New Age Of Summoners - Chapter 718

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As soon as he reached the 36th pillar, Ajax collapsed onto the ground; however, he didnt close his eyes and waited for the benefit that the old voice in his head said .
All of a sudden a light beam came out of the 36th pillar and entered into Ajaxs body; however, from his position, he could not see that light .
Nevertheless, he felt that something had entered into his body .
Detected a complete body tempering cultivation technique . Do you want to learn it?
With each passing second, Ajaxs consciousness was getting weaker; however, before he could completely lose his consciousness, he got a system notification that gave him quite a surprise .
Ajax said in a weak tone and as soon as he agreed he got another system notification which he agreed without thinking much .
Currently, for him, the cultivation technique is important . So, he didnt hesitate to spend the essence of nature .
5000 units of the essence of nature are consumed .

Sending all the knowledge relating to the body tempering cultivation technique into the hosts head .
When he heard the last system notifications, Ajax felt he would receive another pain; however, to his surprise, there was no pain or whatsoever .
Conjugations to the host for successfully learning the Radiant sun cultivation technique .
He didnt wait for much time before he got the system notification for the cultivation technique .
Moreover, he didnt have the mood to check the information on the cultivation technique as he started following the instructions in his head and circulated the cultivation technique .
It feels like I am in heaven,
Just after a few moments of circulating the cultivation technique, Ajax felt like all his injuries started recovering and the most important thing was he was enjoying the feeling .
He didnt stop rotating the cultivation technique and with each passing second, he was recovering his energy while his tiredness started to disappear .
A few minutes back,
In the distance,
All of the vagrant cultivators were shocked to see Ajaxs actions and no matter how much they wanted not to get shocked, they were unable to suppress their shocks when they saw the light beam enter into Ajaxs body from the 36th pillar .
Seward, what is that light ray?

The guild master hurriedly asked thinking something might happen to Ajax .
If something happened to Ajax, then they have to face the wrath of a powerful cultivator . So, the guild master was ready to rush towards Ajax .
There is nothing to fear,
Elder Seward came out of his daze and started explaining, You all know about my body tempering cultivation technique, right? I got that technique from the 36th pillar .
You got that cultivation technique from the pillar?
Actually, where did you get these pillars from?
Soon, everyone asked various questions regarding the pillars and cultivation technique .
Thats right! Ajax got the same cultivation technique which I got 20 years ago and as for the origin of the pillars was from an inheritance land in this secret realm,
Elder Seward slowly explained each and every question with patience .
What the hell?
You found an inheritance land in your secret realm?
Elder Ramon was the one who got shocked when compared to other vagrant cultivators .
Idiot . . . I already said to you but you are the one who said you will not endure the scorching heat and rejected the invitation,

Elder Seward scoffed at Elder Ramon before saying to other vagrant cultivators, Also when I invited you, you were all busy with your own secret realms and later you did not have time to learn new cultivation techniques .
Elder Seward didnt want others to misunderstand him . So, he tried to remind them about what they were doing at the time .
It is difficult for the high-level cultivators who already have more cultivation techniques to learn new cultivation techniques . So, everyone rejected; however, its been a long time since then . So, they forgot some details .
Okay . . . lets not talk about it,
The guild master shook his head and asked, Ajaxs body is recovering and all the burns on his body are also disappearing .
Also, what about the other disciples? Cant they learn the cultivation techniques from you?
Since he knew the benefits of the cultivation technique, the guild master asked with a serious look on his face .
Its impossible to pass the cultivation technique to others . Also, it took me more than a year to grasp something and took me another year to reach the grade 1 body . With each increment in the grade, the time taken to reach the next grade is getting more and more . Finally, after 20 years, I am at grade 6 Radiant sun body,
Elder Seward explained how hard the cultivation technique and made other vagrant cultivators bitterly shake their heads .
It was not for their sake, they were asking for the sake of their personal disciples .
However, there is no need to worry . The longer they stay in that area and temper their bodies, reaching peak grade 4 and grade 5 is very much possible,
In the next second, Elder Seward explained and made them nod their heads .
. . . . .
At the various pillars, everyone was tempering their bodies while enduring the pain and from time to time, someone would become unconscious .
As soon as they become unconscious, they would be teleported to the first pillar .
Among all the young cultivators, Ajax was the only one who was enjoying that area .
With each circulation of the body tempering cultivation technique, Ajaxs body would become a little stronger with the help of the heatwave at the 36th pillar .
Congratulations to the host for unlocking the Radiant sun body . Please check the effects to know more about it .
After a couple of hours, Ajax finally received a system notification that made surprise; however, he didnt stop circulating the cultivation technique .
Radiant sun body?
It was his first time hearing that type of body; however, he could guess that he was not the first to unlock this type of body .  
Elder Seward must have this special body . No wonder, he body is too strong,
Ajax revealed a slight smile and slowly stood up while circulating the cultivation technique .
Special body name:- Radiant sun body (Passive)
Strength:- Grade 1 
Effect:- 1) Two times strong defences compared to normal bodies of the same grade .
Note:- This type of body is not stacked with the effects of a normal body .
After standing up, he checked the information on his special body and he was a little surprised by the first effect; however, he felt it was normal to have the effect .
Because it looked like the most basic effect of the special body .
I think, I have no use for this body until  I reach rank 4,
After reading the note on the holographic screen, Ajax came to that conclusion; however, that didnt affect him much as he had enough confidence to increase the grade of his special body .
Moreover, it is still grade 1, if it becomes grade 5, then it might be compared to grade 6,
Ajax was excited as he thought about the grade 5 radiant sun body .
Without any further thoughts, he directly sat down and focused on tempering his body with the radiant sun cultivation technique .

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