Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2475 Immeasurable Rage! II

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Chapter 2475 Immeasurable Rage! II

2475 Immeasurable Rage! II

A void of dreadfully burning beams of darkness zapped down above the heads of multiple beings within the Infinite Hyperversal Haven!

The speed of the strike of an Apex Aeonic Lifeform was utterly dreadful as one had to be at such a stage to even react to it.



But the master of the affected Haven was not typical.

And the affected Haven itself was not typical!

The first Entity to act during all of this was not even Noah himself as the very Infinite Hyperversal Haven…mobilized its Defensive Maneuvers right away the moment that rays of burning darkness appeared.

Dense and countless multicolored Aegis- shields of glorious illusory light bloomed above all the beings affected!

Yet even this was still a reactionary action.

The rays of burning darkness were much faster than the formation of the Aegis as above the head of Henry who was targeted with the most precision, dense shields of illusory light tried to bloom an inch above his dark blue hair as this was how quickly the rays of burning darkness had reached his position.

They were an inch away as the proliferating illusory shields were crushed at a far faster rate than they formed.

Henry's eyes burned as his soul was ablaze with power and glory, his devilishly young face bellowing out towards the burning rays of darkness an inch from him as every ounce of his power formed barriers born of his Boundary Essence!


It was a cry of survival and valor, but this alone wasn't enough to stand against an unstoppable power that at this moment…seemed to be in the tens of Apex Aeonic Damage Values.

And this was dispersed over multiple areas in this Haven!

Henry's defenses, just like his clone's, didn't last even an instant as they were shredded.

And a ray of burning darkness crashed into his glorious visage- a moment that turned out to be exactly when his father appeared beside him, his eyes burning with power and rousing rage as he…released a roar that seemed to resonate and vibrate with the very fabric of Reality!


Noah's Main Body instantly appeared before the darkly burning visage of his Son, the ray of burning light that landed on Henry instantly spreading to every part of him.

Yet Noah had appeared within this same instant as his body was already erupting out with a mixture of dense essence that held nothing other than…

Vacuous Hyperversal Authority.


A Miniature Vacuous Hyperversal Domain erupted around them as the first move was to entirely isolate themselves outside the scope of essence, time, space…everything!

He didn't choose to fight against an essence with damage values he could not match, and directly unfolded a domain where essence itself was denied.

At the same time, Noah wanted to cast Vacuous Reality Absorption which was upgraded from Aeonic Mana Drain, but the conditions to cast it were not met as he could only wrap himself around the body of his burning son and breathe in the dreadfully burning essence of darkness with his own soul while becoming entirely surrounded by Hyperversal Hyperversal Authority!

An instant.

At this stage, many things could happen in an instant.

Wrapped in the light of nothingness, Noah's burning eyes felt the burning flames of darkness extinguished, his Unrecorded Aeonic Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Foundation burning brightly as the cherry colored essence of Indefatigable Dynamis of Extremity wrapped around his son.

His son.

His body was charred black as towards its very depths…he felt the blood of the Lineage of the Quintessential Hyperversal Emperor rouse and surge as…


He felt a heartbeat.

It was weak, but there was a heartbeat.

A small portion of a soul remained after he shared any residual damage himself- with Noah's body currently charred black himself even though he burned with utmost life force and a billowing, ever rising rage!

This was because…he was there for his son.

But the targets weren't only his son!


He released the Miniature Vacuous Hyperversal Domain as billowing anger coursed through his eyes, ready to face the devastation that was out there while the immense life force of the Quintessential Hyperversal Emperor coursed through the body of his barely alive son.

Less than a nanosecond had passed.

Yet when the outside reality came into view again, the streaks of burning rays of darkness had all but faded.

All they left was an immense aura of shock and desolation.

They had achieved what they came to achieve as during the time that Noah and Henry's barely living visage were wrapped up in the Miniature Vacuous Hyperversal Domain, even more shocking things had occurred outside of it!

In the span of a nanosecond while Noah conjured the Miniature Vacuous Hyperversal Domain.

The Infinite Hyperversal Haven felt the booming rage of its Master as well as its inherent protective features of the Lifeforms within it, where after it saw that the blooming illusory shields of light were getting crushed one after another with the burning rays of darkness reaching their targets, even more dazzling Aegis were conjured throughout the head, chest, and torso of all those in peril!

Even if their upper bodies were destroyed, the Infinite Hyperversal Haven wanted to at least preserve an aspect of their existence as to form a fortifiable defense against tens of Apex Aeonic Damage Value cascading from multiple sides…the dense essence of assimilated Planes of Existence that was going towards expanding the Aletheian Planes within it were all redirected to power up its defensive measures.

The quick mobilization of even the Reified Enders of Extremity would not be possible as direct Alteration of reality to assert its authority of defensive maneuvers through these Aegis was the quickest possible option.

The Infinite Hyperversal Haven used what was considered its very life force on the line!

And thus came the culmination that was the reality that Noah currently looked at.

Even with the efforts of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven, the attacks still reached their intended targets as it was hard for them to survive.

Where the Emperor Penguin used to be, Reality pulsed with a baleful air as what could be seen…was only a small cluster of a residual soul that was preserved within dense clusters of illusory shields.

And this soul…was actually a trace of Noah's Will mixed in with the Emperor Penguin due to their relationship as Vassal and Emperor!

If this connection of a Servant wasn't there, it was hard to say if even a smidge of the soul of the Emperor Penguin would have been preserved along with Noah's will.

This was because Noah's soul and will wouldn't perish so long as the Infinite Hyperversal Haven existed!

So it was the last bastion of defense for those affected as apart from the Emperor Penguin, all that could be seen where Barbatos and Valentina were was burning dust along with dense clusters of shields protecting two barely pulsing pearls of soul light.



Blue Slime.


Everywhere Noah looked, all he saw was dangerous deaths and destruction as only slivers of the souls of these targeted beings remained!

It seemed like they could be nurtured to go back to how they once were, but even this was filled with uncertainty.

The Infinite Hyperversal Haven already began such a process as thick waves of lifeforce from this very Haven itself flowed and clustered around the barely preserved souls.

At this devastating scene, Noah's soul and will buzzed as a sense of anger and rage that hadn't risen in his heart before!

Grasping his burnt son who had yet to come to, his Soul and the Will of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven already traced where the burning rays of light came from Quintessential Hyperversal Mana and Soul Values were used up freely, signals beginning to rise before Noah's eyes as infinite rage spilled out into the outside reality!

[Uncontained rage capable of warping reality is budding.]

[The Quintessential Hyperversal Soul has directed the rage towards a certain direction.]

[The Concept stemming from the Seven Deadly Sin- Wrath, is being elevated towards Extremity.]


[The Unrecorded Aeonic Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Foundation has called upon all Mutationem Embryos!]

[The Unrecorded Aeonic Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Foundation has called upon the other bodies and Reified Sources of Extremity to fuse into the Main Body!]

As the source of burning rays of darkness was traced, unimaginable waves of rage erupted from the depths of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven as its Master warped towards the area of the trace, his other bodies returning as an unknown future bloomed!