My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1038

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Chapter 1038: Unfilial

No, Zhong Kuijun still had a big company, along with the 1.8 billion inheritance left behind by Pu Yu. In fact…

He thought about how Zhong Qianqian was going to be associated with all the first-tier wealthy families in Camino and how he would become the nation’s model father. In the future, he would be able to enjoy endless resources and his Cloud Group would be able to soar like the Gu family.

The Gu family relied on the Huang family while he relied on the first-tier wealthy families…

Thinking about how he might become the leader of a second-tier family, Zhong Kuijun’s heart raced. How could he accept going to jail willingly?

Therefore, even though Zhong Kuijun knew things were about to go down with Nangong Nuannuan’s accusation, he would not admit defeat until he reached the final step.

“What laundering money? What concealment of firearms? Nuannuan, what are you saying? Why can’t I understand them? How can you talk about your father like that? Don’t you know that your surname is Zhong too? Don’t you know that if you frame me for something I didn’t do and something happens to me, everyone will only laugh at you? Why do you think Chi Yang likes you? Why else if not for your family background? He knows that I, Zhong Kuijun, am not just a lieutenant, but also the true mastermind behind Cloud Group. Chi Yang is just a poor captain from a rural village. How did he end up with so much money? How did he afford to buy you a dress that cost 7.5 million? Do you think Chi Yang has a clean slate? If he’s clean, he definitely can’t afford to buy you such an expensive dress! So, Nuannuan, the only logical way of the world is for the strong to work together. As my daughter, don’t you think that you’re being unfilial to frame your father with the comrades from the justice department?”

As far as he was concerned, he had already destroyed all evidence. Since the military base could not get any evidence, they could not arrest him simply. Although he and Luo Shangyi had a superior-subordinate relationship in the military base, the same did not apply to them in KE Organization. In KE, they were peers. They were only responsible for working for the people above them.

Therefore, even if Luo Shangyi knew about him and knew what he did, Luo Shangyi did not possess the evidence that could point Zhong Kuijun to his crime.

Regarding this, he placed complete faith in that crazy KE Organization.

“Unfilial?” Nangong Nuannuan could not help but sneer.

“You raped my mother and tricked her into marrying you. After that, you colluded with Jiang Shuwan to cause my mother’s death. Then, you shamelessly took my mother’s inheritance from me. However, after Zhong Qianqian got leukemia, you took my bone marrow and allowed the transplant without regard for my life. After I became useless to you, you abandoned me and sold me for a hundred thousand bucks. How dare you use the word ‘unfilial’ in front of me?”

This time, Zhong Kuijun’s expression transformed completely.

His entire face turned sinister and terrifying. After Nangong Nuannuan finished speaking, he only had three words—

“Where is Qianqian?”

Nangong Nuannuan sneered. “Are you still counting on that good daughter of yours? Do you think that after I find out the truth—after I hand over the evidence of you laundering money and hiding firearms to the military base without any psychological pressure—I’ll let you carry out your schemes successfully and let Zhong Qianqian impersonate me?”

Zhong Kuijun’s eyes widened.

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“You… you…”

“Show him.”

At Nangong Nuannuan’s command, one of the Nangong family’s bodyguards walked in. Nangong Nuannuan did not even bother to lift a finger and had the bodyguard pass the item to Zhong Kuijun.

Zhong Kuijun took the paper confusedly. However, when he read what was on it, his face tinged with green turned ghastly white.

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