He Is Warmer Than Time-Chapter 1676 - : Always pay attention

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Chapter 1676: Always pay attention

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Although she was lying to herself, everything she had was far worse than what mu Mian had. It was really far worse.

As the saying goes, comparing people with others will make one angry.

Humans just couldn’t be compared to others. There was always someone better, and there was always a higher mountain. Where was the end to this comparison?

If mu Qin was content, she would have a good life.

She was working in a law firm, and her husband was the director of the state government office. He was quite capable and good -looking.

It was a pity that a man’s heart was not content, and she would never know how to write the word ‘content’.

She was lost in the ocean current of material desires. She hoped to become the focus and center of life. No one could steal her limelight, or she would be in so much pain that she would wish she were dead.

Tang Ji ‘an glanced at her indifferently and entered the house without saying hello.

Mu Qin quickly left.

In the side hall, Tang Ji ‘an walked to mu Mian’s side and took her hand to the dining room. “What is she doing here? I didn’t make things difficult for you, did I?”

Mu Mian wrapped her arm around the man’s waist. she’s married to sun mingkun. She’s here to invite us to the wedding in October.

“Oh.” Tang Ji ‘an nodded.

our wedding is just around the corner. I’m really a little nervous. Have all the guests sent out their invitations? ” mu Mian said as she held her fingers.

“It’s all been sent out.”

Mu Mian clapped her hands. oh my, I almost forgot. When we get married, am I going to wear a wedding dress or a Chinese suit? ”

“What do you want to wear?”

Mu Mian looked at him. my Yingluo is quite fond of a western wedding. I think that wedding dresses are very beautiful. I want to wear a wedding dress in the day and a Chinese dress at night. What do you think? ”

“I think it’s fine,” second young master Tang heaved a sigh of relief.

“Are you free tomorrow? I know there’s a wedding dress shop in Haicheng.

When I passed by their display window, I saw many beautiful wedding dresses.

Let’s go and pick them out tomorrow?”

“Ahem, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Tang Ji ‘an raised his eyebrows.

He would give her a call tonight to confirm if the wedding dress he had designed was completed. It would be delivered to her house tomorrow, and she would probably be surprised.

The next day, a sunny Saturday, Secretary Tang came to Si Nan mansion to report on the work, telling Tang Ji ‘an about the progress of Chengnan’s investment and factory construction. He said that there were already several factory owners who were not selected and felt that director Cheng was unfair.

Tang Ji ‘an nodded his head without changing his expression.


Secretary Tang began to report on other work.

Mu Mian was sitting on the sofa at the side. She glanced at the man who was working from time to time. She was quite anxious. Didn’t he promise to accompany her to look at the wedding dress?

This man, once he started working, he would forget to eat and sleep. He had been talking to Secretary Tang about work for more than three hours, and it was almost time for lunch.

After lunch, Secretary Tang didn’t know if he should leave or not.

What if he didn’t leave? was she going to chase him away?

No, she couldn’t be so insensible and interfere with his work.

After lunch, Secretary Tang left. Mu Mian heaved a sigh of relief and quickly said to Tang Ji ‘an, ” “Let’s go out too.”

“For what?” the man asked.

“Didn’t we agree to go and see the wedding gowns?” mu Mian’s face fell.

After all, they had only been married for a few days. If they didn’t read it now, it might be too late.

Tang Ji ‘an looked at his watch. yes, wait for me. I’ll handle two more documents.

The staff in the shop said that the wedding dress would be delivered at two O ‘clock in the afternoon, so she had to wait a little longer.

“Is it an important and urgent document?” mu Mian pouted..

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