Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2872 I Will Handle Them!

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Chapter 2872 I Will Handle Them!

Zhan Lu initially intended to act as the middleman and introduce Li Feng to Lin Yuan and the rest.

Introducing Li Feng to Fortune Treasure Palace's special honor guests at such a time was a way of currying favor with him.

Most of the people allocated to Fortune Treasure Palace's branches were set. They only changed every 4,000 years.

Even if Treasure City was conquered and this branch was destroyed, Zhan Lu would still be responsible for rebuilding it once the crisis had passed.

This disaster was not within Li Feng's control, so it was unlikely that he would be blamed by Honor Absent Palace. Even if he received some punishment, he would still be able to retain his position as the City Lord of Treasure City.

Since it was highly likely that he would have to continue working with Li Feng, Zhan Lu was more than willing to invest in building their relationship.

However, he was responding to what Lin Yuan said. Changing the topic before he was done responding to Lin Yuan was unquestionably rude!

Now that Li Feng had introduced himself to Lin Yuan, there was no need for Zhan Lu to say anything.

Lin Yuan was the representative of these three special honor guests. Zhan Lu turned to look at him.

Lin Yuan's response would be Fortune Treasure Palace's stance.

Li Feng caught the direction of Zhan Lu's gaze. He noticed that the young man among the special honor guests was not the strongest of the lot.

Lin Yuan knew what his goal was. He had had a discussion with Yin Ruo before they arrived. Yin Ruo had also expressed that she would support the City Lord Manor's operation.

"City Lord Li, the crisis caused by the star pirates affects every person in Treasure City. We are all here. It's only right that we work with the City Lord."

Lin Yuan's words caused Li Feng's already positive impression of him to improve. This young man was well aware of the current circumstances.

Li Feng was already working with many of the factions in Treasure City. After accepting Li Feng's invitation, the factions began negotiating with him, which added to his troubles. He was extremely irritable now.

During this situation where their survival and doom were linked, they were still trying to negotiate. They were acting as though Li Feng was the only person living in Treasure City. It was not as though they would be able to continue living if Treasure City was destroyed!

Lin Yuan's words shone a light into Li Feng's heart.

Li Feng took a step forward and reached out a hand to Lin Yuan, "Treasure City thanks you for your help! On behalf of every person in Treasure City, thank you for your assistance!"

Lin Yuan reached out his own hand and grabbed Li Feng's hand.

Spring stood behind Lin Yuan and glared at Li Feng. She believed that Li Feng did not have the right to interact with Lin Yuan. These actions were crossing the line, in Spring's opinion.

But since Lin Yuan did not raise any opinions about it, Spring did not say anything either.

After shaking hands with Li Feng, Lin Yuan added seriously, "I am Fortune Treasure Palace's representative and need to be responsible for the entire Fortune Treasure Palace. The safety of all of Fortune Treasure Palace's honor guests has to be assured during this operation! freewe bnovel.com

"We are very sincere in offering our help. We aren't here for show. I hope that you can keep this in mind."

Lin Yuan's words caused all of Fortune Treasure Palace's honor guests, including Yin Ruo, a special honor guest, to let out a sigh of relief.

If it were possible, none of Fortune Treasure Palace's honor guests wanted to help Treasure City.

As the City Lord, Li Feng's role was to protect Treasure City. Not only could he collect a large salary from Honor Absent Palace, but he also attained significant benefits from the city.

All of them had come to Treasure City to take part in the Treasure Convention. Otherwise, they would not be staying in Fortune Treasure Palace!

Staying a single night in Fortune Treasure Palace was not cheap.

Treasure City's existence was truthfully unrelated to these people. They were only there because they had no other choice and had gathered together for warmth during this time of crisis.

Once Honor Absent Palace heard the news that Li Feng was not properly handling this disaster, Li Feng would have to face heavy punishment!

If they took this chance to understand these experts' divine kingdom abilities, they might be able to hold on longer, even if they never managed to attain victory.

This elderly man's words did not have the intended effect of raising the group's spirits.

Many species saw transforming the remains of the living into undead creatures as desecration of the corpse.

Many species believed in the cycle of souls and set up altars for worship.

Once a corpse was turned into an undead lifeform, the vitality in the body would change. This was undoubtedly the greatest contamination of a body!

Undead lifeforms were despised in the Sky Beyond the Clouds, and they were seen as the lowest of the low.

No expert wanted to be contaminated after death.

Moreover, even if he was capable of doing so, it was not as though the star pirates did not have Holy Spirit experts of their own.

At this moment, a soft voice said, "We don't have to be so pessimistic. Since we all see the two void passageways as problems, I will be the one to handle them! They will be gone before tomorrow afternoon.

"However, there are far too many Abyssal Beasts, and I won't be able to eliminate every single one of them. Rather than researching a way to deal with these two void passageways and fearing them, it will be better for us to try to come up with a way to combat the star pirates."

Lin Yuan's words were like a clap of thunder that left every person present trembling.

"What? He can handle the two pinnacle Class 3 void passageways? He can even eliminate the Abyssal Beasts?!"

Lin Yuan's words sounded like the declarations of a madman. But it was unlikely that this young man would be lying at such a time!

Lin Yuan held a high position in this group. As Fortune Treasure Palace's representative, they could only believe what he said.

If he spouted nonsense at such a time, he would become the enemy of every faction in Treasure City.

There were only a few tens of hours left until tomorrow afternoon. The existence of the two void passageways at that time would make everything clear. Once the two void passageways disappeared, they would be able to communicate with the outside world, and the star pirates would be less of a threat! ๐’ป๐“‡๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐˜ธ๐˜ฆ๐’ท๐“ƒ๐‘œ๐‘ฃ๐˜ฆ๐‘™.๐‘๐‘œ๐“‚

All the factions under Honor Absent Palace would come to Treasure City's aid.

On the way there, Lin Yuan had received a message from Winter through his soul. Since then, Lin Yuan had decided to remove the two void passageways.

The two void passageways had already expanded to an uncontrollable extent.

Once the void passageways reached Class 4, they would become frontage roads that were akin to beehives full of bees. At that point, they would become extremely difficult to deal with.

As long as the frontage roads existed, they would be able to quickly repair themselves even if the Class 4 void passageways were damaged.

At that time, even if they were suppressed by absolute power, it would take decades for them to be completely removed.

The star pirates and the person behind them who had opened the void passageways would not care what happened as a result of their actions.

Lin Yuan did not want the area around Treasure City to become decimated by the Abyssal Beasts. Moreover, Lin Yuan had already discovered that if he did not reveal some of his power, the people in Treasure City would be incapable of fighting back.

To Lin Yuan, this was terrifying!

Although Treasure City could no longer help Lin Yuan search for the person behind the star pirates, he still wanted to rescue some of Treasure City's morale.

Winter had yet to show himself because he was not only gathering information but was also setting up for their ambush.

The ambush was imbued with Winter's soul aura, and Winter could appear anywhere within the formation instantly. The formation also contained the chilling frost from within his body that could even freeze the holy spirits within divine kingdoms.

If Lin Yuan instructed Winter to destroy the two void passageways and revealed the power that was strong enough to take on the person behind the star pirates, the person in question would stand no hope of escaping!

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