My Star Teacher - Chapter 913

Children are luminous .
Fan Qingwen finally admitted it herself .
After saying this, fan Qingwen seems to be a lot more relaxed . Looking at Liu ChiYan, fan Qingwen goes on, ChiYan, what you infer is right . Its what happened when I went to Sichuan Province with luminous . That night we went to eat kebab together . He met two acquaintances and got drunk . I sent him back to the hotel . He was drunk and delirious, and took me for you And then . . . Raped me .
Fan Qingwen used the rape this time, let Liu ChiYan slightly a Zheng .
Yes, rape .
That night, when the night light held fan Qingwen in bed as Liu ChiYan, fan Qingwen also experienced a battle between heaven and man . However, as Liu ChiYan said, fan Qingwen was a very proud person in her bones, so she made a choice . Instead of being so successful, she broke away from the night light .
However, what happened later was unexpected to her .
When fan Qingwen wants to get out of bed, the night light suddenly sits up and hugs her . This time, it not only hugs her, but also presses her under the body . After that, some indescribable things happen .
Fan Qingwen has struggled and resisted . However, as a weak woman, she is oppressed by the man who is known as the strongest man on land . Her resistance really doesnt work .
Fan Qingwen likes the night light, but it doesnt mean she is willing to be possessed by the night light . However, things have happened . What can she do?
Let luminous be responsible? Night light is already a married man . Fan Qingwen doesnt want to be a third party, and doesnt want to destroy the life of night light and Liu ChiYan .
Is it fair to take luminous to court? Ha ha, fan Qingwen has never thought about it .
So, in the end, fan Qingwen can only bear the strong discomfort after the first night, and just carry the night light, which is like a pool of mud, back to the next door, pretending that nothing has happened .
But who ever thought that after working hard for such a long time, luminous and Liu ChiYan couldnt win the bid . Fan Qingwen won the bid for the first time .
Knowing that she was pregnant, fan Qingwen made a decision . She decided to quit her job and leave luminous life to raise her child by herself .
Fan Qingwen, Chi Yan, you believe me, I really will not destroy your life and night light . I promise you, please dont tell him about it . I can promise you that I will take my child far away and never appear in front of you and night light .
Liu ChiYan took a look at fan Qingwen and said, sister Qingwen, you still need me to say it several times . As I said, Im not here to ask for a crime today . Im sure Ill tell night light about the child . This is his responsibility . You should also consider for the child . The child needs a father . Thats one of the purposes of my coming here today .
Fan Qingwen saw that Liu ChiYan still wanted to tell the night light about her child . She frowned and didnt know what to do .
Liu ChiYan paused, then said, in addition, there is a purpose, Qingwen sister, I come today, mainly want to ask you a word .
Fan Qingwen, what words?
Liu ChiYan looked at fan Qingwen and said, there are still rooms available at home . Will you come to live?
Fan Qingwen was stunned and looked at Liu ChiYan in shock . It seemed that she couldnt digest what Liu ChiYan said, Chi . . . Chi Yan, what do you say? I dont understand .
Liu ChiYan didnt take over . Instead, he said to himself, do you take your pride and continue to live a life, or do you put everything down and go home with me, and you think for yourself . Ill give you a chance . However, no matter how you choose, Ill definitely tell night light to fulfill his fathers responsibility and parenting obligation, but if you dont go with me today, In the future, if I knew something happened between you and luminous, I would not have this attitude today .
Said, Liu ChiYan turned around, facing the bedroom door, I now start to go out, about seven or eight steps away, if you follow me, stop me, if you dont follow me, dont make a sound, later, keep a distance from the night light, and then, do it yourself .
Fan Qingwen Lengleng looking at Liu ChiYans back, seems to have not recovered from surprise .
Liu ChiYan took a few steps to the door . When he was near the door, he stopped again . Without looking back, he turned his back to fan Qingwen and said, Ive already said that . You decide for yourself that Ill only say this time, and Ill only be generous this time . I wont say a word .
Fan Qingwen didnt make a sound . Her eyes were confused, flustered, and confused .
Liu ChiYan stopped for a few seconds . Seeing that fan Qingwen was silent and didnt say much, he walked a few steps further and reached for the door .
In liuchiyan, the doorknobs are all pressed down, just about to pull the door open, fan Qingwen behind finally opened her mouth .
Liu ChiYan looks back .
Fan Qingwen has been in tears, Ill go, Ill go with you .
Liu ChiYan nodded gently and gave fan Qingwen a brilliant smile, OK, sister Qingwen, lets go home together .
The next day . Nanchang .
Night light at home .
The living room .
Mom and dad are sitting on the sofa, looking confused and confused .
In front of their parents, there are two women kneeling, one is Cheng Xi, the other is fan Qingwen .
At this time, Cheng Xi and fan Qingwen are holding a cup of tea on their hands, kneeling respectfully and holding it in front of their parents .
Mom and dad are you look at me, I look at you, a face of muddled force .
Cheng Xi they know, to live at home for a while, and, this is his sons life-saving benefactor .
Fan Qingwen is more familiar with them . They have been together for so many years . Fan Qingwen and yeguang have been to their parents home for many times .
However, at this time, they knelt down in front of them and served them tea . It seemed that they called their parents in law . . . Or their parents?
I cant remember . Im scared .
His daughter-in-law, Liu ChiYan, is also sitting on the side sofa with a big stomach and watching . The most important thing is that her son is still holding a baby girl, who is said to have been born by her son and fan Qingwen, who is kneeling on the ground to serve tea .
This . . . This . . . Whats going on!!!
Mom and dad said that there was too much information to digest for a while .
Father in law and mother in law, please have tea . Cheng Xi slightly lowered her head and raised the tea in her hand a little higher .
Fan Qingwen also said, Mom and Dad, please have tea .
Mom and dad looked at each other, but they were still confused .
Mother looked at the luminous, luminous quickly turned his head, looked to one side .
Dad also looked at Liu ChiYan . Liu ChiYan sat silent .
Looking at Cheng Xi and fan Qingwen who have been kneeling on the ground for a while, my father turns to my mother and says, drink?
Mom took a deep breath and said, drink . . .
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