My Abilities Come with Special Effects-Chapter 526: Don’t Absorb It, Big Boss

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Chapter 526: Don’t Absorb It, Big Boss

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Zhao Pan could tell that Lin Yan was suspicious and said, “Senior, 1 naturally have the ability to directly snatch the inheritance jade pillar.

“But firstly, the spiritual corruption of the Dharma Realm is quite troublesome for me. It’s pervasive and not easy to isolate.

“Secondly, after 1 become a Divine General, I will be monitored by the Green God to a certain extent. And to resolve the spiritual corruption, I will definitely reveal my own spirituality and easily be discovered by the Green God. That’s why 1 chose such a careful method.

“Although it took a long time, I usually have nothing to do. 1 often freeze and seal my spirituality for decades.

“A mere 70 years is just a dream to me.”

Sealing spirituality?

The Treasure Realm had such a method?

However, from this, it could be seen that Zhao Pan was extremely careful in his actions. He planned before making a move. No wonder he could hide under the nose of the Green God for so many years without being discovered.

Lin Yan nodded slightly and waved the jade pillar in his hand. “Do you know what’s passed down here?”

Zhao Pan suppressed the greed and envy in his eyes. “To be held by a Dharma Realm expert, it must be one of the ten famous Precious Techniques of the Holy Fan Association. Be it the Holy Heart Sutra or the Great Brahma Prajna Sutra, they are all peerless treasure scriptures that are famous in the Astral World.

“Of course, if you choose to accept the Holy Fan Association’s legacy, it’s best if you choose to join the Holy Fan Association, even if you have to be an honorary guest. If not, you have to hand it back to the Holy Fan Association completely. Not only will you be able to obtain the Holy Fan Association’s gratitude and friendship, but you will also receive many benefits. In short, it’s a guaranteed profit.”

Lin Yan nodded and didn’t ask further, lest he expose the fact that he knew nothing about the Holy Fan Association. “Since the matter is clear, let’s part ways here. When you find the seventh person, call me to attack together!”

“Yes, Senior.”

Lin Yan glanced at Lin Mo, who was standing at the side. “Give me two drops of blood essence!”

Lin Mo was stunned for a moment before looking at Zhao Pan. “General…”

“Didn’t you hear what Senior said? Give him more!”

Lin Mo didn’t dare to be negligent. He stretched out his palm and forced out two drops of bean-sized blood.

Lin Yan took the blood and circulated the Formless True Self. The two drops of blood instantly condensed into Lin Mo’s appearance, making Zhao Pan’s heart tremble slightly. This method of condensing the blood incarnation was undoubtedly from the demonic path!

Moreover, it was very likely that this guy was one of those extremely harsh and hidden old monsters in the demonic path!

One of the condensed Lin Mo’s clones landed in Zhao Pan’s hands and the other in Lin Mo’s hands. They actually looked exactly like Lin Mo, like a living person.

“I’ll leave these two incarnations to you. Take good care of them. When the time comes, tell this little person. 1’11 naturally know.”

“Senior, don’t worry.”

Lin Yan did not ask Zhao Pan for blood essence because he knew that Zhao Pan was afraid of his so-called demonic methods and would definitely not hand over the blood essence. Hence, he settled for the next best thing and looked for Lin Mo.

“In that case, let’s part ways here.”

With that said, Lin Yan’s huge True Buddha body seemed to collapse into the ground and silently disappeared.

Zhao Pan looked at the flat land in front of him as if nothing had happened. The fear in his eyes intensified. After a long while, he heaved a long sigh of relief and tilted his head. “Let’s go.”

Behind him, Lin Mo’s eyes flickered as he stared at the place where Lin Yan had disappeared. No one knew what he was thinking. Then, he followed Zhao Pan and disappeared.

Lin Yan controlled the True Buddha’s body and sank into the ground. At this moment, he was already far away from the battlefield.

Zhao Pan was not the only one who heaved a sigh of relief. He also heaved a long sigh of relief.

The White Tiger Spirit Body had indeed intimidated Zhao Pan, but this Buddha Body was after all formed by the Heavenly Eight Dragons Array and devoured the chaotic body of ten thousand Buddhas. Its entire body was filled with chaotic spirituality.

It was only by relying on the Golden Bodhi Scripture that could devour the spiritual influence that he could condense this body so fearlessly without worrying about his spirituality being polluted.

If it were any other person in the Treasure Realm, their spirituality would have long been contaminated by the chaos when they devoured and shaped such a Buddhist body. They would have become crazy and lost themselves.

Since it was a chaotic spirituality, it was not easy to forcefully condense it. If he used spiritual power wantonly, it could collapse the Buddha body at any time.

This was also the reason why he did not dare to do much after deterring Zhao Pan.

At this moment, this Buddha body was finally on the verge of collapse. If he took a step slower, he might be discovered by Zhao Pan.

As the chaotic spirituality erupted in the ground, the surrounding ground shook like an earthquake. Rock layers arched and the ground cracked, as if it was the end of the world.

Fortunately, he had already run far enough.

Lin Yan immediately escaped from the collapsed Buddha body. He took the inheritance jade pillar and the God Dwelling Insect’s corpse, and also brought Gu Yun’s Buddha statue far away.

Such a huge spiritual eruption might attract the attention of the Green God.

Sure enough, not long after he left, a vast and huge spirituality descended from the sky and entered the soil.

However, Lin Yan had already fled far away. The Green God could at most capture a chaotic spiritual corpse.

Sensing that his main body, which was far weaker than the Treasure Image body, had returned, Lin Yan couldn’t help but sigh slightly.

If he faced a Divine General now and used the White Tiger Spirit Body, he would probably be able to cause considerable damage to the Divine General. However, it was impossible for him to easily suppress the Divine General like the Buddha Body just now.

“When I really advance to the Treasure Realm and condense my own Treasure Image, its power will definitely be ten times or a hundred times stronger than the True Buddha body. At that time, not to mention a Divine General, even the Green God might not be able to win against me.

“It’s a pity…”

Advancing to the Treasure Realm required two steps. The first step was to condense the Heart Image Seed. This was fine. He already had many comprehensions, so he could definitely do it with effort.

However, to advance to the Treasure Realm, he still needed to absorb a large amount of spirituality of the world and condense a true Treasure Image!

Even condensing a small Spiritual Image seed took him a lot of effort to find so much spirituality of the world to succeed.

As for the true Treasure Image, how many times more spirituality of the world would he need?

Unless the Green God released the restrictions, he would never be able to achieve anything here!

“If only 1 could leave this place and reach the Treasure Realm before returning…”

However, he was only thinking about it. It was basically impossible for him to bypass the Green God and leave this planet.

Lin Yan shuttled through the ground and returned to where he had stored the three altars.

He held the God Dwelling Insect’s corpse in his hand. While the Black Tortoise Divine Armor isolated it, the Maha Infinity Body also isolated the Spirit Poison, so it was not a problem to hold it in his hand.

However, it was too troublesome to carry such a thing with him.

His heart skipped a beat. The Immortal Seed Space could be said to be a storage ring. The corpse of the God Dwelling Insect contained extremely powerful spiritual energy. Could it be stored inside?

As soon as he thought of it, a faint light flashed in his palm. The God Dwelling Insect’s corpse immediately shrank and was sucked into the Immortal Seed Space!

It was feasible!

Just as Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief, he saw that after the God Dwelling Insect corpse entered the Immortal Seed Space, it immediately began to emit its spiritual poison. The black and thick spiritual poison seemed to contaminate the entire Immortal Seed Space!

“Not good…”

Just as Lin Yan was about to take out the God Dwelling Insect’s corpse, the Myriad Treasures Tree suddenly displayed its might. Seven-colored light erupted, as if its dignity had been provoked. Its power landed above the God Dwelling Insect’s corpse, and a terrifying devouring power instantly fell on it!

“Oh no, don’t suck it, big shot!”