Apocalypse Gachapon-Chapter 656: Weird lab

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Chapter 656: Weird lab

Of course, he wasnt doing this to catch the dried corpses; he had to confirm the position and situation of the lab.

After all, that was his end goal.

After this period, Ya Tian became a four-star evolved. But Ye Zhongming had no five-star potions, so her further evolution would wait until they got out.

But with her current level, the equipment Ye Zhongming gave her, and the set, Ye Zhongming felt like she could deal with a five-star evolution. If she got better at using her bodys changes and battle skills, she could even fight with a strong six-star evolved with the help of the silver zombie. As for the outcome, it would depend on the strength of that evolved.

The world was very silent when he got out of the tunnel. Probably because it had been long since they came up, Ya Tian looked around greedily and showed her desire to live on the ground.

Once things end, you will live like this every day. Stop envying, lets go.

Ye Zhongming smiled. After these few days, it was tough for him not to like this little girl. When her heart had no hatred, she was a kind person.


She acknowledged before giving Ye Zhongming a wide smile. Her dimples were very deep, and her smile was as sweet as her name.

Ye Zhongming turned his head and thought about something Should he have a child with Xia Lei, Miya, and even Liang Chuyin, with whom nothing had happened yet, but something was certain to happen? To give himself a descendant?

This thought shocked him, and he quickly tossed them aside and started to find the lab position using the map he got.

As the city changed significantly during the year, he spent a long time finding the place. But the outcome wasnt satisfactory as he saw that the building was covered in branches.

Ye Zhongming was familiar with them as they belonged to the King Death Tree. 𝐟𝗿𝗲𝗲𝘄𝗲𝐛𝐧𝐨𝘃𝗲𝗹.𝗰𝐨𝐦

Before he confirmed the strength of that tree that occupied the entire city, he didnt want to have a conflict with it. Although it looked less shocking visually than the Heaven Tree, it still occupied a city. Ye Zhongming was wary. He was just a passerby, and it was best if he could leave peacefully.

As for the future, he already got its seed and could study it after heading out.

But his target was being trapped inside. He had no choice but to barge in.

We will be noticed when we get in, so we have to be quick. Walk around before leaving, and dont fight too much. If not, the dried corpses will block us in.

Ya Tian was young, and this was her first time in battle. Ye Zhongming had to instruct her. She was serious and nodded like a little woodpecker.

Ye Zhongming did a hand sign, and the three charged into the building. Moon Edge flashed, and the branches were sliced, allowing them in.

The building was dark, which made Ye Zhongming much more wary.

Maybe because no one had been here in a long time, there was a weird smell like it was decomposing, but it also smelled like it did not.

Ye Zhongming lowered his breathing frequency and led the twins in. Some light sticks were tossed around to provide light for the three.

These were prepared before he came, and he was reluctant to use them in the tunnels.

Ordinary things in peacetime became rarer and rarer in the apocalypse.

Many of the walls here were broken. The branches of the Death King Tree turned this place into its nest, but fortunately, there werent any dried corpses.

Ye Zhongming struggled to find a sign on the wall beside the lift. He rubbed the dirt and saw that he was on the 6th floor. This was the lab's office location, but it didnt show where the lab was.

This was a problem. Should he search every floor? That seemed like the only choice.

Ye Zhongming wasnt allowed to overthink. At most, he would get Ya Tian and Ya Ni to search the 3rd to 6th floors.

He himself would be in charge of the first two and the three basement levels.

Ye Zhongming was quick and kicked each door open. He left when he saw that it wasnt what he wanted.

It wasnt on the second floor and wasnt on the first floor either.

Ye Zhongming wanted to continue down, but he heard some movement from above. The twins probably didnt notice anything, either.

When they were at the stairs, Ye Zhongming saw that the tunnel had collapsed.

He turned around and sliced the lift door open. He looked down and saw that the lift was above, and the lift well was unobstructed.

He jumped down without hesitation and reached the 3rd-floor basement.

He sliced the door open similarly and tossed the light stick.

What welcomed him was a circular metal door with a technological feeling.

He was delighted instead of worrying. The lab was possibly behind this metal gate.

He used Moon Edge to slice it apart. This high-tech door that bombs couldnt blow up was weak, like tofu. He spent slightly more time on it then the lift door before he managed to break it open. novelbuddy.co(m)

Ye Zhongming didnt enter right away but listened in. There was still the sound of the twins above, but nothing else.

Ye Zhongming was wary. Logically speaking, the branches were a part of the Death King Tree. If he saw them, they should be connected with the main body. They had already entered the building for a few minutes. Even if the dried corpses hadnt rushed over, they should be on the way. Why wasnt there any movement?

He hesitated but still entered the place. He used the light to take a look. It was a giant lab. Equipment that he didnt recognize was placed around, and these should be the things that Liu Zhenghong wanted.

Ye Zhongming turned and wanted to leave. His goal was reached, so he would bring more people next time. That would be when he would leave Lin Hai.

But before he walked out, a flash of light made him stop!

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