Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again-Chapter 2886 Mr. Lu, We Did Our Best

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Chapter 2886 Mr. Lu, We Did Our Best

A pure white villa stood quietly in the illegal district's most mysterious place.

All kinds of flowers and plants could be seen outside the villa.

Especially orchids.

Under the sunlight, the orchids and other plants decorated the villa with whiteness and beauty. It looked so pure that it did not seem to belong to the illegal area.

At this moment, in the villa.

Several of the most famous traveling doctors in the illegal district were called here by force or threat to treat a person.

They were only allowed to move within the range set by Lu Zhi. They did not dare to walk around, let alone look around casually.

Moreover, the villa was high-tech.

It had many technologies that were not announced outside. Every imaginable technology could be found here.

Surveillance cameras were everywhere.

Once they acted out of line, they would immediately be caught by the ubiquitous surveillance cameras. In the next second, an inconspicuous robot might end their lives…

This was what Lu Zhi said to them when they arrived.

Therefore, these few wandering doctors had been careful to only move within the permitted area. They did not dare to cross the line at all.

However, the patient did not wake up.

No matter how unwilling the wandering doctors were to provoke someone like Lu Zhi, they had no choice but to report to him every day about their progress.

Today, it was the mustached man's turn to report the patient's situation.

He forced himself to walk out of the patient's bedroom. On the balcony on the second floor, he saw a man leaning against the floor-to-ceiling window in the living room and looking into the distance.

He left the elevator and stopped nervously three steps away from the man. He swallowed his saliva and reported, "Mr. Lu, the patient… the patient's indicators show signs of returning to normal. His pulmonary inflammation is also gradually stabilizing under the control of the medicine. His physical signs are better, and there's a possibility of waking up."

Lu Zhi turned his wheelchair to face him. "When will he wake up?"

"This…" The mustached man lowered his head in fear at his cold gaze. "We can't predict that. Whether the patient wakes up depends on his physical condition, his will to live, and so on… There are also some uncertain factors. For example, if his lung infection index relapses and he has a fever again, it will take time… If he recovers well and has a strong will, he might be able to regain consciousness today."

He was afraid of Lu Zhi but did not dare lie to him.

After all, telling the truth would at most make Lu Zhi angry.

If he lied… Lu Zhi might take his life.

The mustached man's voice gradually weakened. "Therefore, we can't guarantee that he will wake up. We can only try our best to stabilize the patient's indicators and hope he will wake up as soon as possible."

The mustached man peeked at him as he spoke. However, Lu Zhi raised his eyes slightly without much care. His cold white knuckles tapped on the armrest of the wheelchair. "I gave you five days, and this is the result? You don't know when he'll wake up? Huh?"

The mustached man was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat. "Mr. Lu, we tried our best. The patient's previous condition was really not optimistic. Not only were there many soft tissue contusions all over his body but several of his bones were also broken. Moreover, his internal organs were damaged to varying degrees…"

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