Flash Marriage: He is a Wife-pampering Addict-Chapter 23 - : 023 Let’s Sleep Together

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Chapter 23: 023 Let’s Sleep Together

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The more Wen Ran tried to consider MO Xiuchen’s feelings, the more uncertain she became about how to explain. Finally, it was MO Xiuchen who interrupted her incoherent explanation, issuing his command, “Starting from tonight, you will sleep in the master bedroom.”


Wen Ran’s eyes widened in disbelief, as if she was imagining things.

Since MO Xiuchen returned, her heart was like a rollercoaster. She was so nervous that her intelligence seemed to decrease, and she foolishly asked, “So where will you sleep?”

MO Xiuchen’s eyes flashed with unusual emotion. He released her hand and moved a step backward, allowing her to think clearly. With a calm tone, he said, “We will sleep together.”

Sleep together?

Somehow, the grip on her nightwear loosened, and the candy-colored dress in her arms fell. Fortunately, MO Xiuchen was quick and caught it in time. Seeing his large hand holding her clothes, the heat rose in her face.

“Store these clothes away, they will be needed eventually.”

MO Xiuchen noticed her nervousness and embarrassment, which brought him inexplicable pleasure. Marrying her seemed to be a good decision; at least she didn’t repulse him.

His low voice carried mysterious intimacy into Wen Ran’s ears, the sound of her pounding heart making her feel giddy.

“Change into some other clothes and move into the room next door.”

MO Xiuchen pushed the candy-coloured dress into her hands and strode out of the room, without offering her a chance to refuse.

Wen Ran stood with her mouth half-opened, her face flushed, and her eyes wide in surprise. With indignant vexation, she muttered, “Bai Xiaoxiao, you’re the root of all this.”

Now, she had to move to the room next door and live with him.

As soon as MO Xiuchen returned to the master bedroom, he headed straight for the bathroom, washing the heat off with a cool shower.

When the heat calmed down, his eyebrows furrowed lightly. The decision to have Wen Ran move in with him seemed to be unwise.

If they shared a bed, he wasn’t sure if his ‘problems’ would persist. free webno vel

Wen Ran quickly changed her clothes, and without any luggage, she arrived at the room next door. The door was wide open, and she walked right in, just as MO Xiuchen emerged from the bathroom.

He was only wrapped in a towel. The well-defined muscles from regular workouts were highlighted by the bright chandelier, giving him a sensual allure. Wen Ran’s face, which finally managed to lose its blush, instantly turned crimson again.

Just like not long ago when MO Xiuchen saw her frozen at the door, she stood frozen, her clear eyes wide open, staring at his muscular chest. A drop of water was sliding down his visible muscles…

Before she could comprehend why, a cough from MO Xiuchen echoed in the silent room.

Wen Ran jumped in surprise and met MO Xiuchen’s dark gaze, belatedly realized what she had just seen. Her heart skipped a beat, and she turned around in shame and ran.

“Wen Ran! ”

Just as she started to move, MO Xiuchen’s husky voice came from behind her..

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