Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game-Chapter 1850 Learning

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Chapter 1850 Learning

Fang Heng stroked his chin again.


Why was he able to control the strength of the surrounding black fog so easily?

At the very least, many people in the Federation military possessed the Tier 2 lock ability.

However, they did not have such an ability.

Therefore, it could be concluded that the ability to control the black fog should not be an ability that normal people could possess after breaking through to Tier 2 of 'lock',

It was his problem.

So where did the crux of the problem lie?

As Fang Heng thought about it, he raised his head and looked around.

Most of Jite's men had lost their ability to fight after the first round of chain attacks. The remaining few barely managed to get up from the ground and they stared at Fang Heng in fear. They did not even dare to run.

Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh!!!

The black chains flew towards the remaining people!

Fang Heng quickly used the black fog chains to deal with Jite's remaining subordinates and looked outside the cave.

He heard the shouts of Aktu fighting outside the cave.

Not good.

Aktu might be in trouble!

Fang Heng didn't think too much about it and quickly rushed to the periphery of the cave.

He had to help Aktu solve his problem first!

Outside the cave, Aktu was fighting with Rhett.

He was fighting one against two, and he was worried about Fang Heng's safety. He just wanted to get rid of the two of them and go to the cave to save Fang Heng.

In his anxiety, he couldn't use his full strength and was suppressed by Rhett and his companion!


Rhett's figure dashed out of the black fog.

He threw a punch!


Aktu's black fog shield had absorbed most of the damage, but he was still knocked back by the punch. His blood was boiling.

What should he do?!

The two of them were too difficult to deal with. He could not get close to the entrance of the cave at all.

Fang Heng was the only one in the cave, and he was still cultivating. If he encountered danger and the ritual was interrupted...


After taking another punch from Rhett, Aktu retreated.

When he was anxious, he was easily distracted.

Rhett and Vera immediately took advantage of Aktu's distraction and attacked continuously, forcing Aktu to retreat away from the cave entrance. They were waiting for Jite to finish off Fang Heng and disrupt the magic array.

Aktu was continuously suppressed by his opponents, but there was nothing he could do. Just as he was feeling extremely uncomfortable, he suddenly saw a figure flying out from the cave behind him!


Aktu's heart skipped a beat when he saw the person's face through the black fog. He immediately revealed a look of pleasant surprise.


Rhett noticed Aktu's gaze and expression. His heart skipped a beat and he turned around.

What the hell!

He also noticed a black shadow dashing out of the cave.

It was coming towards him!

The black shadow rapidly approached him as its speed rose to the limit!

Sneak attack?

Rhett felt the killing intent coming from behind him. He snorted coldly and immediately changed his target. The fist that was originally aimed at Aktu was now aimed at the figure behind him!


Rhett let out a soft gasp in his heart as he threw a punch.

Before the first arrived, a black fog attacked first!


The fist shattered the thick black fog!

Then, his fist collided fiercely with the fist behind him!

Rhett immediately felt that something was wrong!

A punch was sent out, and an even greater strength came after!

He was unable to neutralize the strength of this punch and retreated a few steps!

Rhett was shocked by the punch.

How could there be someone who could suppress his skills and talent purely in terms of strength?

Rhett was even more surprised when he saw his face.

Fang Heng?!

It was him!

How was this possible?

It was clearly the same person!

The last time they met, his power was still above Fang Heng, and he firmly suppressed the latter.

But this time...

He was at a disadvantage?

Naturally, one of the reasons was that his stamina had decreased greatly.

However, it was not to the extent of this!

The biggest reason was still the black fog!

Rhett's expression was solemn.

Fang Heng had obviously mastered the ability to control the black fog!

D*mn it!

After Fang Heng and the Mundt Gang joined forces, both of their strengths had increased significantly!

When Vera saw Fang Heng come out, she could not help but snort coldly in her heart.

That idiot Jite.

It seemed like the operation had failed. He could not even handle such a small matter!

Aktu was pleasantly surprised after confirming that it was Fang Heng and shouted to him, "Fang Heng!"

Fang Heng asked Aktu as he forced Rhett to withdraw with a punch, "Are you alright?"

"Hehe, no problem. I'm very good."

Seeing that Fang Heng was safe and sound, Aktu's heart was finally at ease. He chuckled and looked at Rhett, "Then I'm relieved. They'll have a taste of being beaten up next!"


Aktu's eyes flashed with a strong fighting spirit, and his body was instantly enveloped in a layer of black fog!


The black fog could be operated in such a way? ๐“ฏ๐’“๐’†๐’†๐”€๐’†๐“ซ๐“ท๐™ค๐’—๐’†๐’.๐™˜๐™ค๐™ข

Fang Heng observed Aktu's actions and found them extremely interesting.

He would learn from him!

Fang Heng immediately manipulated the black fog to gather around his body, condensing the black fog to form an armor around his body.

Not bad!

Fang Heng's eyes lit up.

He only needed to use his spiritual power to control the black fog to condense it into an armor with extraordinary defensive capabilities.

The black fog was weightless and did not affect his agility at all!

Aktu was also shocked by Fang Heng's actions.

What was going on? How did Fang Heng know how to use the black fog?

Now was not the time to talk. Aktu temporarily restrained his doubts and whispered, "Fang Heng, think of a way to make them stay."


Aktu's hands formed a seal in front of him.


The black fog condensed into two huge palms behind him.

"Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh!!!"

He raised his palm high and pressed it down on the two individuals standing in front of him!


An area attack!

The palm exploded as soon as it landed on the ground, causing a wave of damage in the surroundings!

Rhett and Vera dodged back and forth in the gaps between the palm attacks!

This move was not bad!

Fang Heng watched from the side and could not help but praise in his heart.

A large-scale attack mode.

The consumption of spiritual power was not great. Moreover, it was divided into two parts. When the palm landed on the ground, it would explode, causing a second explosion of black fog, affecting an area within the area.

Other than that, he could control the black fog through his spiritual power.

Speaking of spiritual power control, one had to mention occultism.

Therefore, the hand seals and incantations of occultism could play a significant supporting role.

So if that was the case...

Looking at Aktu's actions, Fang Heng immediately understood.

"Not bad, not bad..."

Fang Heng muttered to himself. Then, he imitated him and formed the same hand seal in front of him.


Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh!!!

The black fog was immediately affected by his spiritual power and rapidly condensed behind Fang Heng!

In the blink of an eye, the black fog condensed into a dozen huge fists.

"Boom! Boom Boom!!!"

His fist smashed toward the area in front of him!


Rhett and Vera were shocked.

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