New Age Of Summoners - Chapter 547

Chapter 547: Fairy's treasured mirror

Keshe was shocked to hear Ajax's words and felt somewhat unbelievable and asked him, "Can you explain what exactly happened?"
She wanted to know what happened to Ajax and his friends that made his friends run into the cursed wilderness.
Ajax hesitated for a moment and thought whether he should explain to her or not?
"If you don't want to explain, then don't force yourself," Seeing the hesitant look on Ajax's face she assumed that Ajax didn't want to say about his past. So, she asked him not to say if he didn't want to say.
"No no no. It's not like that," Ajax shook his head and continued to explain about his past, "I used to live in an orphanage and...."
Ajax completely said about his past while hiding some information about the system and its trial and he ended with, "I want to find my friends. Will you help me?"
"I still don't understand why someone wanted to kill the poor children. Compared to you humans, we, spirit beasts are much better than you,"
After completely listening to Ajax's story, Keshe felt pity towards the children in the Silver Orphanage and disgust towards the mastermind of the massacre and she felt that spirit beasts were much better than humans.
Ajax didn't say anything and waited for her to answer his question
"So, you want me to help you in finding your friends?" Keshe slowly digested the complete information of Ajax's past and asked him while thinking something in her head, 'How can they be still alive in the cursed wilderness. They are not even cultivators...sigh'
She sighed when she thought about the facts regarding Ajax's friends.

"Yes, big sister. As long as you help me with this, I will definitely help you in the future," Ajax nodded his head while promising that he would help her in the future.
"I have no problem in helping you in searching for your friends; however, do you still believe they are alive even after these many days?"
Keshe asked with a worried look on her face because she knew the pain of losing friends.
That's right! According to her, Ajax's friends might have been dead; however, she could not say it directly to Ajax's face and indirectly asked him.
"Yes. It is my gut feeling that they are still alive,"
Ajax clenched his fists as he replied to her with a confident look on his face.
When she saw the confident look on his face, for some reason, she even changed her thoughts and started believing his words.
"Okay then. I will try my best in finding them," Keshe nodded her head and agreed to help him before saying, "I can send my spirit beast friends to search for your friends."
"Thank you, big sister. Thank you very much," Ajax became emotional all of a sudden and controlled his tears as he thought in his head, 'Finally, I am coming for you, friends.'
"Silly boy. Don't cry. We will definitely find your friends," Keshe shook her head when she saw how emotional Ajax was and tried to console him.

Ajax wiped his tears from his face and all of a sudden he thought of something and hurriedly asked Keshe, "However, do you know if the humans you found are my friends or not, Big sister?"

This was a doubt Ajax had when he thought back to Keshe's words of sending her friends to search the various parts of the cursed wilderness.
However, he shook his head as he remembered that it was easy to identify them because there would be very few humans in the middle-section and the inner section of the cursed wilderness; what's more, all three of his friends were less than 18 years old and it was very easy to find them.
So, he stopped worrying about it and asked Keshe, "Shall we start searching for my friends, Big sister?"
Since he was in the middle section of the cursed wilderness, he wanted to find his friends as soon as possible and with the help of Keshe and her spirit beast friends, their search would become easy.
"Oh little brother, I need some time to assemble all my friends. So, why don't you go and take some rest and come back after a week or so? By that time, I will find your friends. What do you say?"
However, Keshe asked Ajax to wait for some time because she needed to ask her friends to help her in searching for Ajax's friends. 
Considering the size of the cursed wilderness, if they search on their own, it would take months for them to search most of the parts in the cursed wilderness. 
Moreover, she noticed that Ajax was tired after the battle with the elite demon general and asked him to go back to his mercenary squad building to take some rest and asked him to come back after a week or so.
Ajax kept his hopes high in finding his friends; however, when he heard Keshe's words, he started stammering his words.
"Don't say anything now. From your pale face, I can easily say that you need some rest,"
Keshe stopped him from saying anything and she assured him, "Since I have nothing to do anyway, finding your friends is my first priority now. So, I want you to take a break."

"Thanks, big sister,"
Ajax once again thanked her before saying, "I will come back in a week. I hope I have some good news by then."
After saying that, Ajax turned and moved towards the exit of the cursed wilderness.
"Little brother, wait for a second,"
Before Ajax could move away, Keshe stopped him and walked towards him before taking a mirror out of thin air.
"Touch this mirror and think of your friend one by one,"
Without explaining anything, Keshe just asked him to touch the mirror before thinking about his friends' faces.
Ajax nodded his head and did as she asked.
 Item name:- Fairy's treasured mirror.
 Artifact type:- Defensive/ supportive

 Grade:- Heaven type
 Uses:- 1) Blocks one full-power attack from the elite general realm per day
 2) Block and reflect all attacks below the elite general realm indefinitely. 
 3) Can show the thinking of a person when he/she touches it.
 Special effect:- 1) Impale:- When the owner uses any attack, nothing can obstruct her attack.
 Note:- Artifact is bound to Keshe, the forest fairy.
As soon as he touched the green-coloured mirror, the system sent the information about it which made Ajax surprised.
'It is a rare defensive and supportive type artifact,' Ajax silently thought in his head and slowly read the uses of the artifact while thinking about his friends' faces in his mind. 
'It has some good uses,'
Ajax nodded his head when he saw uses of the fairy's treasured mirror; however, when he saw the special effect, he was truly shocked.
'Is this the one that helped Keshe's arrow travel through the huge demonic shield without any obstruction?' Ajax remembered how the elite demon general had died and related it to this special effect.
Keshe noticed the shocked expression on Ajax's face and raised her brows.

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