Necropolis Immortal - Chapter 909

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The Yin Prince went into a brief daze upon hearing Lu Yun’s words. She blushed and responded stiltedly, “Thank you for the thought.”

Outside of the carriage, Shentu and Yulei scowled to hear the human youth compliment their mistress.

“Nothing good’s going to come from that pervert complimenting Her Majesty!” Yulei grumbled.

“But Her Majesty has indeed done much for the human race and there are indeed golden statues of her in many of the human tribes. That much is true.” Shentu was rather depressed. He knew this debauched womanizer was just trying to get closer to his mistress, but there was nothing to be done when the playboy spoke only the truth.


“Let us be on our way.” The Yin Prince waved a hand at those outside. She'd heard the discussion between Shentu and Yulei, but didn't express anything in return.

The black carriage was very large as it held a world of its own on the inside. Birds chirped and flowers abounded, it was a scene of vibrant life that was at exact odds with the tomb outside. The Yin Prince sat on a cushion and regarded Lu Yun curiously, but he didn't dare meet her gaze.

After all, he was the head perverted womanizer in the great wilderness right now, he wouldn't go looking for humiliation at a time like this.

He sat at the edge of this world and looked out the carriage windows. He could see the scene outside and how translucent shadows floated through the air.

“Is that them?” He blinked when he saw the shadows.

“Correct, that's them. Everything that dies inside Pangu’s tomb turns into those things,” sighed the Yin Prince. “Some of them are transformed from the living beings that existed before the great devastation, and some are from modern day connate demon gods. I’m just one person and even though I collect their corpses without rest, I can’t keep up with their pace of change.

“Therefore, I can only wait outside and scare off anyone who would enter. But for some reason, many are those who come seeking death.”

She glared at Lu Yun, who rubbed his nose nonchalantly.

The translucent shadows in the air were like yin spirits, but they weren’t yin spirits. They were a dead entity even more thoroughly dead than yin spirits, to the point where they almost didn’t exist. Even the beholder of the Tome of Life and Death, Lu Yun, couldn’t see them clearly for what they were.

“If hellfire can’t restrain them, what can?” He frowned. “All things in the world have their counter. Since they exist, then there must be something that can keep them down.”

He didn’t dare imagine what would happen if this group of things charged out of the tomb. At the very least, it was a given that current great masters wouldn’t be able to withstand them and would probably even be assimilated by them.

“This world would likely be completely destroyed and return to the chaos if they rushed out.” Melancholy filled Houtu’s face. “Thankfully though, they’re buried in Pangu’s tomb and rest here peacefully. But if there’s too many of them, the tomb will explode from their numbers!

“Unless… unless another existence on par with Pangu is willing to die here and form a second tomb.”

“So the great god really did willingly go to his death!” Lu Yun gasped.

Houtu rolled an irate eyeball at him. “Don’t make Pangu out to be so heroic. He was a living being too, so he also desired to survive. Who would willingly give up their life?”

Lu Yun smiled sheepishly.

“So where do those things come from?” He glanced at the shadows outside the window again.

“How would I know?” Houtu pursed her lips. “Alright, I’ve brought you to Worldcarver. It’s up to you on how you obtain the greatest treasure in the world.”

The Bell of Chaos was hailed the greatest connate treasure in the world as Worldcarver had exceeded the range of connate treasures. Thus, it was correct to call the axe the strongest treasure overall in the great wilderness.

The Yin Prince’s carriage had arrived outside Pangu’s tomb at some point in time. Through the window, Lu Yun could clearly see a towering giant standing in a patch of unknown space. His eyes were widened, filled with reluctance and remorse. An enormous axe emanating a marvelous presence and glinting frostily had sunk into his head, almost splitting his skull apart.

The great god Pangu and Worldcarver!

“So things really are like this!” Lu Yun alighted from the litter and took in everything with enormous shock. They weren’t in Mount Buzhou or the great wilderness anymore, but in another patch of space entirely. The translucent beings that seemed to exist and not exist at the same time had also disappeared.

“Worldcarver!” Lu Yun regarded the axe with new eyes when he realized something. “So it turns out the weapons of dao in the long-haired monsters’ hands are based off of Worldcarver!”

He took a deep breath and set foot into the unknown.

An uncommonly heavy presence immediately pressed down on him from all sides. If it wasn’t for his body of the world, he would’ve been immediately smashed into minced meat in this strange place.

“This Flame Emperor of the human race has a few tricks up his sleeve alright! He’s able to remain standing here!” Battle intent thrummed through Shentu’s veins when he saw the human youth set foot into space and remain unharmed. “I must spar with him when we depart from here and see who’s the real god of war between us!”

Shentu was Houtu’s strongest guard; he’d slain three hundred demon gods when they’d mobbed her for protecting the human race. He’d even defeated Dijiang and Nuanzi, putting an end to their offensive through sheer intimidation alone.

Now that he saw such a master emerge from the humans, a great desire to see who was superior brewed in his heart.



Space itself suddenly trembled as the shadow of an enormous tree materialized in the air and took root in the center of the area. Hellfire immediately blazed into existence and turned the vicinity into a world of hellish flame.

Color drained out of Shentu’s face and he darted for the safety of the carriage’s shadow.

“He, he can control that demonic tree and summon hellfire? In that case, who can stand up to him when he’s in that fiery ocean?”

He possessed the confidence to battle with Leize, but none of that remained when faced with the horrifying inferno. He could even withstand hellfire burning on its own, but an entire ocean of it could reduce the entire great wilderness to ash, to say nothing of a body of flesh and blood!

“Though he has hellfire, it still won’t be that easy for him to pick up Worldcarver.” Houtu rested her chin in both hands and silently studied the human at the center of the flames. “Worldcarver recognizes only Pangu.”

Lu Yun sat cross-legged in the air, surrounded by hellfire. He stared fixedly at the towering giant in front of him and silently operated the nascent spirit observation method.


Flames surged and roared, marshaling for a mighty giant rising from the ocean.


Pangu in the flesh!

Lu Yun had projected Pangu’s true form with the nascent spirit observation method!

Houtu goggled at the sight. Shentu and Yulei were even more flabbergasted that a human had somehow materialized Pangu in the flesh.

Indeed, the great god was here in person!

Lie Shan’s projection was completely the same as the body who stood in space, not just in terms of appearance, but also in divine bearing and presence. The only difference was Lie Shan’s version was far weaker than the real Pangu and only possessed the human’s cultivation level, but this was still extraordinarily frightening.


Pangu’s form disintegrated in the next second and returned to the sea of hellfire.

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