My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1039

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Chapter 1039: Nangong Family


It was all evidence of Zhong Kuijun laundering money for KE and helping them hide firearms.

He kept this evidence in his safe back them. The reason he did not destroy them was so that he could use them to claim money from the higher-ups.

After all, he should still get paid for the tasks he could not refuse.

However, he never expected that one day, Zhong Nuannuan would steal something from his safe, and Zhong Nuannuan, his daughter, would be so cruel as to betray him without any regard for the fact that they were father and daughter.

Nangong Nuannuan was very pleased to see Zhong Kuijun’s face transform from one that was ready to argue to one where life left him. “Do you think that the military base can’t do anything to you just because you didn’t tell the truth? They’re not interrogating you because there’s no need for that anymore.”

Zhong Kuijun staggered a few times. His legs were so weak that he could not stand straight, so he slumped onto his bed.

“That time, when I returned home, I saw the lights in the study were on. Were you inside my room then?”


Nangong Nuannuan’s reply was casual but infuriating.

“At that time, I should have searched a little bit harder and strangled you to death!”

Zhong Kuijun’s words were seeping with hatred, but Nangong Nuannuan merely responded with an indifferent smile and said something even more ruthless than Zhong Kuijun.

“You should be glad that I left when you entered the room. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have shown you any mercy if I saw you really trying to kill me. Don’t forget, you wouldn’t be able to withstand a single move from me. To me, you’re worth nothing!”

Zhong Kuijun flew into a rage out of humiliation and punched the bed. “How dare you! Is this how you talk to your father? How dare you call yourself the daughter of a duke? Doesn’t Luntan teach you basic etiquette? Hmph, can’t blame you either. How can the Luntanese royal family take a traitor like you seriously? To them, you’re just a bastard! Zhong Nuannuan, don’t forget that no matter how high you fly in the future or how badly I fall, your surname is still Zhong!”

“Who said her surname is Zhong?”

An aged but loud voice boomed from outside the door, startling Zhong Kuijun. He did not expect there to be someone outside.

Their comrade from the justice department who captured Zhong Kuijun saluted at someone the door and shouted excitedly.

“Old General!”

Zhong Kuijun was surprised. Old General? Since when Jiang District had an Old General?

The comrade’s greeting had yet to end. After that, he called out again.

“Grand General!”

Zhong Kuijun almost jumped out of his skin.

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Grand General?

Grand General!

In the entire Camino, there was only one person who deserved and dared to use the name ‘Grand General’.

This person was…

Nangong Shu!

Zhong Kuijun’s eyes widened as he looked at the people who walked in.

The first was a dignified-looking old man. Zhong Kuijun did not know him. After all, an officer of his rank did not qualify to know anyone who was at the same level as a head of state.

However, he had seen the Grand General before. When Leng Jinpeng was transferred to Jiang District’s military base, the Grand General had come to Jiang District for an inspection.

Even though Zhong Kuijun stood far away, the Grand General’s appearance was deeply etched in his heart.

The next person who came in was the chairman of the Imperial Palace Group, Nangong Qin, who would usually show up only in the magazine, World Financial Times. The person who came in after Nangong Qin was the person who frequently appeared on national TV, the Foreign Affairs Office Director, Nangong Zhao.

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