Card Apprentice Daily Log-Chapter 1876 Removing The Filth

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Chapter 1876 Removing The Filth

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Location- Unknown, Blood Rule Source

"Here," the Blood fog vessel of the Elder Anesthesia Dragon reluctantly plucked a scale from his tail with a hint of sadness, then handed it to Wyatt without any hesitation.

"Thank you, Your Majesty. I will show you what I am talking about," Wyatt said, extending a branch of his Elder Calamity Treant body to collect the Elder Anesthesia Dragon's scale.

Wyatt immediately separated that branch from his main body, and it took root on the surface, forming a wooden hand that appeared to have sprouted out of the surface to hold the scale.

The scale of a young Anesthesia Dragon was worth two devil-grade ingredients, indicating that the scale of a ruler-grade Elder Anesthesia Dragon would be priceless. Yet, Wyatt felt no allure for it, as it was tainted. The origin of this chapter's debut can be traced to N0v3l-B1n.

Wyatt did not want to touch the disgusting scale regardless of its worth in the market, but he knew that letting his repulsion surface would hurt the Elder Anesthesia Dragon's feelings. So, he went as far as instantly separating the branch that collected the scale from the Dragon.

The Elder Anesthesia Dragon's vessel suddenly responded staring at the newly formed scale, "It seems there is truth to your words."

"Your Majesty?" Wyatt asked the Dragon in surprise. Until now, the Elder Anesthesia Dragon had been very dismissive of Wyatt and unwilling to listen to his claim of a disgusting stain contaminating its body starting from its scales. Now, the Dragon was agreeing with Wyatt even before he had the chance to prove that his claims were not false. Wyatt wondered what brought about this change.

"I sensed a delay as my lost scale recovered; it wasn't instantaneous. This never happened before, even amidst battle. It could only mean something has dampened the sense of the scale's roots in my body, as you suggested," the Elder Anesthesia Dragon spoke with authority. When asleep, its recovery rate was almost instantaneous. However, now, for some reason, even when deeply asleep, its scale did not recover instantaneously.

Listening to the Dragon, Wyatt nodded in understanding and asked, "Your Majesty, may I use my unique eye ability on your body?"

"Um, sure," the Dragon agreed, nodding its serpent blood fog head.

With the Dragon's permission, Wyatt activated his soul pupils and scanned the entire true body of the Elder Anesthesia Dragon, starting from the newly formed scale. He found that the newly formed scale was born contaminated, with the stain covering it brighter than the other scales. Wyatt then recalled to his naked eye that the scale was dimmed in radiance compared to the other scales, meaning that the newly formed scale was more contaminated than the rest.

"So, what did you find?" the Dragon asked, no longer doubting Wyatt's claim as it too could feel the difference in the newly formed scale and its old scales.

Wyatt took a moment to carefully choose his words, mindful not to unsettle the Dragon. While the Dragon was no longer as dismissive of his words as before, it still didn't fully trust him. Wyatt understood he needed to tread carefully, especially considering he didn't know how the Dragon would react upon seeing the disgusting stains spreading across its body. The contamination from the stain was slow, and it was uncertain how long it had been present on the Dragon's body. If Dragons took pleasure in grooming themselves like cats, then the Elder Anesthesia Dragon might come to regret learning the truth about the appearance of its vibrant scales, which it was so proud of.

Wyatt utilized his spiritual power to project a 3D hologram of the Dragon's true body and proceeded with his explanation, "Your Highness, this is your body as you can see now, and this is your body as I see it with my unique eyes." Wyatt then projected a second 3D hologram of the Dragon's true body, this time with three-fourths of its body covered in disgusting black stains, right next to the first one so it would be easier for the Dragon to compare.

Wyatt opted to use the holograms instead of showing the Dragon the real thing using the scale it gave him because the actual contamination was even more repulsive than the stains depicted in the hologram. He hoped that this would prepare the Dragon for the blow it was going to receive learning the truth.

"What the heck is that disgusting thing? I don't believe it. How come I cannot sense its presence when it has spread over three-fourths of my body?" the Dragon exclaimed in disbelief.

"Your Highness, let me," Wyatt said, as he proceeded to mobilize his roots to encircle the branch holding the Dragon's scale, forming a simple array formation using his own body. The Elder Calamity Treant's body was very handy for array formation because of its capability of producing infinite branches and roots, which were incredible ingredients for setting up array formations.

"That's a simple separation array formation," the Dragon pointed out, wondering what Wyatt was planning by using such a basic array formation. It believed if the dark stains were mystical enough to escape its senses, then how could a basic array formation be able to help it see the stains? Besides, it cleans itself with liquid soul energy. It failed to see how Wyatt's basic array was going to be of any help here.

"Yes, Your Majesty. Please be patient," Wyatt nodded. The Dragon was right; the array formation he was using was indeed basic. However, that was all that was required to separate the disgusting stain from the Dragon's scale.

Any other cleansing methods, even high-level cleansing array formations, would fail to wash the stain as it was masking itself as part of the Dragon's body. However, with a separation array equipped with proper parameters regarding what it needed to separate, the array could effectively remove the stain from the Dragon's body, even if it was masquerading as part of the Dragon's natural form.

With Wyatt's command, the separation array formation commenced. Wyatt personally took command of the array instead of letting it operate autonomously because he wanted to use his soul pupils to guide it and ensure the complete instead of letting it operate autonomously because he wanted to use his soul pupils to guide it and ensure the complete removal of the dark stain covering the scale. After all, even if the scale was tainted once, it was still a priceless treasure in the end.

Soon, under the scrutiny of the vigilant Dragon, the shimmering white scale separated into two scales. One looked like the original shimmering clear white scale, while the other was a dark scale that, when looked at with microscopic vision, revealed a disgusting mixture of dark and revolting tentacles joining together to take the shape of the scale.

"What the heck is that? To think something so revolting has been contaminating my body without my knowledge. How ridiculous is this?" The Elder Anesthesia Dragon yelled furiously, its blood fog vessel taking several steps back in shock upon seeing the true nature of the black scales.

The Elder Anesthesia Dragon's vessel wasted no time in expressing its shock and anger. Instead, it rushed to its asleep true body and covered itself in an SSS-rank version of the basic separation array to rid itself of the invisible filth covering its body.

However, to the Dragon's surprise, regardless of how it operated the array formation, it was unable to separate any filth from its body. Then it realized that the dark filth was exhibiting a similar energy signature as its own body. So, it turned to Wyatt, saying, "Nazaka, it seems I need your eyes' assistance to get rid of the filth covering me."

"My pleasure, Your Majesty," Wyatt said, and he moved his spiritual sense to help the Dragon guide its array formation.

As Wyatt focused his spiritual sense to assist the Dragon, he delved deeper into the intricate workings of the separation array. With his unique eye abilities, Wyatt could discern the subtle differences between the Dragon's true form and the contaminating filth. Together, they adjusted the parameters of the array, fine-tuning it to specifically target and extract the dark filth without harming the Dragon's body.

With each adjustment, they observed as the array began to effectively separate the filth from the Dragon's scales. It was a delicate process, requiring precision and patience, but gradually, the tainted filth started to separate, revealing the Dragon's true radiance.

"Nazaka, did we get all of it?"

"Yes, Your Highness."

The Elder Anesthesia Dragon let out a sigh of relief as it felt a sense of ease, knowing its majestic body was now free of all the contamination. Its vessel body jaw dropped, witnessing the transformation, marveling at the power of Wyatt's unique abilities and the synergy between him and the array.

However, just when the Elder Anesthesia Dragon was thinking that the worst was over, the filth that they had just separated from its body gathered, forming a blob of dark filth. Witnessing the ominous response of the filth, both Wyatt and the Dragon stared at it in vigilance.

The dark blob quivered and writhed, pulsating with an unsettling energy. It seemed to possess a malevolent consciousness of its own, defying all the views of the Elder Anesthesia Dragon.