My Senior Brother is Too Steady - Chapter 451

Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Little Trump Card

Moreover, Immortal Fu Yuan had self-destructed in the Lingxiao Treasure Hall . His essence soul and immortal body were instantly reduced to ashes .

Li Changshou stood in front of the immortals obediently . He did not say a word and had a cold expression .

The hall was filled with an uneasy atmosphere .

The Jade Emperor snorted coldly . Golden light shone in his eyes as he scanned the immortals below .

Immediately, more than ten immortals twitched and fell to the ground . Wisps of black smoke dissipated from their bodies .

General Dongmu shouted, “Which demon dares to cause trouble in the Heavenly Courts!?!”

The immortals circulated their immortal powers and looked around warily .

A large number of Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals rushed up the jade stairs and surrounded the Lingxiao Treasure Hall . Their expressions were extremely solemn .

It was the first time something unusual had happened in the Lingxiao Hall .

“It’s fine,” the Jade Emperor said slowly . He slowly released the fist in his sleeve and said, “The other party has been frightened by Minister Changgeng . ”

Li Changshou bowed and did a Dao salute . Thoughts ran through his mind . He maintained his cold expression and said loudly,

“Your Majesty, Fairy Yun Hua’s family was ambushed by these demons . Yang Tianyou and his eldest son died . The incarnation of the little god is protecting Fairy Yun Hua as she returns to the Heavenly Courts . ”

The Jade Emperor frowned and slapped the jade table . He cursed, “This demon is bullying me!

Are the children of Yun Hua safe?”

“Rest assured . ” Li Changshou lowered his head and bowed with a Dao salute . He sighed and said, “I have let Your Majesty down . Please punish me!”

The Jade Emperor waved his hand gently and closed his eyes . He was speechless for a long time .

Li Changshou stood there quietly and carefully thought about the subsequent steps .

His conversation with the Jade Emperor was actually intentional . He wanted the immortals of the Heavenly Courts to think about it carefully .

He should not mention anything that he should not say .

At the same time, Li Changshou also protected Fairy Yun Hua so that the other party would not dare to attack her again .

Otherwise, the Heavenly Courts would not hesitate to fight .

Most of the immortals and gods were concerned about what Li Changshou had said to the Immortal Elder Fu Yuan when his lips parted slightly .

However, that should have been a very short sentence, but it caused the “demon” who was pretending to be Immortal Fu Yuan to self-destruct in a panic…

“That’s too much, Aunt-Master . ”

That was a warning that Li Changshou had given after careful consideration .

Why did the other party retreat?

The word ‘Aunt-Master’ that Li Changshou had thrown out directly hit the person behind him .

That did not mean that the person behind him was afraid of Li Changshou . It was purely…

He was afraid of the strongest Saint behind Li Changshou .

Of course, “fear” was only one of the reasons . The other reason was probably…

The Saint had personally taken action, but he had been seen through by the disciple of the other party . If Li Changshou was not just guessing, but had already grasped traces of his identity, it would give the Dao Sect and the Heavenly Courts a chance to cause trouble .

Therefore, he hurriedly destroyed himself and left the simple scheme .

Before the Immortal Elder Fu Yuan self-destructed, Li Changshou was only 70% confident that a Saint would go into battle . However, Li Changshou could not determine which Saint had done it .

At that moment, the tragic state of Fu Yuan gave Li Changshou a clear answer . The person who schemed against Fairy Yun Hua and Yang Tianyou was a certain Sixth Saint of the Western Sect who did not want to expose his name!

Firstly, from the results, the Western Sect would benefit in the end .

Li Changshou knew the trajectory of Yang Jian’s growth . Next, Yang Jian would most likely join Chan School and cultivate the Eight-Nine Arcane Art . He would become an expert in a short period of time and cause chaos in the Heavenly Courts and split the Peach Mountain .

That matter seemed to be Yang Jian’s ‘personal story’, but it worsened the conflict between Chan School and the Heavenly Courts .

At the end of the day, the Saint of the Western Sect was still playing tricks . “Postulate the crisis of Chan School, sow discord between the Dao Sects, weaken the power and prestige of the Heavenly Courts, and lay down a foundation for us to join forces with Chan School to fight against Jie School in the future . ”

Secondly, it was the special nature of the Heavenly Courts .

The Heavenly Courts concerned the operation of the Heavenly Dao . Although Immortal Elder Fu Yuan was not in an important position, he was still a legitimate god of the Heavenly Courts . He was not someone who could be attacked by any mighty figure .

Otherwise, the Heavenly Courts would have been destroyed!

Moreover, when the other party was plotting this matter, the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother were experiencing the tribulation .

The place where they experienced the tribulation was protected by the power of the Heavenly Dao . When the tribulation was about to arrive, they could still attack accurately .

Only Saints would dare to plot like that .

Most importantly, the Saint was special .

The Saints would not be destroyed and the Great Tribulation would not be destroyed .

At that moment, it was a sensitive period before the great tribulation was clear . Any movement from the Heavenly Courts could affect the trend of the great tribulation . It could also drag the person who had attacked into eternal damnation .

At that moment, if he dared to attack the Heavenly Courts, even the Great Daoist Master Xuan Du would not dare to say that he would retreat unscathed…

However, the Saints were different . At that moment, apart from being blinded by the heavenly secrets, they were not affected by the great calamity . If they wanted to observe, they could directly do so .

Based on the principle of “making bold assumptions and carefully obtaining evidence”, Li Changshou had kept that possibility seven years ago . He had deduced and verified it step by step . That was how he had managed to come up with those five simple words .

He was indirectly playing a game with the Saint…

It was also quite exciting .

On that basis, the three Heavenly Soldiers that Li Changshou had fought in the mortal world previously should not be controlled by the Saint .

When Li Changshou fought, he vaguely sensed the other party’s existence . Li Changshou felt that they were much weaker than Master Zhao . They should be the disciples of the Western Saints .

The other party clearly wanted to kill Fairy Yun Hua, Yang Tianyou, and Yang Jiao, Yang Tianyou’s eldest son, and plant a seed of hatred in Yang Jian’s heart .

As for Yang Jian’s identity as one of the “great tribulation targets” of the Great God-Conferment Tribulation, it should have been deduced by the Western Sect .


Li Changshou suddenly sighed .

The immortals in the Lingxiao Treasure Hall who had just relaxed became nervous .

Li Changshou thought about how he, a Saint, had schemed against two mortals . He had even used such a method to plant a seed of hatred for the Heavenly Courts for Yang Jian, who was blessed with luck…

There was really no one else . Another hour later, a group of Heavenly Soldiers came from outside the Lingxiao Treasure Hall and escorted Fairy Yun Hua into the Lingxiao Treasure Hall .

All the immortals and gods looked over . At that moment, Fairy Yun Hua’s long hair was a little messy, as if she had lost her soul . She was in a daze, and her beautiful eyes were lifeless .

When she reached the hall, Fairy Yun Hua fell into the clouds on the white jade ground .

The Jade Emperor looked at Li Changshou . Li Changshou could only stand up and ask in a cold and calm tone, “Fairy Yun Hua, do you know your crime?”

Fairy Yun Hua did not react at all . She sat there quietly, in a daze .

Li Changshou sighed softly in his heart . At that moment, there was only one solution .

Become a villain .

“Fairy Yun Hua, you secretly descended to the mortal world and married a mortal . You stayed in the mortal world for a few years and even tried to deceive the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother . Your sins are unforgivable . ”

Fairy Yun Hua muttered softly, her voice slightly hoarse .

“Is this the reason you killed my husband…”

Li Changshou was silent .

General Dongmu whispered, “Fairy, do you know!?!”

“General Dongmu, you are dismissed . ” The Jade Emperor did not open his eyes . He said calmly, “I’ll leave this matter to Changgeng . ”

General Dongmu turned around and agreed .

The immortals who had originally wanted to explain that the Jade Emperor had only ordered them to bring them back did not dare to say anything

Li Changshou continued, “Do you know your crime?”

Fairy Yun Hua smiled sadly . Her tears kept flowing . She slowly stood up . Her thin body, which was only at the Perfected Immortal realm and had been contaminated by the mortal turbid Qi, actually had an indescribable power .

She shouted in a hoarse voice and scolded angrily . She vented the hatred in her heart and pointed at Li Changshou .

“This is the Heavenly Courts… This is the Heavenly Emperor… This is the benevolent Water God!”

“Do you know your crime?”

Li Changshou frowned and asked .

“If you want to kill, just kill me! Why do you want to kill my husband and my eldest son!?!”

Li Changshou said calmly, “If you admit your mistake, I can guarantee that your children will be fine . ”

Fairy Yun Hua’s body trembled as if she had just woken up from a dream . Her originally strong figure trembled slightly, but in the end, she lowered her head and knelt down, her forehead resting on the white jade board . “Please don’t hurt my children . They had nothing to do with that . I was the one who did not respect the heavenly rules . It was all my fault… Water God, please don’t kill them . ”

Li Changshou closed his eyes and sighed softly . He turned around and bowed to the Jade Emperor . “Your Majesty, Fairy Yun Hua has confessed . Your Majesty, please give the order to imprison Fairy Yun Hua in the Heavenly Courts and the Jade Pool for a thousand years!”

The Jade Emperor closed his eyes and said, “Yes . ”

Li Changshou waved his sleeve, and the Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals escorted Fairy Yun Hua down .

Li Changshou secretly sent a voice transmission . General Dongmu immediately took his leave and followed behind .

“Let’s disperse today . ”

The Jade Emperor stood up . There was no joy or anger on his face . His figure turned into clouds and dissipated, leaving the Lingxiao Treasure Hall .

The immortals below bowed and silently retreated .

Li Changshou seemed to be fine . He rode a cloud back to the Moon Palace and returned to his position as the head instructor . He continued his last half a year in office .

In less than half a day, the “tragedy” of Fairy Yun Hua’s family began to spread in the Heavenly Courts .

When the Chang’e dancers of the Moon Palace faced Li Changshou, they were less enthusiastic and more respectful .

To be precise, it should be fear .

Li Changshou did not bother about that and continued to do what he had to do .

In the Lingxiao Hall, he had promised Fairy Yun Hua not to hurt Yang Jian and Yang Chan . Although Li Changshou knew that Yang Jian would most likely be fine, he still invited the Mystic Yellow Pagoda .

He casually sent a paper effigy army and brought the Mysterious Yellow Pagoda to the underground of the city . He did not appear in front of Yang Jian again He only guarded and observed Yang Jian secretly .

When the Yang Residence first suffered a huge calamity, the residence was naturally in chaos . Yang Jian was only a child at that moment, but he made a judgment in an extremely short period of time and “escaped” out of the Yang Residence with his sister .

The siblings lived a wandering life for half a month . The originally lively Yang Jian became silent . Every day, he brought his sister to sleep on the streets . He did not know where to go or what to do .

Fortunately, they could always meet one or two good people who would give them food and blankets…

That was not Li Changshou’s paper effigy . It should be the effect of Yang Jian’s luck . In the dead of the night, when they were sleeping on the streets, Yang Jian hugged his sister . The two of them were curled up in a tattered blanket .

Yang Jian could not close his eyes for a long time . After the incident, he had never cried . At that moment, he only patted his sister’s back gently to comfort her terrified mind .

Perhaps, that was the hardship that one had to endure to rise quickly .

Half a month later, an immortal of Chan School passed by thousands of kilometers away . He was shocked by the luck on Yang Jian’s body and brought the news back to the Jade Void Palace .

That day, more than ten immortals came to the Jade Void Palace . Perfected Huang Long, Perfected Yu Ding, Perfected Taiyi, and Chi Jingzi were among them .

Chi Jingzi’s Qi-seeking technique determined that Yang Jian would definitely be extraordinary in the future . The other Perfected Ones had the intention to take him in as a disciple . Only Perfected Yu Ding was the calmest and did not fight .

He was just pulled over by Perfected Taiyi .

Perfected Taiyi had offended many people with his words . At that moment, the great calamity was about to descend . If Perfected Taiyi did not pull an expert with a high cultivation level, he would not dare to go out recklessly .

Due to the influence of the calamity, the deduction method was restricted . The few experts of Chan School could not deduce Yang Jian’s background . However, when they asked around in the city and thought about the matter of the Jade Emperor’s sister descending to the mortal world and being together in the Primordial World, they all felt troubled .

Chi Jingzi said, “Now that the Heavenly Courts are in charge of the Great Tribulation, you and I have to consider the pride of the Jade Emperor of the Heavenly Courts . ”

“I really want to accept him . This great luck is really rare . ” Immortal Tai Yi sighed and said, “Unfortunately, the karma on this fellow is too great . In the future, he will definitely be at odds with the Heavenly Courts . I’m afraid I can’t protect him with my mouth . ”

“I’ll do it . ”

Perfected Yu Ding said softly . Before Perfected Huang Long could speak, he had already slowly floated down on a cloud .

Perfected Huang Long thought, ‘He actually doesn’t mind…’

Not long after, Perfected Yu Ding rode a cloud and brought Yang Jian and Yang Chan back to the sky . Yang Jian looked at the old Daoists warily . Perfected Yu Ding raised his hand and made him fall asleep . He used his immortal power to hold him up behind him .

Chi Jingzi wanted to say something but hesitated . He simply said, “Go back . ” The Perfected Ones each rode a cloud and flew towards the north .


Perfected Yu Ding sensed something . He turned his head and looked at a street in the mortal city below . When he saw the figure that flashed past, he smiled .

Perfected Taiyi rode a cloud over and placed his hands in his sleeves . He sized up Yang Jian and Yang Chan and muttered, “Junior Brother, are you sure you want to accept this karma?”

“It’s fine . ” Yu Ding retracted his gaze from the street . “Trust Changgeng . ”

Perfected Taiyi sniffed and was confused .

On the second day after Yang Jian was taken away by Perfected Yu Ding, Li Changshou did a huge task that he had been preparing for a long time .

Bring the 108 Demon soldiers to the Netherworld and seek help from the Lady of Earth! He used the Mysterious Yellow Pagoda to protect his main body and borrowed a huge ship from the Dragon Palace . He brought the 108 Demon soldiers and rushed to the east of the East Ocean . He went to the Netherworld and looked for Fengdu City .

He wanted to use the Goddess of Earth’s Seven Emotions Dao Fruit to see if he could save the Dao hearts of the Demon Soldiers . At the same time, on the Three-Immortal Island, Qiong Xiao, Bi Xiao, and Han Zhixian rushed to Fairy Yun Xiao’s pavilion with the rumors that they had just heard from the outside . They told Yun Xiao about the Fairy Yun Hua that was spreading in the Primordial World .

In the version that was circulating, it was unknown if someone had schemed against them or if there was a deviation in the message . They had already attributed the death of Yang Tianyou and his eldest son to the evil schemes of the Heavenly Courts .

In this story, the Heavenly Courts’ Water God, Li Changgeng, had become an evil person . He had also convicted Fairy Yun Hua and personally led her to the heavens, requesting to suppress her for a thousand years . Qiong Xiao frowned and said, “Logically speaking, Brother-in-law, hehe . The Water God is the disciple that Uncle-Master likes . There’s no need for him to do such dirty work for the Jade Emperor . ”

“I think it’s strange too,” Fairy Bi Xiao muttered seriously .

Fairy Yun Xiao hummed softly and said gently, “Why do I feel that he is escorting Fairy Yun Hua and suppressing her seems to be for the sake of future protection? He is condemning Fairy Yun Hua . He seems to be taking the initiative to bear the infamy and suppress the matter… There should be something else . Third Sister, I’ll allow you to go out and investigate the cause and effect of this matter . If others want to slander me, I can’t stand by and do nothing . ”

“Ah, it’s so tiring not to use the deduction method!”

Qiong Xiao complained . She lifted the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors and flew away .

Half a day later, Qiong Xiao brought back a complete story . She said that the Jade Emperor had only given the order to bring the five of them to the sky . In the end, a Heavenly Soldier was controlled .

One of the main gods, Immortal Fu Yuan was killed by the Water God’s words and turned into ashes . More than ten Heavenly Courts’ immortals seemed to have been controlled…

Yun Xiao pondered carefully for a while and said softly, “No wonder he could only stand up to take the blame . I’m afraid a Saint has taken action here . ”

The other fairies looked at each other .

“Saint? For such a small matter? Surely not…”

“Don’t mention this matter again . I can’t see through the scheme at the moment . I just need to inform the various Immortal Islands in our sect about the entire process . ”

Yun Xiao held her cheek and thought for a while . She took out a brush and ink and wrote a letter before handing it to Qiong Xiao .

“If Brother is still with him, ask him to help me pass this letter . Even if he doesn’t care about others misunderstanding him, I have to give him some support . ” Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao looked at each other and laughed . Before their sister blamed them, they hurriedly took their leave and sent out their jade tokens .

On the other side, in the Six Paths of Reincarnation Disc, Li Changshou stood beside the pool that was soaking his master Qi Yuan’s soul and waited for the Lady of Earth to slowly walk over .

“Goddess . ” Li Changshou turned around and bowed . He smiled and said, “Can you help me


The Lady of Earth smiled and said, “Is it about the ancient Demon soldiers of the human race? I’ve already agreed to this matter . Why should I help you?” “It’s this…”

Li Changshou flipped his left hand, and a pearl flickered in his palm . “There is a human’s soul here . I wonder if I can complete this soul with the Six Paths of Reincarnation Disc?”

The Lady of Earth asked softly, “Have the other souls been shattered?”

“Yes . ” Li Changshou nodded and answered, “There was nothing left . Fortunately, I extracted one of his souls in advance . ”

“If it breaks, it can be repaired . If the other souls are still around, the Heavenly Dao will not allow it . ”

The Lady of Earth said, “As long as he reincarnates in the Reincarnation Disc, he would leave a mark . He would collect the marks and collect the shattered souls . With the guidance of the soul, he will only need one to two hundred years to recover . Let’s put him in the pool . What’s his name?”

Li Changshou carefully placed the soul beside his master’s soul and answered, “Yang Tianyou . ”

The Lady of Earth asked curiously, “Are these your fellow disciples?”

“No . ” Li Changshou thought for a while and smiled . “You can consider me an in-name disciple, plus… a little trump card . ”