Apocalypse Gachapon-Chapter 657: Life in the dark room

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Chapter 657: Life in the dark room

The light wasnt very eye-catching, just a flash. This place was dark. If not, he might not have spotted it.

But in such a dark room, even if he had already turned around, the slight change in light still alerted him.

Ye Zhongming turned his head and looked towards where the light came from. He was nervous.

This wasnt his fault.

A year had passed. Not to mention Linhai, even electricity in other cities had broken. Some factions might have light like Cloud Peak, but it was because they found generators from the wheel. free(w)ebnov(e)l

But in a closed city, a closed building. Would there be electricity? Not.

But Ye Zhongming saw that the light was from some device.

What did that mean? Someone was here!

But the branches had wrapped the entrance here; it was impossible that someone had entered and left no tracks. Was someone trapped here?

Ye Zhongming walked over slowly, but he stopped after a few steps. His ears twitched, and he squinted his eyes.

Above was the sound of the twins suddenly in battle! ๐‘“๐“‡โ„ฏโ„ฏ๐‘คโ„ฏ๐˜ฃ๐“ƒ๐‘œ๐˜ทโ„ฏ๐‘™.๐‘๐‘œ๐‘š

A sneak attack on both floors?

Was it a coincidence, or was someone controlling everything?

Ye Zhongming only heard for a few seconds before walking forward. He was confident in the twins. Even if Lin Xing came, the two sisters could fight him with their Submissive Companion set.

Then, it was time for him to see what it was.

Stop There!

A sudden voice was ten meters away, which caused Ye Zhongming to stop.

After learning the Soul Refining Technique and having his mental energy field, this was the first time a lifeform could get ten meters from him without him noticing.

There was a slight creaking. Ye Zhongming looked, and then he instinctively took two meters back. He raised Moon Edge and was ready to attack.

He used the slight light from the entrance, and he guessed what this was.


2.5m in height, human features, but the skin was brown like a bark. The arms had wooden patterns, and the exposed part even had wooden joints!

A pair of thick, long legs that didnt look human started to turn into wood-like upper limbs.

What was shocking were the hands and feet. They were made of four branches, and the tips were sharp. The joints were very thick, too.

The treant wore a big blanket that looked tattered from being ripped by the growing body.

Scram Out!

Still had a hoarse voice. It wasnt loud but ear-piercing. It raised an arm and aimed it at Ye Zhongming.

He didn't move and was just sensing. But the outcome was like before. Even if the treant stood before him, he felt that person didnt exist. Or rather, it merged perfectly with the environment.

This was something he had never faced.

Since he couldnt sense it, he couldnt confirm its evolution level.

To be careful, Ye Zhongming knew that the safest thing to do was to leave.

You should go all out when you need to, but if you dont have to, you should get as far away as possible.

But Ye Zhongming needed the equipment here. He had a Nobel prize winner waiting for them to create gene warriors no weaker than crystal weapons. How could he get frightened away by two words from a monster?

Ye Zhongming looked around and finally saw where the light came from.

It was a machine. Ye Zhongming didnt know what it was used for, but he was sure he hadnt seen it before. There were some weird pictures on the screen, and below it was some data.

From its position, that treants body had blocked it so that Ye Zhongming didnt see the light. But when he left, the treant was not careful, and the body moved to reveal a corner. It then tried to cover it, which caused the light to disappear.

He was using the machine!

He couldnt hear a sound, so it should be far away or a high-level item from the wheel.

This treant was smart. Either it was a mutated lifeform or a human who mutated after getting some ability.

These guesses surged into Ye Zhongmings brain and turned into killing intent.

No matter which it was, this fellow had conflicting interests with Cloud Peak. As long as their interests conflicted, Ye Zhongmings habit was to use blood and life to solve it.

Moreover, the twins were fighting above, which had something to do with the treant.


The treant sensed his killing intent. He tried to say a word, but his talking speed was too slow. The moment he said it, Ye Zhongmings blade had arrived.

Seal: Mountain Blade!

The strong solo skill!

Huge pressure was on the treants body before the stars descended from the blade.

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The treant roared, and its body shook. An arm-thick branch appeared from behind. It started to spread apart to form an umbrella.

The blade light and umbrella clashed, which caused the leaves to scatter. Pain appeared on the treants face but it managed to block Ye Zhongmings job skill.

Not bad!

Ye Zhongming praised. He then used Flame Blade!

Treant? Then fire element attacks were good!

Star Blade along with Flame seal. The flame light lit the lab. The treant took two steps back from the pressure and spread its arms. New leaves appeared from its fingers, which aimed at the flame light. The leaves flew, and in a blink, there were a hundred. They then shattered, forming a green liquid that hit the flame light.

There was a sizzling sound followed by steam. Both skills clashed again before disappearing.

Two short clashes, which lasted for at most six seconds. Both sides were equal!

Ye Zhongmings will to win was ignited.

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