My Star Teacher - Chapter 912

Cheng Xis words, let night light blow hair .
Nonsense! How could it be mine
Cheng Xi shrugged and said, otherwise, why do you look like you so much? Besides, why do you think Chi Yan is here?
The luminous mute, face expression froze, looking down at the arms of small beans, although he is still not too believe, how can the child be his? He and fan Qingwen had nothing happened . How could it be his?
However, Cheng Xi said that when he looked at xiaodoudou again, he didnt know how . The more he looked, the more he felt like himself .
This is . . . My child? Cant you?
Luminous not sure, slightly frowning, thoughts flying .
If this is my own child, then . . . When did it happen?
Luminous is sure that nothing extraordinary has ever happened between him and fan Qingwen . Well, he knows the situation .
Looking at xiaodoudou, xiaodoudou looks about six or seven months old, six or seven months old, and then more than nine months of pregnancy, then . . .
his eyes widened a little . He remembered that at that time, it should be when he was preparing for the hero plan movie and forming the alliance . During that period, he seemed to have been to Sichuan Province once with fan Qingwen, and had a good time In addition, when I met my former comrade in the cheetah special corps, I drank a dark drink and broke a piece . When I woke up the next day, I didnt remember what happened the night before .
If, at that time, something happened with fan Qingwen, it would be right .
But . . . How?
The night light was silent, he didnt know how to describe his mood at this time .
Cheng Xi is right . If it wasnt for his child, how could he be so like him? How could Liu ChiYan come here specially .
In the bedroom .
Fan Qingwen and Liu ChiYan enter the bedroom . After closing the door, Liu ChiYans first sentence is, sister Qingwen, is that child named ye?
Fan Qingwen was shocked all over, and then her face was covered with a smile . She asked with a puzzled face, Chi Yan, what do you say? I dont quite understand
Liu ChiYan said, sister Qingwen, I dont want to beat around the bush . Lets open the window and tell the truth . In fact, I knew a long time ago that after you resigned, you said you were going to travel . You also took a lot of photos and invented a so-called boyfriend to cover up the child and give birth to the child secretly . In fact, you only went abroad for a few days and came back after taking a lot of photos Ive been living here all the time . Im right, sister Qingwen .
Fan Qingwen looks a little flustered, but still pretends to be calm, Chi Yan, what are you talking about? I dont understand .
Liu ChiYan took a look at fan Qingwen and said, the doctor who has been doing pregnancy test for you is a classmate of mine .
Fan Qingwens eyes widened, her mouth opened, and she was silent .
Liu ChiYan said, because I am a classmate with her, she pays more attention to the people and things around me . She knows you and knows that you are the CEO of the luminous lilac foundation . When I asked her about pregnancy once, she inadvertently mentioned that you were doing a pregnancy test in her place . At that time, I doubted it, and then calculated it according to your pregnancy cycle The day when you are pregnant is not when you quit your job to travel, but when you are still working . If you guess correctly, it is when you go to Sichuan Province with luminous . The time is right . You always like luminous . You are pregnant at this time . Besides luminous, I cant imagine who the child is .
Liu ChiYan tells the truth, just like a wise and calm detective who has insight into all the truth .
Fan Qingwen calmed down and said, Chi Yan, your conjecture is very reasonable, but what you said is not true . Its not what you think . I dont like luminous . I always treat him as my younger brother . Nothing has happened between me and luminous . Dont think about it . OK, I admit that I was pregnant before I resigned, but its not true It doesnt mean the child is luminous .
Liu ChiYan looked at fan Qingwen and said, sister Qingwen, I didnt come here today to argue with you, to ask a teacher for a crime, to say these things to you . I didnt want to prove anything . Whos the child? You know it in your heart, and I know it in my heart . Im afraid that only the fool knows it all the time and doesnt know anything .
Liuchi Yandun, then said, I come here today, there are two purposes, the first purpose is to bring luminous to see the child, in fact, before I suspected that the child is luminous, but I cant be 100% sure, but when I saw the child, I was sure, you may not have seen the photo of luminous when he was a child, its almost the same as when he was a child Its the same as the model .
Fan Qingwen, Chi Yan, now that you have identified it, Im afraid you wont believe it no matter what I say . However, I dont care what you think . The child belongs to me and has nothing to do with luminous . I will bring her up by myself .
Liu ChiYan shook his head and said, after going out of this door, I will tell night light whether you like it or not .
Fan Qingwen was surprised and said, no! Chi Yan, as I said, the child belongs to me, and has nothing to do with luminous . Liu ChiYan said, I want to tell night light, not because of anything else, just because I know how pathetic it is for a child to have no father since childhood, just like Yiyi in our family when she was a child . Fortunately, night light later acted as her father, and did a good job . A few months ago, luminous was in danger, and his life and death were uncertain . Those days, I often wondered what to do if he couldnt come back and my child had no father .
Fan Qingwen looks at Liu ChiYan with complicated eyes .
Liu ChiYan said, I always know that you like luminous, but to tell you the truth, before I knew about this child, I never thought that you would have anything to do with luminous, because I believe in luminouss personality, and I also know you . You are a very proud person in your bones . You are a third party and destroy other peoples families . You are so proud that you cant do such a thing But it happened . I want to ask, fan Qingwen, am I wrong about you, or why?
Fan Qingwen opened her mouth and looked at Liu ChiYan with evasive eyes . After a long silence, she took a deep breath and said, I dont want to explain anything . Its meaningless . ChiYan, please dont tell him that I dont want to, and I wont destroy your life . I just want to raise my children, thats all .
Liu ChiYan said, in any case, its the pinch created by the night light . Its his child, so he must take up the responsibility . I said that I didnt come to ask for a crime today, but even if Im willing to forgive you, dont you think you have to at least give me an explanation?
Fan Qingwen was silent .
Liu ChiYan took a look at her and said, if you dont want to talk about it, lets talk about it . Ill tell the child about it . With that, Liu ChiYan was about to turn around and go out .
Wait! Fan Qingwen called Liu ChiYan, I said .
Liu ChiYan turned back and did not speak . He looked at fan Qingwen quietly, waiting for her later words .
Fan Qingwen bit her lips and took a deep breath . Child, its luminous .
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