I Have Awesome Luck-Chapter 265 - : 265 Points of Good Luck

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Chapter 265: 265 Points of Good Luck

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In the evening, Huo Jiling really took Li Muyao to eat Shacheng food. After dinner, Huo Jiling took Li Muyao to visit the Forbidden City. Huo Jiling sent Li free novelkiss.com

Muyao back to her apartment and left without even staying for a glass of water.

On the contrary, Li Muyao watched Huo Jiling thoughtfully close the door for her, as if she was the owner of this apartment.

Li Muyao glanced at the time on the wall. It was already past 1 am. She didn’t feel anything when she was shopping with Huo Jiling. After taking a shower, she realized that she had left her phone in Huo Jiling’s car.

Thinking about having lunch with Huo Jiling tomorrow, she didn’t turn on the computer in Huo Jiling’s study. After taking a shower, Li Muyao was indeed sleepy. She thought that it wouldn’t be easy to fall asleep in Jin City, but in the end, Li Muyao almost fell asleep.l She fell asleep in a few seconds, but the content of the dream was not very good.

Huo Jiling took out a white phone from his pocket. It was the phone that Li Muyao left in his car.

There were also three missed calls on the screen, and the caller ID showed the words “Uncle”(Li Yahua).

Huo Jiling then realized that Li Yahua had returned to Jin City today.

If Huo Jiling hadn’t been paying attention to Li Yahua’s messages, they would have been on the same plane as Li Yahua today.

There were not only missed calls but also text messages.

Huo Jiling thought for less than three seconds, then read out the four numbers 0815. He unlocked the passcode Li Muyao had set up. After unlocking it, Huo Jiling didn’t immediately click on the text message. Instead, he used his own phone and sent a small app to Li Muyao’s phone before clicking on the text message from Li Yahua.

[Uncle (Li Yahua): Yaoyao, did you come to Jincheng too? You said you would treat me to a meal last time. Why don’t you treat me to lunch tomorrow?] [Li Muyao: Alright, the roast duck restaurant opposite the financial building.]]

[Uncle (Li Yahua): Why hasn’t Yaoyao thought about it yet?]

[Uncle (Li Yahua): Who are you? Huo Jiling?]

[Li Muyao: Yes, Mooncake is asleep. I’ll tell her tomorrow that you’re going to have a meal.]] [Uncle (Li Yahua): You’re ruthless enough.]

[Li Muyao: Yeah]

Huo Jiling looked at the messages on his phone and pulled out the app he had just installed. In an instant, only the first two messages were left out of the seven messages he had sent and received. The rest disappeared into the phone like fragments attracted by a computer.

After doing all this, Huo Jiling smiled smugly. He put his phone on the passenger seat and turned the car around to go back to the old mansion to the company.

“Ranran, what’s wrong with you? Why did he come to the bar to drink? If daddy finds out, he’ll definitely scold you. Stop drinking and come home with me now.”

Chu Lili had been a little busy recently because she had to curry favor with a young lady who had just returned from abroad. Her mother said that as long as she served this young lady well, she would be able to deal a blow to Chu Ranran, that idiot, or trample on Li Muyao, that b * tch who brought her own luck.

However, how could other young misses be so easy to get along with and serve?

Besides, Chu Lili had to do her own job. She had to suck up to another young lady who was even harder to deal with than Chu Ranran. She was really tired and annoyed.

It was one o’clock in the morning. She had just taken a shower and went to sleep when she was woken up by a phone call. She asked if it was Sister Lili. Her sister was drunk and had rushed over to pick her up. If she didn’t pick her up soon, her body would be picked up..

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