My Star Teacher - Chapter 911

The man who opened the door surprised the night light . It was fan Qingwen .
At this time, fan Qingwen is dressed as a housemaid, holding a child in her hand . The child is still crying . Before, fan Qingwen seemed to be holding the child and was slightly swinging to coax the child . When she saw the three people standing outside, she was stunned .
Sister Qingwen, how could it be you! The light of night exclaimed .
Liu ChiYan looked at the child in fan Qingwens hand, and then at fan Qingwen . He gave fan Qingwen a smile and called out, sister Qingwen .
Fan Qingwen came back and looked at the night light and Liu ChiYan . She had an unnatural look on her face, but she soon stopped it . Then she said with a smile, ChiYan, Xiaoye, why are you here? Come on, please come in .
Chi Yan, you are pregnant . You have such a big stomach . Come on, come on in and sit down . Be careful . Fan Qingwen will welcome several people into the room, this is? Fan Qingwen looks at Cheng Xi and asks .
Cheng Xi looked at fan Qingwen, nodded with a smile, Hello, my name is Cheng Xi, a friend of Chi Yan .
Fan Qingwen nodded, Hello, come on, please sit down . Chi Yan, Xiao Ye, sit down . Ill pour you tea .
Luminous, no, no, Qingwen elder sister, its inconvenient for you to hold the baby . Dont bother .
Yes, yes . Fan Qingwen said, you come home, how can you not even pour tea .
Thats right, but fan Qingwen is holding a child, and the child is still crying . Its really not good to pour tea for night light and others .
Luminous looked at fan Qingwen and said, sister Qingwen, give me your baby .
Fan Qingwen Leng Leng, looked at the night light, nodded, OK, then you hold her .
With that, fan Qingwen came over and handed the child to night light . When night light took the child and held it in her arms, fan Qingwen looked at night light holding the child, slightly lost her mind . Then she quickly slowed down and said, Ill pour you tea .
Strange to say, the child was held in his arms by luminous . Within a few seconds, he stopped the crying of luminous and others who had just entered the door . He opened his eyes and stared at luminous . Then he grinned at luminous .
Hey, sister Qingwen, you see, I dont cry when I hold her . She smiles at me . Luminous one hand holding the child, a hand teasing her, looks so cute, is it a girl?
Fan Qingwen was filling water in the kitchen to make tea . She said, yes, girl .
Luminous, sister Qingwen, is this your relatives child? How can you take it? Its not easy to take such a small child .
Fan Qingwen took a look at the night light, then calmly said, the child is mine .
Night light a Zheng, busy ask, green Wen elder sister you married?? When did it happen? Dont tell me
Fan Qingwen, not married .
Night light is a Leng again, not married . . . That child?
Fan Qingwen, when I was traveling last year, I met a man and stayed with him for a while . Later . . . Later, I dumped him, but I was pregnant at that time, so I left the baby .
Qingwen elder sister, you this . . . Er . . . luminous some dont know what to say, finally had to ask, whats the childs name?
Its fan Yuqing . Its my surname . My nickname is Doudou . Fan Qingwen smiles at the light of night and says, its nothing bad . Im not going to get married . Its just right to have a child and raise her wholeheartedly . Lets live like this . Im sorry, Xiaoye . I didnt tell you about it . After all, Im a single mother . Its not a glorious thing . Said, fan Qingwen toward luminous a few people smile, and then asked, by the way, how do you find this?
Luminous, Hey, I was surprised to see you just now . Chi Yan brought us here .
Pool smoke? Fan Qingwen is stunned and looks at Liu ChiYan in doubt .
Liu ChiYan also looks at fan Qingwen now, and their eyes are opposite . Liu ChiYan smiles at her and says, sister Qingwen, dont be busy . I have something to tell you .
Fan Qingwen said, you say .
I want to talk to you alone . Liu ChiYan said .
Fan Qingwen was stunned and looked at Liu ChiYan . She seemed to want to see something from her eyes . After two seconds of silence, fan Qingwen nodded, OK, come in and talk .
With that, fan Qingwen led Liu ChiYan into the bedroom .
The night light didnt care much about the two peoples whispering in the bedroom . He was teasing xiaodoudou now .
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa . Luminous display of a variety of tricks to tease the baby, xiaodoudou has been giggling straight music .
After Liu ChiYan and fan Qingwen enter the house, Cheng Xi also comes to the side of the night light and looks at xiaodoudou .
You see, how lovely she is . Ha ha, she likes me . See, shes always happy with me . Luminous side is still teasing small beans, and Cheng Xi said .
Cheng Xi looked at xiaodoudou, then looked up at the glow of the night and said, have you ever released her? She looks a bit like you . The night light laughs and says, what kind of eyes do you have? How can you look like me and sister Qingwen? Look at her eyes . They look like sister Qingwen . When you grow up, you must be a beauty .
Cheng Xi, I feel like you .
Nonsense . Luminous looked at Cheng Xi with a smile, and then focused on xiaodoudou . After a while, luminous suddenly said, Hey, dont say, it seems to be a bit like ha . My nose is as good as mine, and my mouth is also a bit like ha ha . No wonder xiaodoudou likes me . I dont cry when I hold her . We have a face to face relationship .
Say, night light still hurtles Cheng Xi to pick eyebrow, you say is .
Cheng Xi speechless, still face to face? Where did you get the words?
Cheng Xi looked at the night light and said, I suddenly want to kiss you when I see your stupid appearance .
What did you say? The night light was stunned, then looked at the bedroom with the door closed, and said with a guilty heart, no more . . .
Cheng Xi looked at the night light and gave a light smile . She really leaned over and kissed the night light . It was not her face, but a peck on the night lights lips .
However, Cheng Xi kisses the night light this, oneself is on the contrary slightly some blush .
Cough . Night light dry cough two, and some guilty to the bedroom there looked at one eye .
Dont you think shes a little bit like you? Cheng Xi looked at xiaodoudou and said, eyebrows, nose and mouth are all like you .
Well, its OK . Theres not so much you said, but its a little bit like it . Luminous smile, quite coincidental ha .
Cheng Xi glanced at the night light, maybe its your own?
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