My Vampire System - Chapter 951

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Chapter 951 - My Choices

Sam thought leaving Quinn to decide who to take with him should have been fine. After all, Quinn was actually a good decision maker when it came to certain things. Sure Sam disagreed with his decisions at times and would have done things differently, but Quinn seemed to have this intuition style of leading that got them out of the worst of situations.

There were times that even Sam wouldn't have known how to deal with such things and Quinn's quick thinking would have helped them. Whether or not Sam would have gotten into such a dire situation in the first place was a different story, but people were different.

Still, none of this changed the fact that Sam didn't understand Quinn's reasoning to bring these people along with him.

"Can I please ask, why them? I mean.. yeah please Quinn?" Sam had to ask.

"Do you have a problem with me?" Peter said, looking at him while tilting his head a little to the side. His eyes looked like if Sam said anything, he would come over there and give him a slap at the back of the head.

"Peter is plenty strong, and his ability is extremely helpful in certain situations. We are no longer in the vampire world where they can smell he isn't one of them. If anything is going on, or we need to dive further to find out information, Peter will be our guy." Quinn answered.

Looking at Peter, he was nodding along to every word Quinn would say and kind of looked a little smug, hiding a slight smile.

"Peter, don't take this the wrong way, but don't you think he's a little aggressive. Are you planning to make him a teacher, or a head general?" Said Sam.

"I think Peter will do better than you think, his current difficult personality has been getting better with time. Also, he has this intuition where he can spot when something is wrong. You have to give him credit where credit is due. Peter was the first one to call out Cindy." Said Quinn.

"That's right, and this time if my intuition starts to ring, I'll slap them before anyone gets hurt." Peter said while doing the action of a punch instead.

Seeing this, Sam couldn't help but shake his head.

"Don't worry, Peter has a calm side." Quinn whispered to him. "If he was really quick to anger or aggressive then he wouldn't be able to teach the kids from the Blade island. He'll make a good head general."

"Okay, I'll give you a pass on the ability side of things, especially with his soul weapon, it means he isn't the one that needs to do the snooping. So explain to me, why you're taking one of the strongest humans with you. A lot of people saw him on the broadcast it will be hard hiding him." Sam said, looking towards Sil.

"Sil, never got to experience school properly." Quinn said in a softer tone as he lowered his voice. "I want Sil to get to know others, without an environment where they have to worry about their lives, or betray their friends. Also, new abilities are being discovered all the time and he's one of the best people to find them.

"Hopefully Sil might be able to find someone that can help him achieve his goal. Don't worry about his appearance, it's one of the reasons Peter is coming along as well. With the 'Mud Mask' soul weapon, we can change that for him. So I've decided that Sil will be attending as a student."

Looking at Sil, Sam noticed that he seemed quite nervous. He wasn't sure if he was only doing this because it was Quinn's request. Although Quinn might have not noticed it, Sil listened to Quinn a lot and would nearly do everything he asked. Even despite them not talking as much these days.

"Well, I mean my worry is that Sil is one of the strongest people in existence. Especially around so many ability users, having him as a student you won't be able to keep an eye on him all the time." Sam explained.

However, Quinn wanted Sil to get better, there was a chance Vorden and Raten would never be brought back, and somehow Quinn needed him to get out of this rut.

"Don't worry about that, I have thought of that as well." Quinn replied.

Finally, they moved onto the last three people Quinn had brought with him.

Sam looked at this person confused for a few seconds. It was a male who looked quite plain. He didn't have any memorable features on his face, he had a normal short styled haircut that was within time and he looked like a plain guy.

"Who even is this guy!" Sam blurted out, realising he was losing it a little. He felt like his brain cells were weakening as he couldn't figure out Quinn's decision making, but found out that everything he said made sense.

"This is Bucky!" Quinn said as he held out his hand introducing him.

"Chucky," The man corrected Quinn.

"Chucky? You're taking someone with you whose name you don't even know?" Said Sam.

"Well, he will also be attending as a student and will be looking over Sil. I plan to have them attend the same class. Sil's main weakness is he needs an ability to copy, you know why he can't do so with the others, so that's why I have brought Chucky along as well. I also picked him because he doesn't stand out so much. I mean it's almost as if this guy has a second ability." Quinn answered quite proudly.

"And next you're going to tell me you brought the troublemaker along just to make your life harder?" Sam said bluntly, looking at Fex.

"No, Fex I brought along because I just wanted someone by my side." Quinn said quite seriously. "I want people I trust. Fex and I share some good memories at school with each other, and I want to make more. Honestly, I wanted everyone who I used to go to school with to come as well. I thought maybe it would serve as a good break after everything we've been through, but they seem to be a bit busy."

Now Sam was starting to understand Quinn a bit more. Although the reasons did make sense, it was pushing it a little. There were better candidates such as Linda and Dennis to take over the role of head general. Both of these had experience leading factions.

They would be able to spot talent within the students and the military and if something was to occur they would also be able to lead them. That's when Sam realised, he had brought Sil, Peter and Fex. Sil was a replacement for Vorden back then.

However, Erin and Layla had refused due to helping out Leo. Quinn just wanted to take everyone back to those times.

"And what about….Actually I think this is a good choice, but I didn't think you would pick her?" Sam said with his finger on his chin.

"That's because he didn't pick me, but I volunteered." Helen spoke. "I knew you guys would think I was too busy with Daisy and helping out with the beast planets, but my sisters deal with most of that stuff anyway, so everything will be fine even if I'm away."

For some reason, when Helen spoke, Quinn didn't say much either, even though Sam was waiting for him to say something. Placing his hand over his neck and pulling him over to one side Sam whispered.

"Hey, she isn't blackmailing you or something into this is she, what's wrong?" Sam asked.

"It's not that, I just don't really know how to deal with someone like her. She just came up and said, I know why Sam was talking about all that stuff. I want to be a part of that school. Then she started listing all the reasons why she would make a good head general and a teacher at the school. I just froze and said yes."

Shaking his head Sam didn't know what to do with this boy, or the strong headed girl, and was wondering if it really was good for the two of them to be working together.

"You're going to break a lot of hearts in the future Quinn, just be ready for some revenge from them." Sam said, patting him on the back.

"Huh, what are you talking about?" Quinn said, confused, as Sam returned to all the others.

"Alright, I guess that's everyone then, I'll send a message to Oscar and tell him who is coming. Everyone, it's time to get ready." Sam said.

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