Sect’s fortune . It was reasonable for the big shots on their side to deal with them secretly . The Western Sect did not dare to blow up the matter . However, now, Master Zhao’s victim had changed to the Deputy Sect Master of Chan School…

As long as Randeng did not publicly express that he had left Chan School, or if the Saint of Chan School, the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning spoke and removed Randeng from his position as Deputy Sect Master, Randeng would still be a heavyweight big shot in Chan School .

Zhao Gongming could not con him then .

Therefore, when Li Changshou learned that Zhao Gongming had gone to “ambush”,”coincidentally run into him”, and “went out to greet him”, he hurriedly got Perfected Huang Long to chase after him and brought his own opinion .

Fortunately, Zhao Gongming looked happy . Perfected Huang Long looked a little awkward . Things should not have gone out of control…

Li Changshou asked carefully . Zhao Gongming told him about the details of his scam .

Zhao Gongming was an old expert conman . He was very familiar with the business!

Before Perfected Huang Long rushed over, Zhao Gongming had a similar experience as before . He lay down, cheated, and asked for a private settlement…

The only thing that surprised Li Changshou was that Zhao Gongming managed to suppress Daoist Randeng with his twenty-four Sea-Calming Divine Pearls . Before Daoist Randeng even started fighting, he was already at a disadvantage .

That was the reason that Master Zhao dared to cheat .

Li Changshou was full of praise for that . He was determined to obtain a powerful numinous treasure as soon as possible to increase his strength .

Before the Little Daoist Master of Ren School became a Golden Immortal, the Great Dao was his essence, and the world resonated with him!

If he did not have enough Dharma treasures, he could use array formations to make up for it . He could use talismans, restrictions, and powdered incapacitating agents to destroy the enemy and scatter their ashes . True flames could burn all living things, and thunder techniques could destroy evil spirits .

In theory, the amount of initiative one could gain from encountering an enemy depended on how fast one could escape . Numinous treasures and Dharma treasures were all secondary!

It was simply illogical for him to take the risk and obtain treasures to protect himself!

After the Little Daoist Master of Ren School became a Golden Immortal, the advancement of his Dao Realm got slower and slower .

He needed external objects to enrich himself!

Ahem, let’s talk about serious matters .

After Zhao Gongming sealed the universe, he lay in front of Randeng and insisted on going to the Green Touring Palace to reason things out .

Daoist Randeng frowned and immediately thought, What kind of scheme is this…

According to Zhao Gongming’s description, the frown on Randeng’s face lasted for the duration it took for an entire incense stick to burn . Clearly, he had already imagined a complete set of ‘Theory of Conspiracy’ and ‘The Primordial Scheme’ in his mind .

Fortunately, Perfected Huang Long arrived in time .

According to Li Changshou’s instructions, Perfected Huang Long secretly sent a voice transmission to Zhao Gongming .

“Senior Brother Gongming, are you coveting any treasures of this when you use this technique to deal with the Deputy Sect Master of the Burning Lamp Sect? Or do you want some of his mystical abilities?”

Zhao Gongming shook his head and replied via voice transmission, “I’m just unhappy that he’s so arrogant and sides with outsiders . I’m just creating trouble for him . I don’t want anything from him . ”

At that moment, Perfected Huang Long immediately described how impressive it was and took out the action guide that Li Changshou had given him… Zhao Gongming quickly pursed his lips and sighed in his heart .

There was no means for him to put his talent to use .

Zhao Gongming got up from the cloud that he was lying on and asked with a smile, “Uncle-Master Randeng, do you have any solution to my move?”

That was a trick that Zhao Gongming had used previously . It was quite smooth when he used

it .

Burning Lamp’s frown deepened . After meeting Zhao Gongming, he spoke for the first time .

“Fellow Daoist… what do you mean?”

“Ah, to be honest,” Zhao Gongming sighed and said, “In recent years, I’ve been searching for a way to crack this technique . For that, I’ve already visited many wise experts in the Aparagodānīya Continent . In the end, they could not find a solution . I was very disappointed . When I saw you, Uncle-Master Randeng, I knew that you’re a wise and farsighted person . You’re also praised by many experts in the Western Sect . Therefore, I used this technique to see if you can come up with a solution to crack this, Uncle-Master . From the looks of it, it is difficult . Uncle-Master, sorry for offending you . I’ll take my leave now . ”

Zhao Gongming looked regretful . He put away his Dharma treasure and rode a cloud towards the south .

Daoist Randeng finally reacted .

Although he was still confused and did not know what Zhao Gongming was up to, he immediately shouted, “Can you show that technique again? Perhaps I can think of a solution!”

Zhao Gongming stopped the cloud and turned around with a smile .

“Uncle-Master Randeng, don’t force yourself . You’ve been thinking about it for so long . It’s fine if you can’t break it . It’s not embarrassing . Many disciples of the Western Sect can’t solve it either .

Uncle-Master, if you want to understand the true essence of this technique, you have to go to the South Ocean and look for my younger brother, the Sea God!

To be honest, this technique is derived from my brother’s brilliant ideas . It is indeed very interesting!”

After saying that, Zhao Gongming cupped his hands and bade farewell . He rode a cloud and left, feeling more at ease .

Daoist Randeng was not angry . He smiled and rode the cloud away . However, the anger in his eyes flickered .

The last few sentences were purely added by Zhao Gongming . In order to support his brother, he was also secretly warning Daoist Burning Lamp .

Brother Sea God has a lot of connections . Not only is the Saint of Ren School protecting him, he is also protecting Jie School!

He also threatened Daoist Burning Lamp .

My brother has many ideas to teach you a lesson!”

After Zhao Gongming finished speaking, he raised his eyebrows at Li Changshou . The eldest disciple of the outer sect of Jie School smiled and said, “How is it? This time, I can do it freely, right? If the Deputy Sect Master of the Burning Lamp Sect wants to touch you in the future, you have to consider carefully!”

Li Changshou’s paper effigy nodded with a smile and said, “Thank you for your hard work, Brother . ” However, his main body scratched the wall in the secret chamber .

Although he would definitely not be able to get along well with Daoist Randeng because of that matter, Daoist Randeng’s impression of him should be that he was a disciple of Ren School who was a little quick-witted .

However, after what Master Zhao had done…

It would probably be difficult for him to plot against Daoist Randeng in the future .

In the Sea God Temple, Li Changshou ordered someone to set up a banquet and had a few drinks with Zhao Gongming and Perfected Huang Long . The host and guests were happy .

In the Jade Void Palace, Daoist Randeng returned to the hall where he cultivated . He ordered the boy to guard the hall . The hall was enveloped by a huge array . He did not know what the old Daoist priest had done inside…

After that, Li Changshou made a simple conclusion and focused on analyzing the role that the Deputy Sect Master of Chan School, Randeng, could play . In general, the other party was still a big shot of the Dao Sect .

According to the information he had obtained from Zhao Gongming and Perfected Huang Long while drinking, it was confirmed that Daoist Randeng and Guang Chengzi did not get along The internal harmony of Chan School was not as good as that of Jie School .

The disciples whom the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning loved the most were actually the South Pole Immortal and Guang Chengzi . They were the only two disciples who could enter the “Three Friends Courtyard” at any time to worship the Saint . Although Randeng was the Deputy Sect Master, only a portion of the disciples who were close to him listened to his orders . Most of the others were just there to deal with him . His authority was far inferior to Guang Chengzi .

However, in name, Randeng could still give orders to Guang Chengzi . That made Guang Chengzi unhappy…

Of course, Li Changshou did not want to take the initiative to deal with Randeng .

He tried to understand all that because he wanted to deal with the troubles that might arise in the future .

Apart from Master Zhao’s “sudden self-initiative”, he was also in control this time .

When it came to scheming, Li Changshou had already made those preparations when the Saint had given him the mission of ‘supporting the dragon to enter heaven’ .

He had put in so much effort today for the sake of peace in the future .

Let’s work hard and put in immortal power!

Li Changshou focused . After sending Zhao Gongming and Perfected Huang Long off, his mind returned to his main body .

He focused on consolidating his realm and observing the situation in the four seas .

At the same time, Li Changshou made a list and wrote down all the treasures that he could think of and possibly obtain .

“Discuss: How can I not get involved with karma while making my life more fulfilling?”

Speaking of treasures, the strongest numinous treasure in Li Changshou’s hand was the Acacia Tree that was sitting safely in the underground paper effigy vault of Anshui City . It was a Postnatal Merit Numinous treasure . Although its grade was high, it could not be used in battle .

He could not get a group of paper effigies to secretly stab those powerful enemies with the branches of the Acacia Tree while he was fighting Although that would be effective, the Acacia Tree would probably become bald after one battle…

Even though Li Changshou had become a Golden Immortal, he did not dare to plot against a first-stage Connate numinous treasure . Since ancient times, Connate treasures were almost all taken .

Now, his target was the Postnatal Merit Numinous treasure and the Postnatal Merit Treasure .

Such a Merit Numinous treasure and a Merit Treasure could not be refined simply by injecting incense merit . It had to be treasures that had participated in the major events of the world, endured the power of the Heavenly Dao, and been nourished by the Heavenly Dao . Only then could it be called a Postnatal Merit Treasure .

The way the Heavenly Courts nurtured the Acacia Tree was actually rather wasteful .

After all, the members of the Heavenly Courts were the spokespersons of the Heavenly Dao . Having the Jade Emperor was equivalent to having a Merit Ore at home . He could not imitate him…

Li Changshou deduced carefully . According to the rumors that he had heard in his previous life and in this life, he had sorted out quite a number of top-grade Postnatal treasures .

The Postnatal treasure was the most valuable treasure of the human path, the first of the three-piece-set that belonged to Emperor Xuan Yuan— the Kongtong Seal .

That treasure was refined by a mighty figure of Chan School . It was a human emperor’s artifact . It was said that its power was not inferior to Guang Chengzi’s signature Dharma treasure, the Heavenly Seal .

However, the main purpose of the Kongtong Seal was to suppress the destiny of the human race . It involved too much karma .

Li Changshou pondered for a while and removed all the treasures that were related to karma in the dense form . For example, the Nine Cauldrons of Great Yu, the Mountain-Splitting Axe, the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron, the Fuxi Eight Trigrams Plate, the Fire Human Drill Wood Spur… and so on .

After that, Li Changshou crossed out another batch of treasures in the list that clearly had an owner .

For example, the Heaven-Splitting Bead, Earth-Repelling Bead, Primordial Chaos Bead, Eye-Piercing Bead, Sun-Moon Bead, Fire Dragon Bead, Soul-Consuming Banner… were all numinous treasures that belonged to others . After being busy for a few hours, Li Changshou finally removed all the treasures on the list and sat there helplessly .

“If I want a few treasures, I really have to make things difficult for others . ”

Li Changshou thought hard and picked up his brush to continuously write down a new batch of treasures . He liked them more, and the difficulty of obtaining them was relatively low . Moreover, he knew that the owner was not difficult to deal with .

Soon, Li Changshou wrote down the names of a few treasures . After thinking and deducing for a long time, he crossed out the treasures . The karma involved was great, and the risks involved were not small .

“Ah, it’s really not easy to enrich myself . ”

With a sweep of his sleeve, Li Changshou did not continue to spend any effort on that matter . After he decided to stabilize his realm, he started the plan of exchanging pills for treasures .

How could there be any opportunities that were sent to him? It was all his own schemes!

The alchemy that the Grand Supreme Elder had imparted to him had become his greatest reliance . If he could refine Spirit Pills above the sixth-grade later, he would not have to worry about not having any treasures .

Money makes the world go round…



Li Changshou suddenly thought of something . He took out a piece of cloth and began to hang his head low and write .

Li Changshou quickly perked up . His eyes lit up and he hung the cloth on the wall .

It was a pair of copper coins . They had small wings, and there was dense information written beside them .

Copper Coin Treasure!

It happened to be the evil treasure in Master Zhao’s life!

At this moment, there was a high chance that he had yet to appear and was wandering somewhere!

If he wanted to obtain that item, his paper effigy’s strength was clearly insufficient to let him do so . He had to increase the paper effigy’s strength to allow his main body to rest firmly and avoid risks!

He did not dare to say that he could make the paper effigy possess the strength of a Golden Immortal . At the very least, he could control the paper effigy and severely injure an ordinary Golden Immortal!

“Yes, let’s start upgrading the mystical abilities in advance . ”

Li Changshou took a deep breath and lowered his head to take out a pile of spirit tree paper . He began to write and draw . He engraved restrictions and used his mystical abilities .

A few days later… there was suddenly an intense spiritual energy fluctuation on the Little Qiong Peak . However, it came and went quickly . No one noticed it .

A few breaths later, a mushroom cloud rose in the north-west direction of the Immortal Du Sect . The strong spiritual energy turned into a shock wave that spread far away, causing the mountain-protecting array formation to shake .

The three Golden Immortals of the Immortal Du Sect were also alarmed . They immediately brought a few elders to investigate .

At the center of the explosion, a desolate mountain disappeared . It was replaced by a huge pit . There was a spiritual fountain at the bottom of the pit, and the earth meridians were destroyed .

At the same time, a certain paper effigy accidentally blew up . The disciple of the Immortal Du Sect, who was an unknown Essence Immortal, had already sneaked back to the vicinity of the sect . He sat in a dense forest and meditated .

Oh my god…

The Little Qiong Peak almost got destroyed!

Indeed, there was a ceiling to the mystical abilities and demonic modifications . The Heavenly Dao did not allow him to create paper effigies that were half-step Golden Immortals . According to theory, it was impossible for the paper effigies to explode .

“Forget it . The results of the experiment are accidental . Since I’m out, I’ll try a few more times . ”

Hence, in the next two months, more than twenty spiritual explosions took place within a radius of thousands of kilometers of the Immortal Du Sect . Every time, it would happen in the dead of the night . The commotion would be huge without any warning .

The number of people looking for Uncle-Master Jiu Wu to purchase the Ambition Pills increased suddenly!

Later, because of a small matter that seemed to have nothing to do with the explosion, an unknown Golden Immortal, who was eager to enrich himself, stopped his research on mystical abilities .

Jiang Lin’er and Exalted Wang Qing called Qi Yuan and his disciples . Together, they headed to the South Continent to take in disciples .