My Vampire System - Chapter 912

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Chapter 912 - Where are the tenth family?

To those in the vampire settlement, it didn't seem like a long time ago that they were all talking about the same thing. As members from each family were gathering at the plaza to witness yet another execution. The difference was, this wasn't just any execution, but it was one to do with one of the leaders, something the young vampires had never witnessed in their lives before.

"Did you see the royal guards, they have gathered around the tenth castle."

"Yes, I did, I guess they're making sure the execution goes well and don't want anything to happen, but why is the tenth leader being executed, do they suspect he has something to do with the Royal Knights death?"

"I can only assume that is to be the case, but it's not only those from the tenth castle, they aren't allowing any vampires that belong to the tenth at all to attend."

The talk in the vampire settlement was true. The royal guards were stationed around those that lived in the tenth area, while those that belonged to the tenth family in name were told not to attend. There were no complications to happen this time as everything was planned to go smoothly.


Underground under the king's castle, Quinn and Alex were silently waiting. They had used up all the conversations they had within them.They had been together for several days now and with only the two of them together 24/7 they had learnt a lot about each other.

Quinn had explained his background, his life at school and how he was treated so badly and how he saw others being treated the same or worse. While Alex's background was a little different to what he had expected.

Before the war, apparently Alex's family used to be quite wealthy, owning many real estate properties in the big cities, however, after the war most of their properties were destroyed, and the government had done nothing to subsidise them.

They wished to build up their name and wealth again, but found it difficult after the introduction of abilities. Where power was more important than anything and it was something they didn't have.

'I guess a lot of people lost different things due to the war.' Quinn thought.

The reason Alex was interested in Quinn's offer initially was because he wanted to raise his own forging empire and bring his family name back up to what it used to be. He knew working for someone else wouldn't be possible. Even though it didn't quite work out how he originally planned, he was pleased.

'Working hard for your family huh?' Quinn thought, as he tried to think back to his own parents, but he knew very little about them, not enough to even feel sad that they were gone, but only to feel down that others had a family when he didn't.

'You still think like that?' Vincent said. 'Even your system is a constant reminder that it isn't true.'

Looking at his system, Quinn understood what Vincent was trying to get at.

'You're so cheesy man, but you're right! Maybe when this whole war is over I can start thinking about raising my own family as well.'

Quinn thought it sounded a bit weird for someone his age to start thinking about a family, but he realised it was due to his life that he had lived while being Vincent. The one thing that Vincent felt fulfilled by, was seeing his kids grow up, and because he had children he was at peace when leaving this world, thinking that he was at least passing something on, and it was the whole reason Quinn was here today as well.

Although Quinn didn't know it at first, that the two of them were related.

'A family huh, you know that to do that, you need a partner, do you at least have someone on your mind?' Vinent asked.

Thinking about this question, Quinn's cheeks started to turn slightly red and his body temperature was rising as he thought of the possibilities.

"Hey are you okay?" Alex asked. "It's just gone a little quiet, I guess it has been for a while."

Quinn thought for a second Alex could see what he looked like, but it was impossible from the way the two of them were chained up. It was just Alex speaking out of awkwardness with the silent room.

Now with the two having shared their stories together, all they could do was sit there and wait, they knew nothing about the planned execution nor what was happening above, but at least Quinn was pleased that it didn't look like the tenth were getting attacked anymore.

'As soon as they open those doors, depending on what will happen or what they will say. Depends on how I will act as well.'

Quinn wasn't a hundred percent with his ability to transform into the bloodsucker, while still staying sane. If something went wrong while trapped in the room he could end up attacking Alex which was something he didn't want to do, and he wasn't sure if he would have the strength to break down the door holding them inside either.

So he had decided as soon as he was taken out from those doors, that's when he would transform. That was when he would do what needed to be done.

However, there was a major problem with being a bloodsucker. His health would be incredibly low and he was unable to use blood skills including the blood bank. Essentially, one hit from one of the leaders or someone powerful and he could be a goner. A double edged sword.

That was why when he saw who had come to collect him, he was in for a bit of a shock. The sound of the doors opening was heard and it had been a while. What he didn't expect was for it to be a bald headed man walking in, and not one the ones who he enjoyed their company.

The door shut behind him, and now the only ones in the room were Bryce, Alex and Quinn.

"Are you ready boy, it's time for you to head out to your execution." Bryce said with a smile.


The stage was set and the vampires were having a weird sense of deja vu as they looked upon the execution platform. It wasn't too long ago that Fex, a direct descendant, was the one to be executed. Now once again, the council leaders had gathered and were left standing on the ground of the execution platform looking outwards.

Some of the leader positions had yet to be filled, as the execution was deemed more important by Bryce, and Quinn's matter was to be dealt with first. So the vampire knights of their respective families stood in their place instead for the time being.

Finally, the King had arrived, with his two Royal Knights, following behind them, covered in a chain on their feet and hands were both Alex and Quinn. There were two short tables set for them, with a curve in it where they could nicely rest their heads, and on the stage itself, a clean, fresh sword that had yet to be used.

The executioner that had been selected was Muka. Who would use the blade to sweep both of their heads in one clean motion.

While being brought up to the platform, Alex kept looking at Quinn. He knew what Quinn had been practising underground and was wondering why he hadn't transformed yet.

'Weren't you going to escape before it got to this point, or is it because the King was the one that came to collect us?' Alex thought.

When Alex was placed in front of the table, there were many on the ground that couldn't help but gasp at his sight. Because now he wasn't hiding his wings like he usually would. The ragged shirt he wore, with holes in its back, displayed his two wings on his back clearly.

"Is this why the tenth is getting executed, due to him having held a blood fairy?"

"Now it makes sense why they went to storm the castle!"

The vampires were soon filling in the gaps of what had happened, whether it was true or not, it was the only thing they could guess, and it didn't help that there were already rumors spread around about this very thing.

When Quinn was brought out to his own table, the vampires started to look around, same with the leaders.

Cindy, who stood in the middle of all the leaders, seemed quite pleased. She always had a smile on her face but this one was a little larger than usual.

'It looks like not a single one from the tenth family is here.' She thought.

However, she was wrong, very wrong. A few miles back on top of one of the regular households, Logan was in position. He had picked the highest regular house and with everyone away there was no security at all in the pooling area for the vampires.

On the roof of the building, he had built a strange contraption that almost looked like a sniper rifle. He had it propped up and was lying on his belly staring down the scope.

What he was looking at were two regular ordinary looking vampires. One which had curly brown hair, and the other next to him slightly taller with black hair.

"I hope we can pull this off Peter…and Borden." Logan said.


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