Martial Peak-Chapter 5905: Decisive Battle

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Chapter 5905: Decisive Battle

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The originally uneventful battle suddenly heated up into a tragic scene following the sudden appearance of Yang Kai and the movements of Mo Na Ye, Di Ya Luo, and the Pseudo-Royal Lords.

At this point, even lower level officers on both sides had noticed that the situation had changed. The top Masters on both sides seemed to be competing on who could kill faster and who could kill more. All over the battlefield, the fall of Pseudo-Royal Lords and Eighth-Order Masters could be felt.

In terms of killing efficacy, the Black Ink Clan was undoubtedly better.

A Killing Squad led by 2 Royal Lords with a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords in tow was extremely powerful. The Battle Formations that the Eighth-Order Masters had were simply incapable of defending against such a lineup. As soon as their Battle Formations were broken, the Eighth-Order Masters would quickly be killed.

And, no matter how fast Yang Kai was, the most he could deal with was three Pseudo-Royal Lords at a time…

In a short cup of tea’s time, as many as 20 Pseudo-Royal Lords had been eliminated. Yang Kai’s body was covered in black blood from his killing spree, and the fierce murderous intent surrounding him made him seem like a God of Death returning from purgatory, leaving all the Pseudo-Royal Lords in the entire battlefield in fear.

However, the Humans had also paid an extremely heavy price on their side. As many as 100 Eighth-Order Masters had been reduced to nothing more than cold dead bodies.

It wasn’t until the Ninth-Order Masters had their hands freed one by one to join the encirclement against the Black Ink Clan’s group of Masters that the situation finally eased up.

Yang Kai wasn’t just cutting down Pseudo-Royal Lords aimlessly, he was specifically targeting the opponents of the Ninth-Order Masters. His Space Techniques brought him to each side of the battlefield, where he worked together with the Ninth-Order Masters to deal with their enemies.

Once the last Ninth-Order Master swept over, the top Masters on the Human Race’s side formed an encirclement around the mighty Black Ink Clan Killing Squad!

It was only now that Mi Jing Lun could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

In the void, Mi Jing Lun, Xiang Shan, Ou Yang Lie, Wei Jun Yang, Xiao Xiao, Wu Qing, Shi Da Zhuang, and Tang Tao all stood. Eight Ninth-Order Masters were sealing the Black Ink Clan team from all directions.

It could be said that all Ninth-Order Masters, excluding Yang Kai, who was roaming around and picking off enemies, Luo Ting He, who was facing off against Mo Yu alone, as well as Yang Xue and Wu Kuang, who were all the way over at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, had all come together.

This was the heritage accumulated by the Human Race over thousands of years. It was not very strong and very much lacking when compared to them at their peak, but this was a sign of hope for the rise of the Human Race.

The fierce battle stopped at some point. The eight Ninth-Order Masters circulated their auras to suppress and seal this zone to ensure that regardless of where their opponents tried to escape from, they would be met with a fierce flurry of attacks. However, they were in no hurry to attack. The Humans may occupy the absolute upper hand on the surface, but the slightest mistake in a fight of this level could bring about dire consequences.

Both sides were constantly probing each other, looking for a breakthrough point.

“You’re not running away?” Mi Jing Lun gave Mo Na Ye a strange look.

Before the Ninth-Order Masters gathered in turn to surround them, this group had taken every opportunity to escape, but clearly, Mo Na Ye showed no such initiative and allowed the Humans to encircle them, which puzzled Mi Jing Lun.

“Run away? Where?” Mo Na Ye answered his question with another question as he looked askance at him. Even though he knew that he was on the weaker side right now, his attitude remained firm.

Mi Jing Lun did not answer.

Mo Na Ye went on, “There’s something that I can’t understand, so I will appreciate it if Supreme Commander Mi can explain it to me.”

On the battlefield, Yang Kai’s aura was constantly appearing and disappearing, and every time that happened, a number of Pseudo-Royal Lords would face unfortunate ends.

Mo Na Ye’s team was restrained, yet Yang Kai could freely go on a slaughter spree. From the Human’s perspective, stalling for some time seemed to be a good idea. That way, Yang Kai could better weaken the Black Ink Clan’s side; thus, Mi Jing Lun obliged, “So there exists something that puzzles you in this world?”

These words were not just meant to ridicule. As the Supreme Commanders of their respective sides, the fight between Mi Jing Lun and Mo Na Ye was not just something that played out over the past year or two. Both of them had a thorough understanding of each other. Putting aside where they stand and seeing him merely as an opponent, Mi Jing Lun thought highly of Mo Na Ye in that regard.

Mo Na Ye did not answer his question; instead, he asked what he had on his mind, “How did you find out?”

“Find what out?” Mi Jing Lun answered casually while putting on a confused look at the right moment.

Mo Na Ye kept a firm gaze on him, “Even though you are able to conceal it well, Supreme Commander Mi, Brother Ou Yang here is not as good at pretending, so why ask me that question when you already know the answer?”

Next to them, Ou Yang Lie bristled, “What did I do?”

[If you want to talk, just talk, why drag me into it?] Ou Yang Lie was displeased.

Mo Na Ye turned to look at him, “Your expression changed when I was asking my question earlier. That proves you know what I’m talking about.”

“Am I not allowed to be nervous during such a critical moment!?” Ou Yang Lie roared.

Mo Na Ye could not be bothered to answer, so he turned back to Mi Jing Lun, “Over the years, the Human Race’s attacks on the No-Return Pass have maintained the same frequency, but this time, your attack happened far before the expected time. Moreover, Brother Yang has ignored us so openly. He could have saved those Eighth-Order Masters, yet he continued culling our Pseudo-Royal Lords instead. Even though you can clearly achieve the same goal with minimal cost if you had spent a dozen years more, you chose the risky method instead. It’s… as if you’re all in a hurry to reclaim the No-Return Pass.”

Meanwhile, everything that was said was just flying over the heads of Di Ya Luo and the many Pseudo-Royal Lords. None of them had any idea what Mo Na Ye was talking about. All they knew was that things were likely to be disastrous this time. The Black Ink Clan had two Royal Lords and a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords in this group, but the Humans had eight Ninth-Order Masters. In terms of true strength, the Black Ink Clan was at a complete disadvantage.

They were curious to know the answer to Mi Jing Lun’s earlier question. Why didn’t they run away when they could’ve? As a result, they were now surrounded in this place. Each one of them was feeling uneasy about this situation, and it was inevitable that a sense of dissatisfaction arose against Mo Na Ye.

“Why is that?” Mo Na Ye spoke, but he did not mean it as a question. He answered, “There’s only one possibility, and it is that you Humans have found out about it. That’s why, you’re in a hurry to end the battle at the No-Return Pass, and you’d rather pay a heavy price now to make that happen! Am I right, Supreme Commander Mi?”

Mi Jing Lun shook his head, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Mo Na Ye sighed, “So be it. If Supreme Commander Mi does not wish to answer, then I will refrain from asking. This should be the deciding battle, right? I admit this came as quite a surprise, and our side is not prepared yet, but it seems you are not either. Heh, who would have thought that this battle would end up this way? But Supreme Commander Mi, even though my Black Ink Clan is in decline right now, claiming the No-Return Pass won’t be that easy. I hope that the losses incurred on your side are within your comfort zone at the end of this battle!”

Ou Yang Lie was impatient, “What are you blabbering on for? Your funeral is already here, Mo Na Ye!”

Mo Na Ye turned to him with an icy look in his eyes. The casual look from before was gone, and he spoke in a stern voice, “Are you really so sure that you’ve defeated me?”

Almost at the same time as those words were spoken, dozens of powerful auras that shook the void rose up within the No-Return Pass and swept out.

It was the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had remained in the No-Return Pass all this while, guarding the High-Rank Black Ink Nests.

These Pseudo-Royal Lords had been stationed in the No-Return Pass since the Humans began attacking it, but there was no helping it. It was mainly because they had to guard against the annoying Yang Kai.

This fiend was constantly appearing out of nowhere, always coming out of the Barren Territory every battle. Without these Pseudo-Royal Lords to protect the Black Ink Nests, Yang Kai would long have destroyed them all, and without them, the Black Ink Clan will have no way to replenish their forces or heal from their injuries.

And, during Yang Kai’s repeated fights with the Pseudo-Royal Lord team led by Di Ya Luo, it was they who fended against the fallout from their battle to keep the High-Rank Black Ink Nests safe.

These Pseudo-Royal Lords had never left the No-Return Pass since the Humans began their attack!

However, all of them had left at this moment without a single one remaining behind.

Without their protection, the No-Return Pass was practically defenceless at this moment!

Even though there were still two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods standing on either side of the No-Return Pass, if Yang Kai had wanted to, he could easily take advantage of this opportunity to charge in and destroy all the Black Ink Nests. If the two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods were to attack him at that point, it would only speed up the destruction of the Black Ink Nests.

Noticing the unusual movement from the No-Return Pass, the Ninth-Order Masters all looked astonished.

Mo Na Ye grinned at Mi Jing Lun, “Since it’s the final battle, I won’t be standing on ceremony!”

The Humans were willing to pay a huge price if it meant taking the No-Return Pass, so how could the Black Ink Clan hold back? If this battle was lost, would there still be any Black Ink Nests left? In such a situation, there was no longer any need to guard the No-Return Pass. In a fight with their lives on the line, the winner would be the King, and the loser would be the villain.

“Kill!” Mo Na Ye suddenly shouted as he led his team towards Wei Jun Yang, which caught the latter off guard. Even with the other Ninth-Order Masters responding promptly, he was still immediately forced back.

Like Xiang Shan, Wei Jun Yang was also wounded and was obviously seen as a breakthrough point by Mo Na Ye, which made him very angry.

But fortunately, the Ninth-Order Masters were all top Masters and soon stabilized the situation.

As Mi Jing Lun’s Divine Sense surged, three of the eight Ninth-Order Masters left to confront the Pseudo-Royal Lords who had come charging out of the No-Return Pass while the remaining five teamed up to fight Mo Na Ye and his team in an evenly matched situation.

However, how could three Ninth-Order Masters stop the charge of several dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords? The Pseudo-Royal Lords have formed their own Battle Formations, and a single Three Fortunes Formation was enough to hold back a single Ninth-Order Master.

In an instant, the advantage gained from Yang Kai killing off a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords was levelled, and the damage which the Humans were able to stem began to snowball.

At that moment, a huge Great Pass entered the battlefield. Pure Yang Pass, which had always remained outside of the conflict zone, finally joined the fight!

The huge Great Pass slowly rotated, and the many large artifacts set up on it were constantly releasing rays of light that were as dazzling as a thunder Dragon, striking the enemy lines and clearing out large areas of the void with each attack.

The Black Ink Clan’s defence line, which was targeted by Pure Yang Pass, instantly fell into a shaky situation!

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