Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 1965

True Immortal Jiaoqi arrived, appearing as overbearing as ever . However, when he walked off his war chariot, everyone couldn’t help being stunned .

“The fifth Heavenstage of Life Star? How did he advance so quickly?!”

Just three months ago, when True Immortal Jiaoqi had fought Hu Feng, he had just broken through to the second Heavenstage of Life Star . But now he was at the fifth Heavenstage .

“The rumors say that he refined his race’s only drop of qilin essence blood . Perhaps the growth of his cultivation base is related to that . ”

“Then doesn’t that mean that the qilin-drake race has bet their entire future on him?”

“Probably . Not only that, I heard True Immortal Jiaoqi managed to fully awaken his manifestation . There’s no way to estimate his power any longer . ”

Countless figures on Heavenly Fate Island were staring up in shock at True Immortal Jiaoqi . The people permitted to come here were either geniuses or people on the level of sect masters . They were all at the Life Star realm, with even Netherpassage experts amongst the seniors .

These seniors couldn’t help feeling that they were past their prime . They had once been figures that had led their generation . When they were young, they were the ones creating waves on the continent . But now, they saw their disciples advance to the Life Star realm at such a young age . They had no choice but to admit that this era was not their playing field . They had been reduced to spectators .

Monsters like True Immortal Jiaoqi in particular were so powerful that they made them feel despair . Even the old monsters that had been living for countless years had to retreat in front of him . The change in eras meant that they had to accept their age .

True Immortal Jiaoqi was extremely arrogant, and he directly entered Heavenly Fate Island with his Qilin War Chariot .

He had only just arrived when another group of people came . They weren’t as overbearing as True Immortal Jiaoqi, but they also raised waves .

“It’s Xie Luo!”

The Righteous path’s experts retreated with fear . The leader of this group was Xie Luo, and there was a skeletal mark on his forehead . Where the skeleton’s eyes were supposed to be, there were two flickering ghost flames . Just looking at them caused sharp pain in people’s souls . They suddenly realized that their Yuan Spirits had been injured just by looking at them .

Beside Xie Luo were the other peak geniuses of the Corrupt path . Of the Three Corrupt Kings, Gui Yan was present, and while Ming Jie had been killed, he was now replaced by a short man who looked like a child .

“That one’s Yan Wei . Supposedly, he was rivals with Ming Jie, and while they were mostly evenly matched, Ming Jie had a more powerful background, so his status was greater than Yan Wei . ”

Quite a few Righteous experts gathered in front of Heavenly Fate Island . Heavenly Fate Island had done this on purpose, saying that they were busy arranging things inside and having the Righteous experts wait outside . However, the experts from the other factions were allowed to enter .

When people questioned them over this, their reply was that they hadn’t expected so many people from the Righteous path to come . There were only so many seats, and they were currently expanding things .

However, no one believed this excuse . Heavenly Fate Island was clearly intent on giving them a show of power .

Xie Luo didn’t say a word and walked into Heavenly Fate Island . He was much more low-key than True Immortal Jiaoqi . Gui Yan and Yan Wei also didn’t say anything . Their gazes swept through the Righteous path’s experts, and their silent disdain was the greatest insult .

“Fuck, who do they think they are? Didn’t they still have the crap beat out of them by senior apprentice-brother Long Chen?” Someone spat on the ground .

Suddenly, the world rumbled . A giant flame sphere shot over like a meteorite, making everyone jump .

That flame sphere was covered in divine runes . Its power was horrifying .

“Get out of the way! It’s a paragon art!”

However, the flame sphere began to slow down, eventually dissipating and revealing a man wrapped in flames .

“Huo Lieyun?”

Startled cries rang out . It was actually Huo Lieyun, whose physical body had been destroyed by Long Chen . With his physical body destroyed, he had been cast aside from the rankings of the peak heavenly geniuses . No one had expected him to have recovered .

“No, that isn’t a physical body . His body is made of flame runes!” Someone suddenly noticed that his body wasn’t wrapped in flames . It was made of flames!

“He actually replaced his physical body with a flame body? He looks even more terrifying than before!”

Huo Lieyun’s flame fluctuations were so powerful that even Netherpassage experts felt afraid . If Huo Lieyun were to go all-out, just how terrifying would he be?

Huo Lieyun glanced at the crowd . People were shocked to see that he no longer had pupils, instead, there were two flame runes . The current Huo Lieyun was no longer even human . He was a humanoid flame monstrosity .

“Anyone related to Long Chen, listen well . After I kill Long Chen, I’ll exterminate all your sects . ” Huo Lieyun coldly looked over the crowd .

His voice was not the voice of a human . It had a metallic grinding sound to it .

“That’s purely bragging . I refuse to believe it . ” A disdainful voice rang out . A cloaked man appeared with a bow on his back .

“Mo Nian!”

Everyone instantly recognized this person . On the Martial Heaven Continent, only Mo Nian liked to wear a cloak that covered the upper part of his face .

Just looking at his chin, many people might mistakenly think that whoever was inside was a fatty . But once he took off his cloak they would find that he wasn’t actually fat . It was just some leftover baby fat .

Mo Nian lazily pulled off his cloak, revealing his handsome face . This was one of his signature moves, but to be considerate to someone, he didn’t use his signature slogan .

“Tsk tsk, young people shouldn’t be so fiery all the time . Don’t carelessly end up burning yourself to cinders,” said Mo Nian . He looked curiously at Huo Lieyun’s new body .

Huo Lieyun roared and suddenly smashed a fist at Mo Nian . Flame energy condensed into a giant fist of flames .

“He’s also reached the fifth Heavenstage of Life Star!”

People immediately sensed his realm and couldn’t help being shocked .

Mo Nian snorted and his bow twanged . Space distorted, and Huo Lieyun’s attack actually vanished within that twisted space .

“This is spatial energy! How is that possible?!”

The Netherpassage experts let out startled cries . That was no ordinary magical art . It was a kind of law, something that even Netherpassage experts had only just managed to touch upon . How could Mo Nian possibly use such a profound power?

“Heaven and Earth Lock!”

After resolving Huo Lieyun’s attack, Mo Nian took out a formation disc . The power of a dozen divine items suddenly erupted .

The formation disc transformed into runic chains that were connected to a dozen divine items . Those divine items lit up, but all their light was absorbed by the chains . In the end, the divine items crumbled away, becoming nothing more than scrap iron .

The divine items were crippled, but the runic chains blazed with light . They pierced toward Huo Lieyun .

Huo Lieyun had prepared another attack after having his first attack failed . This new attack struck the runic chains and disappeared . Meanwhile, the chains enveloped Huo Lieyun, binding him .

“It’s bad for your body to be so fiery . Let me help cool you off . ”

Just as Huo Lieyun was chained, Mo Nian shockingly pulled down his pants, and a stream of urine fell toward Huo Lieyun .


Everyone’s jaws dropped . They were dumbfounded . What was Mo Nian doing? He was a peak genius, someone on the same level of fame as Long Chen . He would actually piss on someone?

Some of the female cultivators hastily turned away, not daring to look . Mo Nian was too shameless to even do such a thing .

Huo Lieyun’s body was made of flames . The heat coming from him instantly vaporized his urine .

“Ah, brother, your flames are too strong . I can’t help!”  Mo Nian was unable to extinguish Huo Lieyun’s flames .

“Mo Nian, I will tear you into a million pieces!” Huo Lieyun roared, and the chains binding him exploded . Even though he had sacrificed a dozen divine items, those runic chains could only hold him for a second .

However, Mo Nian was also quite amazing to finish peeing in just a second . A normal person definitely couldn’t do that .


Huo Lieyun’s flame energy erupted, and a sea of flames filled the surrounding space . He was about to attack when he suddenly stopped, staring in shock at Mo Nian .