Chapter 1173: 1173

In that moment, Prince realized that the breathing from the top of the tree had changed . The evil devil seemed like a ferocious tiger . He suddenly shifted his rifle, making a 45-degree turn with such an aggressive speed!

 Prince hadn’t had the time to make out the situation when suddenly, someone in the school bus raised the needle .

 As everyone watched on with bated breath, Bo Jiu moved so quickly her movements were a blur . The tattooed man watched in shock, completely caught off guard . The hand holding the rifle was instantly severed!

 Everything happened too quickly . It had been so fast the two at the side hadn’t had the time to react .


 No one could tell where the shot came from but that sound killed the criminal that was pointing a rifle at Bo Jiu’s head . Fresh blood splattered everywhere .

 The tattooed man screamed!

 From the other side, a criminal held onto a little girl . The sniper didn’t have an opening .

 At this moment, however, the youngster shifted . With a forceful movement, she leaped over and slammed the criminal’s wrist .

 The next second, with the force of momentum, the white coat turned into a weapon . With a sharp swoosh, the white coat landed, covering the criminal’s head . Pain and darkness exploded in the same moment . The second gunshot went off, speeding through the bus window . The glass shattered and went straight for the criminal’s head!

 Who was that? Who exactly was that sniper?

 Everyone was wondering about the same thing .

 The tattooed man turned to look at the ‘doctor’, the pain so excruciating his head was sweating . He narrowed his eyes, a murderous glow shining . “Who are you?!” He wasn’t a doctor at all but he hadn’t been able to tell!

 Large beads of perspiration rolled down his forehead .

 The tattooed man could feel his heart sinking . This seemingly harmless youngster, an unfamiliar face… How could such a person be this good?

 There was blood on Bo Jiu’s face but very quickly, even her fingers were injured . But that didn’t affect her aura at all . It was covered by a malice bred into someone who came from the darkness .

 She knelt down and glanced at the tattooed man, her lips curved up . “You’re asking who I am? Your sworn enemy . You can call me Daddy . ”

 The tattooed man couldn’t explain his emotions .  Daddy?!

 He wanted to kill her but the pain made him shrivel into a ball . Just then, the sound of people streaming in came forward .

 Bo Jiu turned towards the frightened child, reaching out to give him a hug and patting his back lightly . She wasn’t good at comforting children and could only use the method the Almighty had used on her when they had been younger . “Don’t be scared, Big Sister will get you candy later . It’s alright, your mom is outside, I’ll open the bus door . Everyone can alight one by one, don’t crowd together though, you might get injured . ”

 The frightened little boy moved as though he had come back to his senses . Sometimes, a hug was reassuring . The little kids knew they were no longer in danger .

 One of them, one of the more fearless ones lifted his head and pointed towards her sleeve . He was slightly shy when he asked, “Aren’t you a Soldier Uncle from the People’s Liberation Army? Why are you a Big Sister?”

 Bo Jiu: … Child, you don’t have to worry about such minor details!

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